Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concerts and More Concerts

The end of the year is always full of tying things up, finishing up and moving on.. closing the chapter and starting a new one..

Last night was the choir concert, this concert is always a tear jerker because it focuses on the seniors.. they have senior solo's and sing senior only songs and in one poignant song the seniors place their most treasured memory (like a volleyball or a uniform or a picture) in a trunk while they sang the song goodbye old friend.. then at the end of the concert they all have to hug and say goodbye.. of course they will all see each other the next day...

Tomorrow night is the band concert.. not quite as senior specific... but still another round of goodbyes and well wishes.. So many of them are children I have been fortunate enough to watch grow from childhood.. some as far back as pre-school and a select few.. from birth..

Next Monday awards night.. and then graduation and Memorial day parade... these kids work...they well represent their school and often with little or no acknowledgment..but that is for another day.. today is to rejoice in what they give us with their talents....


  1. I know what you mean about the band concerts. AS a band director it really can be emotional to see kids you're "raised" for the past 4 year play their last notes for you. Don't have thst problem this year, though. this is my irst year...hehehe in a few years, though, it will be emotional, especilly if i leave when this year's frehmen gradaute.

  2. Oh, I'm with you on this crazy train. I think we have some sort of banquet, awards night, concert, or something every night for the next two weeks!! Em is graduating from 8th grade from Thugs-R-Us middle school and I cannot WAIT to get out of there, so I'm not so sad at all of these events. Pray she gets her Valedictorian--she is tied for it and the other girl's parents aren't quite as vocal about things at school--I think we're not gonna get it. Sigh.