Monday, June 1, 2009

School's Out

It is official, school is out!! The girls have their final few minutes of school today... It should have been on friday but they are having to go one last day as they had a snow day over the winter. Now because this is about federal dollars not education they will be there until about 9 then school is out.

And it is off to the pool!! Word girl is working as a lifeguard and blond girl is going to hang out with her friends and look appropriately sexy. oh to be young again!!

This is the first year in 12 years that I will not be standing poolside watching children swim back and forth on Wed nights and Sat mornings. As both girls are spending time in CA this summer it is going to interfere with the meet schedule.It will be an odd summer (for me)

Relay for life on Friday (please feel free to donate if you want to support this fine cause). Hair Boy turns 21 on Tues and Blond girl leaves for CA on thursday. And summer begins...


  1. I don't know how you do it with four! My oldest finished her college year on May 8th, so she's been home almost a month and youngest daughter finishes her junior year (high school) on June 9th! Youngest already has several graduation parties lined up to go to! Oldest starts her job at the Girl Scout camp in 10 days.

  2. 3 more days of school here, last day will be this Friday and I can't wait