Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For those that Doubted

In my last blog during my catch up I mentioned how blond girl once knocked herself unconcious with her trumpet.. I was nice.. I didnt mention her tuba injury.. but this week she managed to do it again.

She was at swim practice on Friday and for some reason the pool was not open, I am not sure why. So instead of swimming they decided to run around on the ice (our pool is connected to a skating rink.. our own personal form of sea and ski). Anyway, blond girl took a tumble. Not just oh bump that hurts.. no way.. not our girl.. Nope she went sailing across the ice and smashed into it HARD.. came home with a black eye and a bruise on her shoulder. It has been four days now and the bruise is still a pretty black and blue, the size of an orea cookie and her eye while not swollen looks like she is wearing some very interesting makeup..

Hey I cant a make this stuff up..

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  1. I'm trying really hard not to laugh...*snicker...* because I was alot like blond girl when I was a teen! So, I'd better not laugh too hard! :)