Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Cinquain Challenge

I have been challenged by a friend to write two Cinquains.. now she challenged me in an entirely different format and I have chosen to accept, just me being me I have chosen to accept on my terms not hers.. giggles sorry sweetie can't help it. So here they are about the beasties.. enjoy

Dear Ones
Individual, Creative, Unique
Strong, Independent, Beautiful, Mine


Insane, Creative
Demanding, Rewarding, Infuriating
Brighter than the stars in the heavens


Shut Up
Go Away, Now
Drive me Crazy, clueless
Quiet please, the Noise is too much
need sleep

So here is my challenge to you.. write a Cinquain, make it blog appropriate.. see this blog is about my kids therefore my cinquains are about my kids.. my other blog Shaunispeaks is about other stuff so my cinquains would be as well.

What is a Cinquain you may ask? It is a poem, structured and concise not unlike a haiku in it's regiment just less known outside of poetry circles for some reason.. guess haiku just sounds sexier or something.. The poems can be of three separate styles within and hold a separate purpose for each style. The style types are outlined below.
  • Line1: One word
    Line2: Two words
    Line 3: Three words
    Line 4: Four words
    Line 5: One word


  • Line1: A noun
    Line2: Two adjectives
    Line 3: Three -ing words
    Line 4: A phrase
    Line 5: Another word for the noun


  • Line1: Two syllables
    Line2: Four syllables
    Line 3: Six syllables
    Line 4: Eight syllables
    Line 5: Two syllables

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  1. I really like this write! I enjoy it so much! thanks for give me a good reading moment!