Friday, June 26, 2009

So Blond Girl Called

So last night I got a call from Blond Girl, remember her? I wasn't sure exactly what her voice sounded like it had been a whole week... Seriously she has been having the time of her life.

So the first words out of her mouth was "guess where I am calling from?" now there is a question. The child went to Southern California the veritable playground of playgrounds and she wants me to guess where she is calling from.

Seems she has been having a rolicking good time. In the last week alone she has been to knotts (not the boring trip with the grownups) Seems my mom got her a pass and now she and my cousin (who is a year and a half younger) have been hanging out. Just going being teenage girls.. oh what great fun. But back to the phone call.. I send the child to wonderland and she calls me from UTAH... seriously my sister took my neices and my daughter to visit my dad in Utah. Now due to some odd life occurances I have been estranged from my dad for years. Don't get me wrong I adore Him.. He was the best of dads and I am not sure exactly how we lost contact..

Anyway this was the very first time my Dad had ever met blond girl and she was being cosseted and doted on. Seems they even have her birthday marked on their calender. I guess once you step let things slip away both sides have a hard time moving back together. Anyway, my Dad it seems has critters... lives on property that allows for roosters and chickens and the like so she city girl that she is is having a ball.

The day before Utah she was in Vegas... so from the eternal playground to fantasyland... My sister's best friend from childhood lives there with her husband and two daughters so once again Word Girl was able to have a blast.

You know ya gotta feel sorry for the poory thing (not) off having the time of her life with family and friends in the land of make believe..Sometimes it is just nice to be 14..

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  1. to be 14 again with not a care in the world. i remember when i was that age i got to go to canada and spend a month with my aunt and uncle. it was awesome!