Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Senior Year

Word girl is going through her senior year. This is such an incredibly fun time filled with so many promises of things to come yet saying goodbye to what has always been. She is anxiously awaiting responses to her applications (ok, mailing them out then anxiously waiting). Currently she is hoping for UC San Diego or Hawaii Pacific. Me, I want, UC Santa Barbara or University or Oregon. The girl wants to study Marine Biology and she wants to escape the midwest so her choices stand to reason... (OK she wants to escape mom, I won't tell her that is how I ended up in the Midwest and yet mom is still there, leaning over my shoulder telling me how to breathe.. it is just life).

For each new adventure there is a bittersweet goodbye, I know she doesnt get it yet.. and since she has lived in a small town all of her life, everyone knows everyone else's business.. she isn't aware of the fact that sometimes you are alone, you actually WANT your family around. Of course if she attends Hawaii Pacific I can pretty much gaurantee monthly visits from some member of my family or other.. anyway, Friday night is Senior night for Marching band. It is when we get to stand up there and be acknowledged both the parent and the student. It is really the only time it happens. Most of the time the senior is acknowledged but not the parent so this is fun. After band night it will be senior night for swim team.. one more child to say goodbye to competitive swimming. This will be a tear jerker for me, it always is.. Of course Blond Girl will continue but she has always swam because well the rest of them did it and she looks great in a bathing suit.

Soon, there will be college ads and senior announcements, we already went through Homecoming, Prom is next.. what's a mom to do when all of her babies are suddenly all grown up.. Word Girl will be 18 this month... OGL.. world look out!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

It is HOMECOMING so Insanity Reigns!!

Thiss week is homecoming here in our little slice of the world so the girls are doing all they can to fit it all in.. lets see.. Monday was pajama day... so of course the new jammies came out (I insisted Word Girl actually wear jammies but that is an argument for another time).. Tuesday was red carpet day (the Homecoming theme.. ) honestly how does one dress up for teh red carpet when one is in HS? Wednesday is Twin day... grins... blond girl gets a call from a friend telling her to wear a white tee.. the friend had a shirt for her. Any way since she was sleeping, lovely mom that I am I answered her phone.. BIG MISTAKE..

ME: Blond Girl N called and said to wear a white tee

Blond Girl: when? why didnt you wake me (the girl sleeps like the living dead sometimes I check just to make sure she is breathing).

Me: last night... and believe me I tried to wake you...

Blond Girl: oh... well ok, what pants? jeans, sweats? light jeans dark jeans, skinny jeans?

Me: um I didnt ask, I am just relaying the message she sent

Blond Girl: SIGH... ok, shoes? heels, boots, gym shoes?

Me: again I dont know, I just am passing on the message..

Blond Girl: well next time ask...

Are any of you the proud parents of teens girls? she wanted me to insert my opinion, think for myself.. even GASP ask questions of one of her friends???

oh well that was resolved..

Thursday was sports day.. and powederpuff night.. the JR/SR game was called due to rain Word Girl is saying no one won due to the rain ( they called it after half time and the Seniors were getting creamed)

Today... tailgaiting party at 5:oo am for the seniors, pep rally, parade, game....

Tomorrow the Dance...

Now I am not sure exactly what Word Girl will be doing cuz well I dont really need to know (so she says...) but Blond Girl will be meeting with her friends at 4... taking a 20 person limo to dinner then off to the dance... then back to a friends house for after dance party.. poor thing...

talk to you all soon.. I promise