Friday, July 16, 2010

BlondGirl Turns 16!!

Today reality catches up with Blond Girl, her entire life she has thought she was 16 so finally it has happened. I was instructed last night to please wake her up at 7:22 so she could wake up 16, only she would think of that.

I firmly believe we each have what I call a soul age, it is why some people are old at 10 and others never really grow up. Mine is 25 I have felt 25 since I was 15, even now when I see myself (in my minds eye not in the mirror) I see a 25 year old me. Anyway Blond Girl was born 16.

As a small child, when her brothers and sisters were on a swim team and she was too young, I could always find her hanging out with the teenagers. One specific memory was of her running to me to tell me that she and her friends were all going to the movies and could she go? I tried to let her down gently that they hadn't meant her but before I could get my point across along came a group of them asking if she could go with them. I wondered if I was the only one who realized she was only 4!

At her 5th Birthday she invited several teens and some of them actually attended! Even stayed late and took her for ice cream after the party. Honestly! I can just see her at 80 running around in hot pants with blue hair.. You all know what type I am talking about, those crazy ladies who think they are sexpots.. and in a way they are!!

Today she is off wearing her tiara and celebrating the only Birthday I think she will ever truly recognize and yes I am recognizing the fact that it is the 16th of July. Since we tried to induce her on the 5th, then planned a c-section on the 18th and she still managed to be born on the 16th I have to wonder if someone was trying to tell me something!!

Happy Birthday Blond Girl, Mom loves you