Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can You Believe This?

I try very hard to understand the reasoing of the school system but this one has always gotten me confused. The current outcry is seperation from church and state.. at some public, actually many they are not even allowed to have a Bible club on campus. They are very very strict about this especially Christian beliefs why then do they get Good Friday off?

I can understand if they still celebrate spring break around that time but if they do not.. if they consider it a part of the extended time off which many schools do. I can even make it work for me if they just add it on.. BUT.. my kids had spring break last week they were back in school this week and voila!! they get tomorrow off.

They aren't trying to dress it up or call it anything else NOPE they get Good Friday off.. and it ticks me off.. I guess I expect the schools to remain consistent. They can not shoot down things the kids create to make their lives better to share their faith then take a day off so they can lounge around.. It doesn't work that way!! Well unfortunately it does and that is just plain irksome..

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