Monday, November 2, 2009

A moment in Time

I didnt have the chance to get here last friday but I wanted to take the time to say Happy Birthday to Word Girl...

On Friday October 30, my gorgeous, insane, pain in the rear turned 18. I am ever so proud of her. Can you imagine what joy it is to be able to say that came from me... of course I admit I often say it in an extremely different tone of voice.

Word Girl is my complete and total do it yourself girl. At 3 she taught herself how to ride a bike, there I stood all read to hold the bike up so she could get her balance and wobble along but no.. "no mommy, I can do it myself" and sure enough she did. That was really the first time I heard those words from her but I promise not the last. She has made a career of doing it herself. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming (of course if she would just once let me have the last word life would be so much better....

anyway Happy Birthday precious girl

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Senior Year

Word girl is going through her senior year. This is such an incredibly fun time filled with so many promises of things to come yet saying goodbye to what has always been. She is anxiously awaiting responses to her applications (ok, mailing them out then anxiously waiting). Currently she is hoping for UC San Diego or Hawaii Pacific. Me, I want, UC Santa Barbara or University or Oregon. The girl wants to study Marine Biology and she wants to escape the midwest so her choices stand to reason... (OK she wants to escape mom, I won't tell her that is how I ended up in the Midwest and yet mom is still there, leaning over my shoulder telling me how to breathe.. it is just life).

For each new adventure there is a bittersweet goodbye, I know she doesnt get it yet.. and since she has lived in a small town all of her life, everyone knows everyone else's business.. she isn't aware of the fact that sometimes you are alone, you actually WANT your family around. Of course if she attends Hawaii Pacific I can pretty much gaurantee monthly visits from some member of my family or other.. anyway, Friday night is Senior night for Marching band. It is when we get to stand up there and be acknowledged both the parent and the student. It is really the only time it happens. Most of the time the senior is acknowledged but not the parent so this is fun. After band night it will be senior night for swim team.. one more child to say goodbye to competitive swimming. This will be a tear jerker for me, it always is.. Of course Blond Girl will continue but she has always swam because well the rest of them did it and she looks great in a bathing suit.

Soon, there will be college ads and senior announcements, we already went through Homecoming, Prom is next.. what's a mom to do when all of her babies are suddenly all grown up.. Word Girl will be 18 this month... OGL.. world look out!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It is HOMECOMING so Insanity Reigns!!

Thiss week is homecoming here in our little slice of the world so the girls are doing all they can to fit it all in.. lets see.. Monday was pajama day... so of course the new jammies came out (I insisted Word Girl actually wear jammies but that is an argument for another time).. Tuesday was red carpet day (the Homecoming theme.. ) honestly how does one dress up for teh red carpet when one is in HS? Wednesday is Twin day... grins... blond girl gets a call from a friend telling her to wear a white tee.. the friend had a shirt for her. Any way since she was sleeping, lovely mom that I am I answered her phone.. BIG MISTAKE..

ME: Blond Girl N called and said to wear a white tee

Blond Girl: when? why didnt you wake me (the girl sleeps like the living dead sometimes I check just to make sure she is breathing).

Me: last night... and believe me I tried to wake you...

Blond Girl: oh... well ok, what pants? jeans, sweats? light jeans dark jeans, skinny jeans?

Me: um I didnt ask, I am just relaying the message she sent

Blond Girl: SIGH... ok, shoes? heels, boots, gym shoes?

Me: again I dont know, I just am passing on the message..

Blond Girl: well next time ask...

Are any of you the proud parents of teens girls? she wanted me to insert my opinion, think for myself.. even GASP ask questions of one of her friends???

oh well that was resolved..

Thursday was sports day.. and powederpuff night.. the JR/SR game was called due to rain Word Girl is saying no one won due to the rain ( they called it after half time and the Seniors were getting creamed)

Today... tailgaiting party at 5:oo am for the seniors, pep rally, parade, game....

Tomorrow the Dance...

Now I am not sure exactly what Word Girl will be doing cuz well I dont really need to know (so she says...) but Blond Girl will be meeting with her friends at 4... taking a 20 person limo to dinner then off to the dance... then back to a friends house for after dance party.. poor thing...

talk to you all soon.. I promise

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As If They Dont Do Enough!!

So the little darlings (Word Girl and Blond Girl) came home at the end of last year telling me that the Spanish program was going to Puerto Rico this year. It was an exciting concept and we all looked forward to teh details.

Fast forward to this year and we find out the estimated cost for 8 students. It is ridiculously astronmical! Both girls came home saying that they didnt need to go. Other things were more important and that we could take a family vacation for the amount of money that they were being charged.

This was a wonderful that they felt that way but I went to the meeting anyway. I mean would the price go down if more children were involved? Was the price set in stone or was that just the high end estimate? Turns out that the price can go down as much as 1000.00 if enough kids register. This is a wonderful turn of events. And the family vacation thing, yeah.. hasnt happened yet.. oh and the price, I can guarantee that many of their individual trips to CA to visit grandma came close in cost.

So they are going to give it a try. They are going to fundraise. They are going to work hard at their jobs (ok Word Girl is, Blond Girl is 15 and currently jobless) and they are going to see if they can do it.

With all that being said.. if anyone feels teh deep seeded need to make a donation, feel free.. my paypal button is alive and well (hey if I dont ask, I wont get). Seriously though, I appreciate just having the format to write about the beasties, to share what is going on and to work things through.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For those that Doubted

In my last blog during my catch up I mentioned how blond girl once knocked herself unconcious with her trumpet.. I was nice.. I didnt mention her tuba injury.. but this week she managed to do it again.

She was at swim practice on Friday and for some reason the pool was not open, I am not sure why. So instead of swimming they decided to run around on the ice (our pool is connected to a skating rink.. our own personal form of sea and ski). Anyway, blond girl took a tumble. Not just oh bump that hurts.. no way.. not our girl.. Nope she went sailing across the ice and smashed into it HARD.. came home with a black eye and a bruise on her shoulder. It has been four days now and the bruise is still a pretty black and blue, the size of an orea cookie and her eye while not swollen looks like she is wearing some very interesting makeup..

Hey I cant a make this stuff up..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surviving the Summer

I am sorry all for the incredibly long absence from my page.. I know I committed to writing these blogs then suddenlylife happens and I crash and burn. I also know that in the grand scheme of things me not writing this blog does not really make a difference to anyone but me but.... I am back, I think... well at least 2 to 3 days a week.

How has your summer been? Mine has been filled with drama, trauma and triage... well the beasties have at least had an exciting time..

Lets see...

Blond Girl, had an exciting time in California, Vegas and Utah this summer. Visiting relatives, sightseeing and hanging out at Knotts.. only one trip to the emergency room for her. Poor thing, she has stress induced asthma and is known to have dibilitating attacks that seem to come from nowhere. So this summer she was at Knotts with her cousin have a grand old time and after the 6th time in a row on one of the roller coasters she went into a full blown attack. Lauren, my cousin who is 13 handeled it like a pro, got help, contacted family and took care of business.. Knotts being that they were obviously concerned and in are litigious society needed to watch their backs... sent her to the emergency room. Now she has made something of a career of going to the ER, getting hit in the head with a 2x4, knocking herself unconcious with her trumpet and of course the odd asthma attacks. It is to the point where I, sympathetic mother that I am usually am laughing when I get the call (hello, she knocked herself unconcious with a trumpet). So here she is in CA, at the ER.. and what does her grandma do? She comes into the ER yelling at her because she left her inhaler at the house. What good does it do at the house?? Poor girl everyone else goes to the ER and gets sympathy.. She came home and has been gallivanting around the Chicago area being blond and 15. band camp was last week and yes she has been known to say "and one time at band camp". Swim team started yesterday and school starts on tuesday. Remember when summer lasted until September?

Word Girl... she too was off to sunny California this summer. She managed to fit a trip in, between summer swim team and two jobs.. She cracks me up because she honestly was worried about what she was going to do for 12 entire days in California. She was going to playland and thought she would be bored. The girl honestly took her summer homework with her to work on while she was there. Now while visiting she managed to be in California for 4 of the 12 days of her vacation. On those days, she went to Knotts, twice, the beach, shopping, the dentist and visiting. The days she wasnt there she was in Utah and Colorado. She went to Mesa Verde, the continetal divide, horseback riding in the Rockies, a family reunion in Denver and back to CA.. good thing she took her homework.

Pita Boy... Pita Boy was home for the summer, no grand adventures for him.. well he was on one of the teams for guard games, worked his buns off (has developed a four pack - still working on the 6er) and oh yeah, fell of a guard chair, cracked his head on the concrete and fell into the pool. yes he is fine.. so now we can all laugh. The boy has been a lifeguard for FIVE years and he FELL of the chair?? All I can say is I hope she was smokin............. He starts working with Hair Boy at the skating rink next wink. Yes I will have two children that drive the Zamboni... a mother's dream..

Hair Boy... is currently in CA visiting grandma. This is the first time He who walks on water has gone to CA since he was 13. I am sure the red carpet was rolled, the trumpets were glaring... Have I mentioned he can do no wrong where his grandma is concerned? Oh he is going to have a blast.. one of his best summer friends is going to be dragging him from pillar to post, showing him her world.. they are 21 so it should be interesting..

other than that life is slowly moving back into place.. I hope to be able to write again on Sunday but if not I will be back at this public computer on Tuesday.. Have a great summer all

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yes the Kids are still up to no good

Sorry I havent been around lately things have gone rather insane.. but I am back, sorta ( as my computer completely crashed and I am working from the library until I get a new one) the kids are up to their usual shenanigans and I will be telling you all their stories in the very near future. I just wanted to stop in today and say hey!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Word Girl in a Snit

So Word Girl is in a bit of a snit these days. As you know she is currently employed with two jobs in her second job the first pay period came on friday. After being warned by just about all of her friends that none of them received a check that first period that for some reason it just took longer she went to pick up her check.

I warned her do not be upset if you don't get it.

Mom : Find out the reasons why and be proactive but do not be upset.

Word Girl: Oh don't worry mom I understand I wont be upset...

several hours later....

Word Girl: I didn't get my check... (stomp, stomp, stomp, throw throw throw)

Me: honey you said you were prepared for this and you weren't going to get upset...

Word Girl: I lied (stomp stomp, yell at Pita Boy)

Me: well this isn't our fault and you need to change your attitude...

Word Girl: grumble grumble grumble, attitude attitude attitude... oh and mom stay away from my facebook or I will defriend you....

and the next day....

I dared to comment on her SISTER's facebook... and you guessed I have been defriended... she is soooooo busted.... because of her attitude and behavior and the fact she made a public deal out of it.. guess it is time for mom to get even.. I mean she doesnt need to go online at all does she?

I will be getting an apology from her and I will be considering making her close the damn page down.... I am that angry, not at the defriending but at the attitude and the behavior and the way she did it.. That was rude and unforgivable.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So Blond Girl Called

So last night I got a call from Blond Girl, remember her? I wasn't sure exactly what her voice sounded like it had been a whole week... Seriously she has been having the time of her life.

So the first words out of her mouth was "guess where I am calling from?" now there is a question. The child went to Southern California the veritable playground of playgrounds and she wants me to guess where she is calling from.

Seems she has been having a rolicking good time. In the last week alone she has been to knotts (not the boring trip with the grownups) Seems my mom got her a pass and now she and my cousin (who is a year and a half younger) have been hanging out. Just going being teenage girls.. oh what great fun. But back to the phone call.. I send the child to wonderland and she calls me from UTAH... seriously my sister took my neices and my daughter to visit my dad in Utah. Now due to some odd life occurances I have been estranged from my dad for years. Don't get me wrong I adore Him.. He was the best of dads and I am not sure exactly how we lost contact..

Anyway this was the very first time my Dad had ever met blond girl and she was being cosseted and doted on. Seems they even have her birthday marked on their calender. I guess once you step let things slip away both sides have a hard time moving back together. Anyway, my Dad it seems has critters... lives on property that allows for roosters and chickens and the like so she city girl that she is is having a ball.

The day before Utah she was in Vegas... so from the eternal playground to fantasyland... My sister's best friend from childhood lives there with her husband and two daughters so once again Word Girl was able to have a blast.

You know ya gotta feel sorry for the poory thing (not) off having the time of her life with family and friends in the land of make believe..Sometimes it is just nice to be 14..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If I Could Blog Back Thursdays - #1 First Pet

So I have been following Lola over at Lola's Diner and I decided to play along.. If you want to join in on the fun make sure and go see Lola's Diner and sign up..

This is my first time blogging back thursdays under jugglingteens I usually write it over at Shaunispeaks but this time I decided to include the blog over here.

Today's Topic First Pet

We weren't allowed pets when we were younger as my mom just was not a dog person. My ex on the other hand grew up with them and had this rather large dog when we met(Peaches and she gets the honor over at Shaunispeaks but right here I am going to write about the first pet my children owned and that was Kato

Kato was a keeshound and a better family dog you could never imagine. We got Kato when Hair Boy was 6 mo old that very first Christmas. We were supposed to not spend a lot of money as we were moving into our first house on New Years but the ex came home with this adorable expensive furball that he fell in love with in the pet store. Honestly he was the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen.

We later found out that keeshond's were actually recommended for families with small children and I would have to agree, Kato's tolerance for abuse (term used figuratively) was relative to how high you were from the floor when you stood up. He would let Hair Boy all but manhandle him as a baby.

Kato was a perpetual puppy, he never really grew up and it still amazes me that when he died he was 16 years old. He loved to run and jump, we had this running leash set up in our yard, he would run the entire length of our yard in moments and everyone could tell that he loved every minute of it. The best thing would be when I would call him in, he would be at the back fence and race towards the house reaching the perfect spot he would leap and fly through the air landing on the porch at my feet (we had a Chicago Bungalow style house and the first floor was about 5 feet of the ground). It was pure poetry in motion.

Kato loved to growl, I swear he had this version of ADHD (whenever you speak sharply to ADHD kids they get defensive so you need to always use a calm tone of voice.. yeah right but that is a subject for a different blog) so when Kato would growl, if you snapped at him he got all snarly but if you spoke softly and lovingly he came running. Of course the ex would growl back. One time I was shaking my head and calling Kato a dumb dog, my dad looked at me and with a totally straight face said "I don't know seems pretty smart to me, he taught Ron how to growl"...

When we moved Kato became an outside dog and I know that was very hard on him.. in a way the divorce was the best thing that ever happened to him because we had to give him to a friend. Kato was 10 at the time and still thinking he was a puppy. I gave him to a friend of my son's and that family adored that dog until the day he died.But I was still mom.. whenever I would show up he was all over me and Hair Boy said it was the same for him..

He was a great dog, the kind that my children will hold deep in their hearts and probably become dog owners themselves because Kato was so wonderful. I still miss him and I know the beasties do as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun

I do so love summer, those times when we just run out and enjoy the moment. When we put aside the year long drudgery and enjoy time with our families, in picnics and at lakes.. just having fun

Most summers you would find me poolside cheering on numerous children as they compete. This year is an odd one as only Word Girl is competing and she is well sorta competing. She will not be in the state for conference so she more or less decided to swim to get back in shape (not that she needs to spend any more time at the pool). It is really odd for me to not be pool side every Saturday and Wednesday night from mid June to the end of July.

Word Girl is a fiend this year, she has worked the past 12 days consecutively at one job and 7 of them she worked her other one. Which means I think I may remember what she looks like.. She is working hard to help with expenses, pay her school fees, buy concert tickets and an ipod. She really really wants that ipod. The way she is going she will most certainly get it

Pita Boy is working his 35 - 40 hours at the pool or leisure center and enjoying his time. He opened his first checking account and religiously guards that balance. I must admit I am rather proud of him

Poor Hair Boy works for a skating rink, summer by nature is their down time and his boss went and hired a bunch of college kids.. so not only are the hours cut he gets less of what there is. He is a bit frustrated as his checks have been cut in half..welcome to reality Hair Boy...

Blond Girl??? I think she is out there somewhere... I think I still have a 4th child.. Not sure as I haven't heard from her since the last time I blogged. Well unless CA finally dropped into the sea and it hasn't made the news yet.. She is fine and having the time of her life..

well thanks for stopping by and being so patient...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blond Girl Called, Sorta

Well she has been gone a week and I have heard from her once..

Seems yesterday they went to a weird park (LaMirada Regional which is a very cool park) with the cousins, all of whom are 7 and under. So they all scampered off and had fun and I am sure blond girl did as well. Last night they were off to Knott's Berry Farm, which is my favorite place in the world. I really really love Knott's even more than Disneyland we had some great adventures there when I was a kid. So anyway blond girl went to Knott's I hope she had the sense to ride the stagecoach cuz every girl knows that, that is where all the good looking guys work. rom generation to generation.. Ask my mom, my aunt, me, colleen (rememer black hat)... of coure I don't think they ever quit just occasionally hire a new hawtie to bring in the young girls

I guess she isn't all that interested in working with Grandma and wants to go have fun. Now Pita Boy would work, he is a worker but blond girl is a 15 year old girl let loose in CA work? Are you kidding me? I find I don't enjoy calling my mom when my kids are visiting cuz she points out all their "flaws" or rather what she perseves as flaws. Drives me nuts.. I mean she sees them like once a year if she is lucky and all she can do is tell me what is wrong with them? Not major things just little nit picks.. It drives me bonkers so I prefer to hear from my kids about what is going on. Then I don't get all offended on their behalf half the time they aren't even aware of it or the situation was this teeny little thing and nt worht mentioning at all.

So Blond Girl is having a blast.. too bust to chat with mom.. I hope they get to the beach soon. I don't understand how my family can have my children that close to the beach and not have that be one of the first places they go.. oh well some mysteries remain unsolved..

updates soon on her fabulous adventure ok next week or the week after that...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Boy on a Temper Tantrum

Sure enough spend a few minutes with his father and he turns into a jerk. Lately I have been talking to him about moving out and getting his own place getting on with his life and just getting out. I know he has been a doll he has helped out immensly he steps up whenever the need arises but it is time to move on.

Well after time with his father he has decided that he has the right to criticize and insult the way I do things. He is under the impression that it is ok to throw fits and rant and rave. Wrong!! I am still the parent, I am still the one who makes sure he has whatever he needs. I am the one who filled out his fafsfa, I am the one who does his taxes... I am the one who makes the phone calls to pave the way to make things easier.. in short I am the one who takes care and nurtures him. And frankly I am the one who makes sure he has a roof over his head. It may not be much, it may not be the best but it is there.

I am just tired of the attitude coming off of the men in my life. One insults my parenting after he maybe shows up 10 times a year (he lives 20 minutes away), one insults my parenting as he has yet to do one grown up thing for himself and one is just a pain in my rear...

Ok, the rant on the boys is over.. tomorrow the girls (giggles not really...)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Dad is a Superhero now

I know this should not bother me, I know all things considered it is the least of worries but honestly the way the man zooms in and plays superdad totally pisses me off.

As you may be aware, Hair Boy turned 21 last week (just in case you missed the blog), well his father took him downtown to the Blues Fest, this is something they do most every year as his birthday does fall close to the festival.. as a matter of fact I had to miss the fest the year he was born because... well he was born.. anyway they went to Blues Fest.. and since he was 21 they went drinking. Yes my child is now an adult, yes he is gonna drink on occasion but it is just me? Is the need to go drinking with your son just not right? Are we ever not the parent? I guess I am just mad that he did this.

Next issue, Hair Boy has a car, it has been sitting in the parking lot kinda sad and all by it's lonesome lately as it had issues. Well superdad came and together they fixed the car... He looks so good but honestly the car has been down for over a month where was superdad then. The worst part about it was the fact that Pita Boy kept looking out the window watching.. I could tell he wanted to go join them in the worst way.. but since he wasn't invited he stayed up and watched. Just thinking about it makes me wanna scream and cry at the same time. Then superdad left without even saying hi to Pita Boy...

Now Blond Girl has a birthday coming up which superdad blew off last year.. She and her father usually go to lollapalooza for her day.. this year he is gonna take Pita Boy.. she is already mad at him for blowing her off last year (which btw, he didnt even contact the kids for months after her b-day so she has a point). If I try to explain to him that his choices are ruining his relationship with his kids he will just get all huffy and pissy...

As it is Word Girl pretty much blows him off and Blond Girl is well on her way to feeling the same thing.. I mean take what you can get and dont expect anything else. I worked damn hard so they would not resent their father.. When they wanted to be angry and hate him when they were children I spent hours making sure the could accept him for who he is not who he isn't but his behaviour is ruining all my hard work. I guess I knew it would happen but I want my kids to have a healthy relationship with their father..

Guess that isn't gonna happen...

Oh yeah.. and the number one thing they do when they are with him is bash mom (ok kids need to vent but come on) idiotfaceratbastard...i mean superdad should be kissing my feet praising me to the moon and singing my accolades cuz his children are such great individuals.. and they dont hate him.. but nope he just bashes me right along with them. Will this man ever grow up?

Sorry I am a bit irked..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Having Fun in the Sun, One With a Brand New License

Well blond girl made it.. was picked up by grandma and last I hear (Thursday night) she had already gotten two new pairs of shoes (a pair of flip flops and a replacement for her smelly hightops), a haircut and her eyebrows waxed! That was the first day!! Poor baby.. I am sure she is having the time of her life but am equally sure I won't hear from her for a while. Having raised incredibly independent children even when they were little they wouldn't call. They just are having too much fun and since they are with grandma I don't even get the mom i need money calls (oh darn).

Word Girl got her license this week, now this is not as big of a crises as most would think as we don't have a car but having that license was important to her. She wheedled and cajoled her father until finally she was able to get it. Now she has two jobs and a license.. Somehow I think I will see more of Blond Girl (who is in CA) over the next month than I will of Word Girl. may I repeat myself.. OH DARN!!

Pita Boy is working like crazy at the pool, getting him out from under my hair. He already has two saves under his belt and received the coveted mini tube... something you get for a good save (like there is a bad one)

Hair Boy is off being an adult.. He too had license issues, he needed to renew as he is now 21 and his had expired. The nut rode his bike to the DMV.. wouldnt be too bad except he went to the one about 30 min away by car.. needless to say it was a day trip. Seems the DMV had all sorts of misinformation on him, like his birthday was Sept. 9 instead of June, he no longer looked like his pic (well yeah he was 17 last time) as he had cut his hair and didnt have the curly locks.. guess no one ever does that.. sheesh I am lucky if my hair is the same COLOR each time I go..

So all is well in the land of teenagers.. man oh man I do love summer...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Off to California

Packing well into the night, deciding last minute wardrobe.. picking out what to carry on and what to just ignore.. searching for her id (which we never found) and finally crashing about 2am only to rise again at 4 since we were leaving at 4:30...

A drive to the airport and a kiss at the security gate (hey, I am depending on other people for transportation she is gonna have to wait by herself). Then 5 1/2 hours later a 30 second phone call... I am here!!

Probably won't hear from blond girl for at least another week...

have fun sweetie.. be good for grandma cuz she will clobber you if you aren't

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well it happened.. my baby turned 21 today. I don't quite know how it happened. How this angel who thought his birthday was June night (but we celebrated during the day so his friends could come) turned into this amazing young man but he did. Oh he isn't perfect, he has helped my hair turn grey, but he is funny and witty and creative, unique and fun.

My son Mr. tall, dark and handsome, the musician, the friend, the comic wit.. If I could define him I would say he is loyal, caring, charismatic, bright, witty, talented, moody, broody and arrogant. The women love him and the men like him. He is the single most laid back person I have ever met. At one point a teacher said he was so calm that a pulse would be nice.. He is what he is and makes no bones about it. He doesn't have to prove to the world that he more than he is, he just doesn't care.

He has always been brite and observant one of those kids who asked the difficult questions..

Mommy where does God live?

Well He lives in our hearts...

How can He live in your heart and my heart?

I am not sure honey some things we just have to accept on faith...


Oh I get it! A piece of God lives in all of us...

He was four.. yes he is a rocket scientist... have i mentioned he is a physics major? yeppers good looking all that hair, talented and smart...

happy birthday baby

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 5 - Countdown to 21

Well tomorrow is it.. Tomorrow my first born is hitting that all important mile stone and I will be the mother of a 21 year old. I am way to young to be the mother of a 21 year old. (am so not going to explain this picture.. but He is the tall one on the left)

It is a bittersweet moment when you realize that you have done your job as a mother. I mean face it we know we have done our jobs correctly when they walk away.. become independent and don't need us anymore. This young man was born independent, he has always listened to his own council and is remarkably self assured. I know I did something right because he honestly doesn't care what others think of him. I must admit I am more than a bit envious of this trait as I personally need constant validation from just about everyone.

I am contemplating waking him up tomorrow at 6:44am just to say happy birthday, I mean face it he woke me up... grins..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 4 - Countdown to 21

With the best friend in Disneyworld.. they have had a storied friendship from the age of 6 months..

From Disneyland to Disneyworld, Chicago to Spain... and many places in between...

That we all could have as good of a friend or as wonderful of a life..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 3 - Countdown to 21

Just thought I would share a few pics that Hair Boy sent me from college one year... first I got this one

then I got this one

then I got this one

and finally I got this one

fortunately it is just hair and grows back.. which it has and he has cut it again (not shaved thankfully) and it is growing again.. who knows what comes next. One year it was smurf blue, another it was fire engine red and one time for swim conference he had me braid it into over 50 braids (looked like he had snakes slithering all over his head). There is a reason I call him Hair Boy..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 2 in Countdown to 21

Do you know how much he will kill me when he realizes that I am going through his pics?

He is/was a fantastic tuba player one of the best in the state...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Count Down to 21

On Tuesday, June 9 at 6:44 am Hair Boy turns 21.. wow!! when did that happen? How did that happen? so I decided to really embarrass him and for the next few days post pics of him I can find on this laptop.. All the rest are somewhere lost for now...

Monday, June 1, 2009

School's Out

It is official, school is out!! The girls have their final few minutes of school today... It should have been on friday but they are having to go one last day as they had a snow day over the winter. Now because this is about federal dollars not education they will be there until about 9 then school is out.

And it is off to the pool!! Word girl is working as a lifeguard and blond girl is going to hang out with her friends and look appropriately sexy. oh to be young again!!

This is the first year in 12 years that I will not be standing poolside watching children swim back and forth on Wed nights and Sat mornings. As both girls are spending time in CA this summer it is going to interfere with the meet schedule.It will be an odd summer (for me)

Relay for life on Friday (please feel free to donate if you want to support this fine cause). Hair Boy turns 21 on Tues and Blond girl leaves for CA on thursday. And summer begins...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Keep Missing This - Entrecard Top Droppers

Every month I want to remember, I plan on remembering and then I get an interesting thought or 100 and blog on something else. I didn't want to do that this month, you entrecard peoples have been a delight.. I have met so many wonderful new friends with such great words of wisdom, humor and compassion. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by

Dropper # of drops
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PJ's Prose 27
Scandinavian Ways - Winesworlds blog 26
Lola's Diner 25
comatised 24
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So while you are off gallivanting through the internet, visiting your daily blogs, take the time to stop and check out these lovely blogs..

Thank you all so very much


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pita Boy and Hormones

Pita Boy is what we call a late developer, it may be because of his DD's or he may have DD's cuz he is a late developer or then again it may just be because it is what it is.. Any way you put it he just does everything on his own time.

While most of his friends went through the first Hormone change in late 4th and 5th grade he went through his at the end of 6th. When most boys have that HORRID sophomore year, Pita Boy had his, late in his Junior Year and into his Senior year.. and of course the growth spurts and voice changes.. well those came even later.

We always thought he would be short at 14 he was 5'3 then mid sophomore year he finally made 5'6, his junior year he finally made 5'9 and late into his senior year he made 5'10. We were grateful because he really worried about being short. Then one night last fall he went out with his friends and realized he was taller than many of them and one was 6' wow!! how did that happen.. The total clincher though was when we went to dinner with his father and he was taller than Dad's 6'2... whoo hoo!!

What we are dealing with these days though is the empty fridge cycle. If there is food in there it is his.. or will be soon. Honestly I want to constantly throttle him.. of course yesterday we got even!!! We had ice cream and for some reason he left it alone for an entire day... guess what was gone the next day when he went to get some??? He was mightily irked but the rest of us felt like hey we won a prize or something.

It is hard dealing with teenage hormones when he is now 19, I forget that he is actually just a little less mature than others (the good news is, he will eventually grow out of it). I get angry because he has different needs than the others and sometimes I just want to throttle him. and then he does something wonderful and good and kind and I remember... this kids really is pretty darn good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poor Jon and Kate

yes that is sarcasm... sorry but our actions have consequnces..when we decide to put our lives on public display we can't complain when the public intervenes. There is a difference between say being an actor or singer and demanding that our children received the privacy they deserve but when they put their children on display and make money from being a family then complain cuz now you are being exploited... grow up!!

Of course poor jon and kate reminds me of a story from when my children were little...

I diligently did mom and me with each of my kids making sure they had that time with me. When Blond Girl was a baby (still in the infant seat) I attended said classes with Word Girl. Of course I dragged blond girl to classes with us. Hair Boy was in kindergarten and Pita Boy was in preschool so my time had to be very scheduled. There was this family of triplets that came to the meetings and along with mom came grandma, grandpa, uncle louie, aunt marie, etc, etc.. I swear they brought every single extended family member they could.

One day Word Girl had picked her spot she wanted to sit (no one was there as of yet) she placed her craft there and went to get the rest of her stuff.. Sure enough along came this family and MOVED my child.. she was in tears when I confronted the mother and yes I confronted her.. Her answer was well I have triplets and it is so hard... whine whine whine.. and we need to stay together... I need all the help.. I just about came apart.. Here I was alone, with an infant, an 2 yr old, a 4 year old in preschool who had to be picked up and gotten home fed and ready for his afternoon bus pick up and a 6 year old who would be coming home from school. My mornings were scheduled to the minute.. I must admit I raised my voice..

Sorry Lady, yes you have three kids but every friggin member of your family is here to help.. I have to be in three places at the exact same time, have FOUR kids and no one I repeat no one is helping me.. so granny can get off her fat ass and let my daughter have her spot..

For some reason they never came back...

giggles really I am a reasonable and patient person....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember What I Said Yesterday??

So if I take the teenagers out and put them on the corner with a sign.. free to a good home do you think I stand a chance???

Honestly, I praise them.. I put it in writing how fantastic they are and then they turn back into the hormonal, insane teenagers that they are..

I can only wonder what they are going to turn into tomorrow??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life Isnt Fair but the Kids are Great!!

Life has been really really hard on my kids.. and yet they just keep stepping up.. making it, surviving it.. being just great. The oldest three have really worked hard to find a way to help pay for our situation. Each of them is willing to work and to put in what they can in order to help make ends meet.

I am blessed to have kids who almost get it.. Who almost understand that well we are broke and frankly life isnt always that easy. I say almost because I have managed somehow to make looking poor be easy..sometimes they don't get it and sometimes they resent helping out.. but most of the time even when they resent what they are doing they step up and help out.

Right this minute we are in a horrible downswing.. pretty much standing on a precipice.. now it will get better it always does but my kids God love em have all pretty much said.. when the summer hours pick up they will give more..

Sometimes a mom just has to be grateful..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Memory I Wish I Could Forget

Today is my older brother's 50th birthday. Now that is not a memory I wish to forget even though somewhat estranged from him these days.. but on this day 9 years ago I got the phone call I never wanted to get..

Shaughnessey, he is going to be alright but you need to call the hospital.

I was on a Girl Scout Camp Out and Hair Boy had been staying with a friend he had of course forgotten to take all of the emergence contact information it was sitting all pretty on out dining room table. Pita Boy was with another friend they had the info but they were out visiting friends.. Anyway.. Hair Boy and his friend were riding double on a bike without helmets where they shouldn't have been and were hit by a car. Hair Boy did a Bo Duke across the hood of the car before being tossed to the ground. The driver being of the scum of the earth backed up (so he wouldn't run over them again) and went around them. Speeding off... A man and his girlfriend on a motorcycle saw the entire thing. In the amount of time it took for the girl to get off the bike to check on the boys.. the driver had disappeared never to have been caught.

Once the police arrived Hair Boy had them contact our friends who had Pita Boy.. but it was midnight before I got the call.. to this day I have nightmares about him dying not in the accident but in those 6 hours before they caught up with me.. alone wanting his mom.. anyway, his friend had a broken femur a clean break that required surgery because it was so close to the artery, he got a plate and has recovered just fine. Hair Boy broke his tibula and fibula.. they were like two jagged puzzle pieces the doctors seriously thought pins were going to be needed. They weren't by the grace of God they were able to refit the bones.. but since it wasnt life threatening he had to sit in the emergency room until I gave permission.. well actually my friend called them and said she was me and she gave permission..

anyway I may not remember this exact date had it not been my brother's b-day so gee thanks Doug.. but I did learn it isn't impossible to hate really hate until someone threatens your child. Hair Boy is fine he wore a full leg cast for the 6 weeks, a short cast for 4 and an air cast for 2 but by winter swim season he was back in the pool like nothing had happened.. but me well it is a memory i will never forget..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ok so the Man gets revenge!!

After yesterday's blog I will be eternally grateful that I refrained from saying anything to the teacher involved..

Blond Girl was late coming home from school today, she had an interview with him as she was applying to be either section leader (highly unlikely due to her age) or ambassador to the middle schools. She said the interview went great and she came out feeling really good about it.

One of the questions was about her academics.. she was honest and said.. knowledge good.. grades bad (my children suffer from extreme homeworkidess) anyway he said.. yes all four of you seem pretty smart and always have a book in your hands.. each of you can be counted on to carry on an interesting discussion about books..

WOW!!! can you imagine how stoked I am!! what a huge compliment!! I mean my kids are readers.. yay!!! They have found the joy in life that only reading can bring. They have discovered where one can go and what one can do all while in the pages of a book.. I am so very very pleased...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rip Out My Baby's Heart... Then Ask Me to Fundraise...

Well awards nights are ever interesting.. Blond Girl as many of you know is very active in band and choir.. She enjoys both extensively. She is in swing choir and jazz band both extracurricular activities where she gives up plenty of both school and personal time. For jazz band she even learned a new instrument in order to participate..

Tonight was awards night and I wasn't able to make it but halfway through it I got a phone call from a friend.. her son and Blond Girl were the only two members of jazz band not to letter. Now you have to know these two.. they are charming, articulate and bright. saxophone boy changed from the alto to bari sax (which he HATES) for jazz band and blond girl learned the trombone. These are kids who wanted to be there.. made the sacrifice requested and yet still got left on the side like yesterdays trash..

Fortunately I have dealt with this particular teacher before I can shrug my shoulders and just give her a hug.. but my friend?? can we say ballistic?? I had to talk her down she was ready to make some anatomical suggestions as to where the bari sax could be placed.. This is the man who designed an entire song around my son in marching band... had him play his tuba for 12 measures alone while the rest of the band faced the OTHER way and yet refused to acknowledge it as a solo as it was for all the tubas in the band (of which he was the only one) and he didn't audition.. no you made him the friggin showcase but nope not a solo.. growlss that was errr 4 years ago one would think I was over it by now!! Anyway, I know arguing won't win any battles with him.. He is right.. we are wrong.. do not get me wrong the band is 500 times better now that he has stepped in.. but the kids are finding less and less joy in his presence.. how do you expect to continue such a program when the kids hate it?

Now my kids since they are all extremly musical pretty much have to participate in band I can't afford lessons and face it.. Blond Girl alone plays three instruments, officially... She loves music but what happens when she just gives up? when the teacher becomes the greatest enemy.. Hair Boy suffered many of the same problems (we won't go into the years of grief he gave this man and deserved much of the attitude he got) but musically he was and is brilliant. So now when Blond Girl comes home I get to pat her shoulder give her a hug and ask her what is more important? The joy of being in the bands she loves or not getting credit? My poor baby...

Oh yeah, and my friend, the psycho mom? she is next year's booster's VP.. I think.. if she doesn't go totally off the deep end.. I am off to send an email to see what parameters my child did not meet.. I am sure he will have sufficient grounds he isn't an ogre he just is rigid and inflexible...
sighs.. sometimes it is hard to not just rip off someone's head..

oh well if life were fair I would be living the white picket fence life...

ps... Blond girl just came home all bubbly and happy because she won the most improved in Concert Band and a $100.00 scholarship.. by the time she came home she was over her anger and ready to prove herself next year.. sheesh makes me proud..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Honor of Blog Back Thursdays..

I know we are blogging about summer vacations but I did that one on my Shaunispeaks blog today I thought I would just share a pic of Hair Boy seems He has been forgotten of late..

This was taken a couple of years ago downtown.. goodness knows what they were up to... but it looks like they were having fun..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There is a Reason We Call Her Blond Girl

As you all know I lovingly refer to my youngest daughter as Blond Girl.. even though currently she has red hair (thanks to the ever lovely Miss Clairol)... anyway I have long declared that Blond is a state of mind not a hair color..

Tonight she came home from her band concert.. in her cute little mini and a pair of black tights.. she stood there in front of the TV removing the tights... and as I watched... she bent over and tried to remove them and well toppled right over!!

Here she was just leaning over and leaning and leaning and then suddenly WHAM!! all legs and arms sprawling all over the place.. and she expects anyone to take her seriously??

Kids Do I have to Love Them?

So I start getting ready for the concert tonight... I try and look my best so as not to embarras them unduly.. Here I was showered, clothed and no shoes.. I own three pairs of shoes... one pair of flats and two pairs of heels...

Guess where the heels all were.. that is right my girls who own a kazillion pairs of shoes.. both of whom have black heels AND flats of their own grabbed mine.. oh why? cuz they like them better? well probably not.. nope cuz they could FIND them.. yes that is right I put my shoes away after use.. so guess what there they were... all ready to be worn..

I am so gonna clobber them.. cuz now I have to change.. I swear next time I am not gonna shower..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concerts and More Concerts

The end of the year is always full of tying things up, finishing up and moving on.. closing the chapter and starting a new one..

Last night was the choir concert, this concert is always a tear jerker because it focuses on the seniors.. they have senior solo's and sing senior only songs and in one poignant song the seniors place their most treasured memory (like a volleyball or a uniform or a picture) in a trunk while they sang the song goodbye old friend.. then at the end of the concert they all have to hug and say goodbye.. of course they will all see each other the next day...

Tomorrow night is the band concert.. not quite as senior specific... but still another round of goodbyes and well wishes.. So many of them are children I have been fortunate enough to watch grow from childhood.. some as far back as pre-school and a select few.. from birth..

Next Monday awards night.. and then graduation and Memorial day parade... these kids work...they well represent their school and often with little or no acknowledgment..but that is for another day.. today is to rejoice in what they give us with their talents....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taking the day Off

Taking the day off to spend with the Beasties...


Friday, May 8, 2009

I have been Tagged!!

I have been recruited by PJ at PJ's Prose to join the International Bloggers Community. In turn, I’m tagging seven other favorite bloggers to join the group and be counted:

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Questions and Answers

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Track Meets and Summer Jobs

When my kids were little I had a million stories to tell about them... day to day adventures. Over time they started having adventures without me.. lately it seems they are trying their darnedest to keep me out of their lives.. darn kids are growing up...

Word Girl is immersed in track.. she is a shot putter and discus thrower and yet I have never gone to see her... she never even lets me know when the meets are.. I am the mom who goes to everything... I am gonna have to get mad at her about that soon...

Blond Girl... well she just finished up with the play and had the time of her life.. next up for her finals and California (poor thing)

Pita Boy is gearing up for his summer gig as a lifeguard.. He is good at this.. if he wanted to he could be a head guard but likes to just work.. my boy if nothing else is a worker.. he is happiest when doing just that

Hair Boy is working working working.. I know he wants to have a road trip this summer with his friends and I hope it works out.. He has been so good about giving up his wants to help the family...

and me.. I am not really that sad.. I raised them this way... to be independent strong creative people, unlike their mother.. who needs constant validation..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Watching the Dandelions Grow

Raising your children in a small town has several benefits but the biggest has to be the fact that they are instilled with a wonderful sense of who and what they are. Over the years we have moved several times and been without on various occasions but the one constant I have always been able to give them was the fact that they belonged..

When Hair Boy was hit by a car and left on the side of the road the entire community was there. Ready to help making sure I had all the support I could ever need. When Blond Girl (at 5) decided she wanted cheese crackers and threatened to wander off to get them on her own.. I had baby sitters, scout leaders and the police looking for her. When Pita Boy was in his accident, it was called in by a good friend's parents.. he was hit by the parents of his middle school gym teacher (whose son was in my cub scout troop as a child) and the policeman called to the scene was the father of a friend (sounds almost incestuous I know). And when Word girl applied to go to Marine Biology camp through Girl Scouts the Library Director wrote the recommendation.

All in all it has been a wonderful place to raise my kids.. tonight I went to see the spring musical.. now as far as I was concerned the lead was a girl I have known since birth.. her brother and Hair Boy have been best friends since the ripe old age of 6 months.. When Hair Boy and Hair Boy II were fourish riding in HBII's motorized car and were attacked by a bug it was Danielle who was maybe 2. who stepped in and saved the boys from that mean old bug...

Another of the leads was a young man who I will forever see as Brad's little blond brother (another of my cub scouts). It is great to have been able to watch these children grow up.. to see them become wonderful and witty and clever individuals.. all in all I have been fortunate to know them and to watch them grow.. so thank you all.. I am so very proud of the individuals you have become..

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today the Musical Starts

Today starts the beginning performance of our local High school musical. This is a wonderful tradition in our town and at one time ran for two weekends with many full houses..

I remember when my mother in law was alive it was a guarantee that we would go see one of these wonderful productions..These plays are not hack jobs but rather good solid productions that the community needs to rally around and support.

At least one of my children has been involved with the local plays for over 6 years.. It is a family tradition. If they do not act in it they work on crew... some do both..

The boys worked on every single fall play and spring musical the entire time they were in HS.. Word Girl is a little less inclined as she has track and enjoys it.. but Blond Girl is carrying on the family tradition.. She is working the sound board something her brothers always handled and is having the time of her life..

Everyone I know you can't go see OUR school play but look up and see what Your local HS is doing... Believe me these kids work hard to put on a good show and you will be impressed with their talent and enjoy an inexpensive night out..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Respecting the Individual

I have raised four unique and wonderful individuals... they are creative and bright, clever and talented... They are amazing.. of course they are teenagers which means they are moody, broody and annoying.. They fight me on every step they are supposed to...

But I worry, they are so independent and self sufficient I worry sometimes that they just forget what family means... that family first and always comes first. Last night Pita Boy pushed me over the edge.. and Word Girl came to the rescue (his not mine) so I guess right now I am doing something right....

Blond Girl has decided that next year she wants to audition for dance force at school. Now I wouldnt mind this except she seems to think that the activities are the important thing and she can get through life on her looks alone.. I know it sucks to be beautiful..

Actually I was watching the apprentice last night and Brandi was asked was about the difficulties of being blond and beautiful.. did she think it made it harder for her or easier.. It was interesting because she said it was never a problem. I seriously find that hard to believe... I watch my beautiful brilliant daughter fall back on her looks time and time again... and it hurts me, the child is BRILLIANT.. scary smart and yet she limits herself constantly.. Needless to say dance force is going to be a bargaining chip.. anything less than a B from here on out and she is gone.. and those B's she can only get an occasional one not settle for them...

Guess it sucks to be her...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finding Neverland

The kids were watching Finding Neverland today and I heard one line that made me think...

It seems that Peter is trying to grow up too fast...

Our children grow up so very fast way too fast.. where does the time go? How did this happen? All the things I had planned to do with them were swept away by all the things I did do with them...

Hair Boy turns 21 in 44 days.... I think (oh I know when his birthday is I just am getting messed up on the math.. sheesh an embarrassing thing to admit).. but it brings to mind all the years of his childhood.. all the amazing and happy times we had..

but soon my son is going to reach a milestone.. and it is wonderful and scary and fretful and exciting...

oh well more on this to come I am sure...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Few Good Books

Whenever I wander the bookstores I try to find books that my girls will enjoy. The boys are harder to pick for and have their own eclectic styles so I sorta glaze over when choosing for them. Of course I can always count on anything by Tolkien but face it the man died in the 1970's and is unlikely to produce any more work...

Anyway I was looking around and stumbled upon these fabulous books by Cindi Chima... I suppose You could call it the "Heir" Series. It is about teenagers finding out that they are different that they have gifts that there is a place for them in this world and that there are others out there who are like them. It talks about standing your ground, fighting for what is right and believing in yourself. All wrapped up in an exciting story about Warriors and Wizards and the age old battle of good vs. evil. For more about the impressive
Ms Chima please hop on over to her website I found it to be easy to maneuver and am very much looking forward to her next series..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes the Schools Get it Right

Last night Blond Girl came home and although exhausted proceded to tell about her day. She had a field trip and had gone to see a stage rendition of.. "Of Mice and Men". She was telling me about how it had made her cry and what it was about (like I haven't read it) but she was very excited.

Suddenly Word Girl and Pita Boy popped in and began a lively, interesting, informed debate. Oh it was wonderful.. Yes they were disagreeing they were arguing but it was about a classic piece of literature. Each had an informed opinion and had the facts to back it up. Oh I was so very proud.

Halfway through the debate I realized that our school system must be doing something right.. For all three of them to have been able to make such remarks and comments it meant they had not only read the book, seen either the movie or play but they had also discussed it in class. And thankfully it was on one of the two Steinbeck books I actually enjoyed..

I chose to stay out of this discussion even though all three gave me plenty of opportunity to join in and none of them would have been upset had I done so. But this was their time, the stretching of their minds.. A far cry from gossip girls and Family Man...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Can't Believe These Words are Going to Come out of My Mouth

When does a good thing become too much?? Now for those of you who know me please have a cushion and some smelling salts at hand.

I have decided that the Lord of the Ring movies need to be put away and not watched for a while and hello TNT?? You really don't have to show all three movies together on a regular basis..

Now as many of you know I waited 30 YEARS for these movies to come out!! I adore them, I think that Peter Jackson did a fabulous job but yes even I can have too much of a good thing. While we own these movies readily available for any to watch.. yes even here in these cramped quarters we have the movies and a separate TV to watch them on.. anyway Word Girl insists on watching them every time TNT shows them. That means the rest of us get to watch these movies over and over and over again.. and folks it is time to say so long to the LoTR...

OMG!! I can not believe that those words came out of my mouth... just goes to show you what kids will do to you..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Adding A Donate Button

I have considered this very deeply believe me I was incredibly worried about appearing to be begging for cash. This is not my way.. but after some careful consideration and advice from my fellow bloggers I have gone ahead and done it.

Look right on over to your right.. take a peek yes there it is.. if you enjoy the site and would like to donate to the upkeep of it (ok the upkeep of the muse for the site) please feel free.. I would not like to keep anyone from fulfilling some previously unknown deep seeded need to donate..

Sorry.. I couldnt help myself.. but there you have it, the lovely donate button.. ignore it if you choose. I still want to see your smiling faces coming around to visit.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pita Boy Gets a Checking Account

Every day a new adventure.. Pita Boy got his income tax check back and immediatly went to open up his very first checking account. Now I am a bit worried as they also gave him a credit card.. not a debit card (well he got that too) but they gave him a credit card!! OH My they are indeed working hard to make money.

So of course when he came home we had to discuss, balancing a check book, the proper way to use a credit card.. and all of that.. and it just broke my heart.. sighs one more step towards adulthood and real life.

I may rant and rave, threaten and terrorize but that is one of my babies and watching him with a checking account, knowing it is one more step towards eventual independence.. and it makes me just a little sad.

I will of course get over it because eventually they will all be out and it will be time for me to party.. ooops I meant live a mature and responsible life without children...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Cinquain Challenge

I have been challenged by a friend to write two Cinquains.. now she challenged me in an entirely different format and I have chosen to accept, just me being me I have chosen to accept on my terms not hers.. giggles sorry sweetie can't help it. So here they are about the beasties.. enjoy

Dear Ones
Individual, Creative, Unique
Strong, Independent, Beautiful, Mine


Insane, Creative
Demanding, Rewarding, Infuriating
Brighter than the stars in the heavens


Shut Up
Go Away, Now
Drive me Crazy, clueless
Quiet please, the Noise is too much
need sleep

So here is my challenge to you.. write a Cinquain, make it blog appropriate.. see this blog is about my kids therefore my cinquains are about my kids.. my other blog Shaunispeaks is about other stuff so my cinquains would be as well.

What is a Cinquain you may ask? It is a poem, structured and concise not unlike a haiku in it's regiment just less known outside of poetry circles for some reason.. guess haiku just sounds sexier or something.. The poems can be of three separate styles within and hold a separate purpose for each style. The style types are outlined below.
  • Line1: One word
    Line2: Two words
    Line 3: Three words
    Line 4: Four words
    Line 5: One word


  • Line1: A noun
    Line2: Two adjectives
    Line 3: Three -ing words
    Line 4: A phrase
    Line 5: Another word for the noun


  • Line1: Two syllables
    Line2: Four syllables
    Line 3: Six syllables
    Line 4: Eight syllables
    Line 5: Two syllables

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

From our house to yours hope you are all enjoying a special Easter and have your bonnets in place...

* just wanted to make sure to state I pilfered this pic from the internet... as much as I would love to say it is mine.. alas it is not

Friday, April 10, 2009

So Not Getting into the Middle of This

So Blond Girl comes home tonight from singing at church services and Word Girl is off Volunteering at the Children's Museum. To most this would seem an ideal situation one child giving her voice to God and another serving her community. How could this ever be turned???

First words out of Blond Girl's mouth... MOM, can you please explain to Word Girl that just because she got a haircut it does not mean her hair is thicker?

Me... Hon, I am not going to get involved in this..

Blond Girl.. Well everyone knows it makes it FULLER, not thicker...

Me... Hon, I am not going to get involved in this...

Blond Girl... Your hair remains the same thickness no matter how it is cut the strands on your head do not change....

Me... Hon, I am not going to get involved in this...

Blond Girl... Why not I am right!! You know it!!! You just never let me win!! (goes into the bathroom in a huff)

Me (to Hair Boy and Pita Boy) what would you get involved in it???

Hair Boy (who has the thickest most gorgeous hair in the world).. Mom, why does it even matter???

Blond Girl (from the bathroom) yeah what would YOU know.. and sure take her side...

So maybe I should have agreed with her but some fights we don't need to have and since winning a fight with Word Girl is something of an impossibility... and was this battle really that important??

Oh, Ain't Life Grand???

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can You Believe This?

I try very hard to understand the reasoing of the school system but this one has always gotten me confused. The current outcry is seperation from church and state.. at some public, actually many they are not even allowed to have a Bible club on campus. They are very very strict about this especially Christian beliefs why then do they get Good Friday off?

I can understand if they still celebrate spring break around that time but if they do not.. if they consider it a part of the extended time off which many schools do. I can even make it work for me if they just add it on.. BUT.. my kids had spring break last week they were back in school this week and voila!! they get tomorrow off.

They aren't trying to dress it up or call it anything else NOPE they get Good Friday off.. and it ticks me off.. I guess I expect the schools to remain consistent. They can not shoot down things the kids create to make their lives better to share their faith then take a day off so they can lounge around.. It doesn't work that way!! Well unfortunately it does and that is just plain irksome..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seriously? But You Went to All His Stuff.....

I am seriously considering a trip out west again. My High School is having a major anniversary party it will be great to see so many of my friends and well to be honest I am just looking forward to it. Unfortunately it conflicts with the HS school musical a major deal here abouts..

Blond girl is on the stage crew and very excited about the play.. I just informed her of the date of my trip and she rushed to the bathroom full of teenage angst...

Seriously?? But you went to all Pita's... yeah but I didn't have a life back then. Also hey I hadn't done the math and .8751 days a year vacation is no where near enough. I want my average to leap to 1....

Sorry blond girl mom is gonna start having a life. You graduate in just a little over 3 years what am I gonna do then? Sit around and knit?

School is in Session

Oh this week has been lovely!! The girls are back in school!! What that means is two less people to drive me nuts for at least 8 hours a day.. of course my girls are active and involved so often I don't see them for hours after that. And when they do come home they are exhausted, they eat and fall into bed..barely managing to stay awake long enough for Homework...

Now how is this lovely? well Pita Boy and Word Girl have taken bickering to a fine art.. there should be documentaries made on living and surviving these two. They still to the "I'm not touching you" thing and oh good lord.. "stop looking at me". Hello??? these two are 17 and 19... I am thinking drugs.. and if I can't get any for them I am perfectly happy taking some for myself.

Blond girl has decided that blond is indeed a good color so it looks like we are going to go back to her natural golden locks.. whoo hooo!! While red is cute she has Christie Brinkley hair why would anyone EVER want to change that?

Oh, and I guess I should tell them soon that I may be off on another grand adventure soon... They may think they have a right to know...

Oh well it is about time mom has some fun..

Monday, April 6, 2009

When Will I Ever Learn?

So on Saturday night I went out to dinner with the ex and the kids it was a pleasant enough dinner and I as usual tried to overlook the ex's overbearing personality but here it is 2 days later and the repercussions are still coming in.

I guess I had forgotten about the way he is always right.. Pita Boy has ADHD we have worked for years on dealing with it without medication, proper eating, sleep and structure habits. We have created a format that works relatively well. Then one dinner and poof suddenly my son decides he doesn't have ADHD so he doesn't need to follow them.

We had discussed the navy which I strongly believe will be a wonderful choice for him.. provide structure, reward and set limits with stated repercussions and give him a chance to do something until he figures out what he wants to do.. and yet again the ex shot that down.. ONE DAMN DINNER...

Sighs I am a bit angry as this man has been what we like to term an absentee father and I have done all the work raising the kids yet he persists in deciding that he knows what is best for them. I could go on but I just needed to get this out.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watching Hair Boy at Work

Hair Boy has what has to be considered one of the coolest jobs... now part of it I don't get. He drives the Zamboni machine at the local ice rinks.. For some reason this gets an interesting reaction. Almost everyone says oh cool... I had to think abou this. I mean he drives around in circles for 10 minutes of every hour. What is it about the Zamboni that so fascinates us?

Could it be the constant renewal? The way just a simple pass over the ice makes things smooth again? Do we feel something inside? Does something click? I don't know but the reaction is the same everyone loves the idea of the Zamboni driver. That isn't what I got to see him do though. The other part of his job now that is a treat to watch.

Hair Boy is the Mascot for a local hockey team, what I guess we could term a farm team (does hockey have farm teams?). This child of mine has always gotten on well with children. He has a pied piper personality and the little ones adore him... well here he is all dressed up like a giant dog and children flocking around him. It was fun to watch him take the time for high fives and hugs and the occasional picture. It was great to see that he instinctively knew which child needed what attention. This child of mine will someday be a great parent. He will also be a good teacher which is his goal.

I enjoy the occasional glimpses a parent gets to see into their children, seeing what they could become... oh yeah and the hockey game was ok as well.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Do Not Ask Me Why

So I have had this poem in my brain lately.. I am not sure why...

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.
I don't know why she swallowed the fly,
I guess she'll die.

There was an old lady who swallowed a spider,
that wiggled and wiggled and tickled inside her.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
I don't know why she swallowed the fly.
I guess she'll die.

There was an old lady who swallowed a bird.
How absurd to swallow a bird.
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
that wiggled and wiggled and tickled inside her.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
I don't know why she swallowed the fly.
I guess she'll die.

There was an old lady who swallowed a cat.
Imagine that, she swallowed a cat.
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird.
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
that wiggled and wiggled and tickled inside her.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
I don't know why she swallowed the fly.
I guess she'll die.

There was an old lady who swallowed a dog.
My what a hog, to swallow a dog.
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat.
She swallowed the cat, to catch the bird,
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
that wiggled and wiggled and tickled inside her.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
I don't know why she swallowed the fly.
I guess she'll die.

There was an old lady who swallowed a cow.
I don't know how she swallowed a cow.
She swallowed the cow to catch the dog.
She swallowed the dog, to catch the cat.
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird.
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
that wiggled and wiggled and tickled inside her.
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
I don't know why she swallowed the fly
I guess she'll die.

I know an old lady who swallowed a horse...

She's dead of course!

This song was written by Rose Bonne, with music by Alan Mills, Peer International (Canada) Ltd. bought the song's copyright 1952 and has held the copyright 1960 onwards.

Ever Wanna Say What Lola Wants Lola Gets?

So Lola over at Lola's Diner has once again honored me with an award. She honors me more with her continued support than by any awards but hey.. I am happy with the award.

"This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver's opinion, brilliant."

Thank you so much Lola! Although why you seem to insist that my blogs are so specatular is beyond me.. I mean I know they are but I didn't realize the rest of the world had caught up

Now with this tag I have to list at least ten (10) honest things about myself, now here we go.

1. I will never ever be good enough for my mother no matter how hard I try and most days I can accept that.

2. My first car was a Ford Comet.. ugly as sin but power under the hood. Not that I ever sped or drove it more than to work or school (just in case Dad happens to see this)

3. I honestly adore teenagers and toddlers.. don't have much use for some of the in between ages as then just seem boring.. (well except my children who were of course brilliant at all stages of life).

4. If I had my way I would ditch the Chicago suburbs and be catching some rays at the Main Beach in Laguna.

5. I adore my siblings each and every one of them for different reasons but they all hold a special place in my heart.

6. If I had money I would buy an apt complex install it with solar panels and laugh as the electric company got energy back instead of cash and my tenants would not be constantly screwed.

7. I am still trying to figure out how to make my words pay for themselves.. If I could sell my poems on a regular basis my world would rock.

8. I went to a private protestant HS by choice.. and it is celebrating it's 50th anniversary next month.. GO HERALDS

9. I have almost no friends in the state of Illinois which to this day astounds me as I am a social creature and have always been surrounded by friends.

10. If I had it to do all over again I would... because if I didn't some of the things I find most precious might not be there..

now whom do I pass this on to?

1. A Mom on a Spin one of my daily must reads she cracks me up and just makes me feel better about being a mom.. and of course not so alone.

2. Crazy Mom with Four Boys yes I have four kids but she wins.. 4 boys? at least I got two and two.

3. Mom Knows Everything Come on even if I didn't adore her blog she would get prizes just for stating the obvious.

4. On the Verge Ok so I lied.. four boys is impressive four girls is heroic...

Thanks again Lola for all of your support

Thursday, April 2, 2009

They are Having Fun, Do They Have to Come Home?

Raise your hand if you believe the reason I don't want the girls to come home is because they are having fun...

After 6 funfilled days they arrive home tonight. I am sure they will be full of exciting stories, fun filled facts and fabulous pictures.. I am equally sure they will be on the computer sharing away and I will see none of the pictures and hear only about how blond girl's shoes hurt and word girl got lost..

But seriously they arrive tonight at 5ish and life returns to normal...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks to my Top Droppers

I wanted to say a special thanks for those who continued to drop on by. I have been extremely inconsistent this month and yet you all have remained true. April will be better... I promise you

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