Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun

I do so love summer, those times when we just run out and enjoy the moment. When we put aside the year long drudgery and enjoy time with our families, in picnics and at lakes.. just having fun

Most summers you would find me poolside cheering on numerous children as they compete. This year is an odd one as only Word Girl is competing and she is well sorta competing. She will not be in the state for conference so she more or less decided to swim to get back in shape (not that she needs to spend any more time at the pool). It is really odd for me to not be pool side every Saturday and Wednesday night from mid June to the end of July.

Word Girl is a fiend this year, she has worked the past 12 days consecutively at one job and 7 of them she worked her other one. Which means I think I may remember what she looks like.. She is working hard to help with expenses, pay her school fees, buy concert tickets and an ipod. She really really wants that ipod. The way she is going she will most certainly get it

Pita Boy is working his 35 - 40 hours at the pool or leisure center and enjoying his time. He opened his first checking account and religiously guards that balance. I must admit I am rather proud of him

Poor Hair Boy works for a skating rink, summer by nature is their down time and his boss went and hired a bunch of college kids.. so not only are the hours cut he gets less of what there is. He is a bit frustrated as his checks have been cut in half..welcome to reality Hair Boy...

Blond Girl??? I think she is out there somewhere... I think I still have a 4th child.. Not sure as I haven't heard from her since the last time I blogged. Well unless CA finally dropped into the sea and it hasn't made the news yet.. She is fine and having the time of her life..

well thanks for stopping by and being so patient...

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