Monday, December 27, 2010


Another Christmas has come and gone and each one just a little more poignant than the one before. Gone are the years when they dash down the stairs looking for presents. Gone is the Christmas where Word Girl woke up early and sat at her beauty shop and played quietly for hours not knowing that I was watching. Gone are the years spent looking for that "it" toy. Can we say Power Rangers? Now they want both expensive things and practical things.

Hair Boy asked for socks.. yes that is right socks. I understand he got more socks than he knows what do with. Of course Blond Girl made sure he stayed young she bought him a machine nerf gun. So his girl friend wouldn't feel left out, Blond Girl bought her one too. When Hair Boy's best friend stopped by (a lifelong childhood friend) he was just as excited about that nerf gun as a 6 year old.

Pita Boy really wanted music. He asked for CD's lots and lots of CD's and an Harmonica. I must say I no longer like my favorite sister in law, guess what she bought him? Of course it is better than when Hair Boy went through his accordion stage.

Word Girl wanted and received movies, body spray and a straightener (see practical). Well she wants a Mac as well but guess what she got and what she didn't? She is home for just a few weeks and is already missing school life. I figure she will be spending time with friends as much as possible then be gone before we know it. I know I will miss her, of course I always miss her when she is gone and constantly ask when she is leaving while she is here. She is so much like my mom sometimes I have to scream.. but she has a pure heart and beneath all her bluster is a person worth knowing.

Blond Girl was the funniest of all, she wanted a Snuggie, Teenage mutant ninja turtle slippers and knitting stuff. Oh yeah and glasses. It is rather pathetic when your 16 year old daughter asks for glasses for a Christmas present. Needless to say she is getting all of them. Well we have the eye appt this week the rest she got. She is hysterical with that snuggie.. sitting there knitting and saying.. "see I can knit and my arms are still warm" Didn't we have a solution for that as well? Wasn't it called a wait.. yeah I remember,... A ROBE? oh well.

One of the greatest things about having older kids is the fun things they give you. You don't have to get excited about getting a rock (of course I still have some of those rocks cuz they were really neat) but instead you get pretty cool stuff. This year my four children, two and a half college students and one HS student came together and bought me a Kindle. I was so excited, I really really really wanted one!

With this Christmas behind us I have to make sure and keep these memories very clear, who knows if all of them will be home next year. Each year we are together is a gift. Their lives are opening up and life is getting so exciting for them. I can only be grateful for what I have this year and treasure every moment I am not trying to kill them (yes they still drive me nuts some things one doesn't outgrow)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Semester Down

I am pleased to say that WordGirl has managed to complete her first semester at Western. I had to wait to say this until we received her grades because no matter how smart, gifted, talented your child may be that first semester of college is a rude awakening.

Well WordGirl soared!! She did well in all her classes and has become a shining leader amongst her peers. She makes me so very proud. I know she gets all hissy when I write about her but too bad, so sad, I am mom and I get to brag.

I know she is struggling not at school but with the boredom of NOT being at school. She has found her place and has set her sites on what she wants to become and not let her past, her disadvantages or our financial situation bring her down. Her smile, always her most powerful weapon, is almost always in place. She all but beams when speaking of school and what she is doing there. I know many people attend college to better their job options but my girl is there for what I truly believe is the right reason. She is there for an education!! She is there to grow as an individual both mentally and physically. She is learning what quality of life truly means.

I can not wait to continue this journey with her.. well to read about it on her facebook since she never actually tells me anything.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wow December, I should Blog

It has been too long since I committed the antics of the crazed teens in my life to this blog. Of course, two are no longer teens and are living the lives of young adults but calling this blog juggling teens and two young adults just looses something.

Since it has been too long I am going to do a review and then plan on actually occasionally writing to keep things posted.

Hair Boy.. Hair Boy has long hair again and it just keeps growing.. He has decided to let it go, hmmmm women hate him. He is going to school in the Champagne area and enjoying it. Living with a couple of friends and his girlfriend. Yes that one was hard for me to swallow but there it is. She is a lovely young women with a fantastic brain. She graduated in four years with two degrees and is taking one year off before going for her Masters. I am just hoping some of that drive and direction rub off on Hair Boy. He has the brains and talent to do anything he wants. I just hope he finds his direction soon. Yes, I know this is incredibly annoying coming from a forty something mom who has yet to find hers.

Pita Boy.. well Pita Boy is a man in all ways that matter.. He stands well over 6'3" and is growing a nice beard. He is finally maturing to where he can make life decisions and will be able to take care of himself. I think school will soon be in store for him again. Honestly I was hoping for the military, he would thrive there. A place that has direction and focus and rewards hard work. Do, this this and this and you will get this this and this. I had him almost convinced that he would enjoy a stint in the military and that it was his idea but his father talked him out of it. Honestly, he doesn't raise them but then has to put in his two cents where it least matters. I am still working on the military aspect.

Word Girl is in heaven. She was accepted to Western Illinois University and my girl has found her wings. As a child she was this happy thriving child who literally glowed but she hit pear pressure and the sometimes ridiculously competitive life of small town America and part of her disappeared. I grieved for that part of her but one semester away from here and on her own and that glow is back. She is a leader, respected and admired. She rocked her classes this semester, even managing to hold fast in Chemistry a class she was sure she was not going to pass. I am just so proud of her. I treasure each and every one of her smiles.. the rat.

Blond Girl is blond again.. I am glad, I never really liked the red but it took cutting it all off before we say here beautiful hair again. Right now we are calling it winter blond, that dishwater blond that doesn't quite go brown. She has had some trying times this year with friends and school. In some ways she has been deeply hurt but in others she has soared in the making of new friends. She has started attending church with me and one Sunday when we had a spontaneous baptism, she made that choice. I was thrilled for her and even happier that I was on hand to see it.

As you can see life goes on with the insane teens.. I am not making resolutions, which is why I started back to my blog now instead of after the new year.. I do plan on being a more permanent resident here in blog land from now on. It seems I have missed it.