Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today the Musical Starts

Today starts the beginning performance of our local High school musical. This is a wonderful tradition in our town and at one time ran for two weekends with many full houses..

I remember when my mother in law was alive it was a guarantee that we would go see one of these wonderful productions..These plays are not hack jobs but rather good solid productions that the community needs to rally around and support.

At least one of my children has been involved with the local plays for over 6 years.. It is a family tradition. If they do not act in it they work on crew... some do both..

The boys worked on every single fall play and spring musical the entire time they were in HS.. Word Girl is a little less inclined as she has track and enjoys it.. but Blond Girl is carrying on the family tradition.. She is working the sound board something her brothers always handled and is having the time of her life..

Everyone I know you can't go see OUR school play but look up and see what Your local HS is doing... Believe me these kids work hard to put on a good show and you will be impressed with their talent and enjoy an inexpensive night out..


  1. My daughters high school is putting on MacBeth and some of her friends are in it. We're going to see it.

  2. One year my son was doing lighting on the high school play. The power grid wasn't working, so the lighting guys all brought bic lighters, ala Rocky Horror. It was hysterical.

    They finally got the grid up after the opening number.

  3. My sister in law will have thiers too and I'm a bit excited to watch them.