Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For those that Doubted

In my last blog during my catch up I mentioned how blond girl once knocked herself unconcious with her trumpet.. I was nice.. I didnt mention her tuba injury.. but this week she managed to do it again.

She was at swim practice on Friday and for some reason the pool was not open, I am not sure why. So instead of swimming they decided to run around on the ice (our pool is connected to a skating rink.. our own personal form of sea and ski). Anyway, blond girl took a tumble. Not just oh bump that hurts.. no way.. not our girl.. Nope she went sailing across the ice and smashed into it HARD.. came home with a black eye and a bruise on her shoulder. It has been four days now and the bruise is still a pretty black and blue, the size of an orea cookie and her eye while not swollen looks like she is wearing some very interesting makeup..

Hey I cant a make this stuff up..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surviving the Summer

I am sorry all for the incredibly long absence from my page.. I know I committed to writing these blogs then suddenlylife happens and I crash and burn. I also know that in the grand scheme of things me not writing this blog does not really make a difference to anyone but me but.... I am back, I think... well at least 2 to 3 days a week.

How has your summer been? Mine has been filled with drama, trauma and triage... well the beasties have at least had an exciting time..

Lets see...

Blond Girl, had an exciting time in California, Vegas and Utah this summer. Visiting relatives, sightseeing and hanging out at Knotts.. only one trip to the emergency room for her. Poor thing, she has stress induced asthma and is known to have dibilitating attacks that seem to come from nowhere. So this summer she was at Knotts with her cousin have a grand old time and after the 6th time in a row on one of the roller coasters she went into a full blown attack. Lauren, my cousin who is 13 handeled it like a pro, got help, contacted family and took care of business.. Knotts being that they were obviously concerned and in are litigious society needed to watch their backs... sent her to the emergency room. Now she has made something of a career of going to the ER, getting hit in the head with a 2x4, knocking herself unconcious with her trumpet and of course the odd asthma attacks. It is to the point where I, sympathetic mother that I am usually am laughing when I get the call (hello, she knocked herself unconcious with a trumpet). So here she is in CA, at the ER.. and what does her grandma do? She comes into the ER yelling at her because she left her inhaler at the house. What good does it do at the house?? Poor girl everyone else goes to the ER and gets sympathy.. She came home and has been gallivanting around the Chicago area being blond and 15. band camp was last week and yes she has been known to say "and one time at band camp". Swim team started yesterday and school starts on tuesday. Remember when summer lasted until September?

Word Girl... she too was off to sunny California this summer. She managed to fit a trip in, between summer swim team and two jobs.. She cracks me up because she honestly was worried about what she was going to do for 12 entire days in California. She was going to playland and thought she would be bored. The girl honestly took her summer homework with her to work on while she was there. Now while visiting she managed to be in California for 4 of the 12 days of her vacation. On those days, she went to Knotts, twice, the beach, shopping, the dentist and visiting. The days she wasnt there she was in Utah and Colorado. She went to Mesa Verde, the continetal divide, horseback riding in the Rockies, a family reunion in Denver and back to CA.. good thing she took her homework.

Pita Boy... Pita Boy was home for the summer, no grand adventures for him.. well he was on one of the teams for guard games, worked his buns off (has developed a four pack - still working on the 6er) and oh yeah, fell of a guard chair, cracked his head on the concrete and fell into the pool. yes he is fine.. so now we can all laugh. The boy has been a lifeguard for FIVE years and he FELL of the chair?? All I can say is I hope she was smokin............. He starts working with Hair Boy at the skating rink next wink. Yes I will have two children that drive the Zamboni... a mother's dream..

Hair Boy... is currently in CA visiting grandma. This is the first time He who walks on water has gone to CA since he was 13. I am sure the red carpet was rolled, the trumpets were glaring... Have I mentioned he can do no wrong where his grandma is concerned? Oh he is going to have a blast.. one of his best summer friends is going to be dragging him from pillar to post, showing him her world.. they are 21 so it should be interesting..

other than that life is slowly moving back into place.. I hope to be able to write again on Sunday but if not I will be back at this public computer on Tuesday.. Have a great summer all