Wednesday, April 8, 2009

School is in Session

Oh this week has been lovely!! The girls are back in school!! What that means is two less people to drive me nuts for at least 8 hours a day.. of course my girls are active and involved so often I don't see them for hours after that. And when they do come home they are exhausted, they eat and fall into bed..barely managing to stay awake long enough for Homework...

Now how is this lovely? well Pita Boy and Word Girl have taken bickering to a fine art.. there should be documentaries made on living and surviving these two. They still to the "I'm not touching you" thing and oh good lord.. "stop looking at me". Hello??? these two are 17 and 19... I am thinking drugs.. and if I can't get any for them I am perfectly happy taking some for myself.

Blond girl has decided that blond is indeed a good color so it looks like we are going to go back to her natural golden locks.. whoo hooo!! While red is cute she has Christie Brinkley hair why would anyone EVER want to change that?

Oh, and I guess I should tell them soon that I may be off on another grand adventure soon... They may think they have a right to know...

Oh well it is about time mom has some fun..

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  1. I suppose you know that the more your mom likes any part of you, the more obligated you are to change it, right?