Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seriously? But You Went to All His Stuff.....

I am seriously considering a trip out west again. My High School is having a major anniversary party it will be great to see so many of my friends and well to be honest I am just looking forward to it. Unfortunately it conflicts with the HS school musical a major deal here abouts..

Blond girl is on the stage crew and very excited about the play.. I just informed her of the date of my trip and she rushed to the bathroom full of teenage angst...

Seriously?? But you went to all Pita's... yeah but I didn't have a life back then. Also hey I hadn't done the math and .8751 days a year vacation is no where near enough. I want my average to leap to 1....

Sorry blond girl mom is gonna start having a life. You graduate in just a little over 3 years what am I gonna do then? Sit around and knit?

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  1. You mean we get a life when they grow up????? Sign me up!!! LOL