Friday, July 27, 2012

A Treasured Olympic Memory

When Pita Boy and Word Girl were four and six.. I came home one day and word girl was running.. then she jumped.. then she fell down.. then Pita Boy came running out and helped helped her.. and they hobbeled off. I asked what are you two doing.. and Word Girl looked up at me with her beautiful smile and said.. "We are playing Olympic Gymnast mommy"..

Monday, July 16, 2012

18 and a Tattoo

Blond Girl had a birthday today.. Yes the last of my babies is now a grown up.. and as a right of passage she wandered off to the local tattoo shop and got her first tattoo.. hopefully this has fulfilled her needs and she will never want another one..

It was a fun story, she and a couple of friends left for the tattoo parlor that had been recommended to them.. They said the guy was so high it was ridiculous..She said she could smell him and his pupils were so dilated that she couldn't even see any color.

Then the lovely gentlemen was rude to her.. said she couldn't have it on her wrist.. that it would look stupid as an anklet and the only place she could get it done was on her shoulder blade.. Then she had an id issue.. So she called me..

I called Word Girl who told me the name of the place where she got hers. Then I called them.. they were lovely.. and had a way to work with my id instead.. So the gang all came by and picked me up. Off to the tattoo parlor..

This place was a rather interesting it looked more like a hair salon than a tattoo parlor. Very upscale.. The guys working there were great, they talked her through everything.. and if you will notice, there it is right on her wrist where she wanted it... Oh and the best part about the other place.. they spelled Lamentations wrong..

If one has to have a tattoo.. this was a wonderful.. made ,e consider getting one.. except that unlike my children, I am afraid of my mom.. and she said no tattoos!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Home Swim Meet

There is a tradition here in town where the 15&Over Boys dress up as girls for the last relay of the season. A Few years ago the girls got tired of the boys getting all of the attention. Since this was Blond Girl's last home relay she was in on it.. here they are

I know I have shared pictures of Blond Girl before.. can you figure out which one is her?