Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blond Girl Called, Sorta

Well she has been gone a week and I have heard from her once..

Seems yesterday they went to a weird park (LaMirada Regional which is a very cool park) with the cousins, all of whom are 7 and under. So they all scampered off and had fun and I am sure blond girl did as well. Last night they were off to Knott's Berry Farm, which is my favorite place in the world. I really really love Knott's even more than Disneyland we had some great adventures there when I was a kid. So anyway blond girl went to Knott's I hope she had the sense to ride the stagecoach cuz every girl knows that, that is where all the good looking guys work. rom generation to generation.. Ask my mom, my aunt, me, colleen (rememer black hat)... of coure I don't think they ever quit just occasionally hire a new hawtie to bring in the young girls

I guess she isn't all that interested in working with Grandma and wants to go have fun. Now Pita Boy would work, he is a worker but blond girl is a 15 year old girl let loose in CA work? Are you kidding me? I find I don't enjoy calling my mom when my kids are visiting cuz she points out all their "flaws" or rather what she perseves as flaws. Drives me nuts.. I mean she sees them like once a year if she is lucky and all she can do is tell me what is wrong with them? Not major things just little nit picks.. It drives me bonkers so I prefer to hear from my kids about what is going on. Then I don't get all offended on their behalf half the time they aren't even aware of it or the situation was this teeny little thing and nt worht mentioning at all.

So Blond Girl is having a blast.. too bust to chat with mom.. I hope they get to the beach soon. I don't understand how my family can have my children that close to the beach and not have that be one of the first places they go.. oh well some mysteries remain unsolved..

updates soon on her fabulous adventure ok next week or the week after that...

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