Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Dad is a Superhero now

I know this should not bother me, I know all things considered it is the least of worries but honestly the way the man zooms in and plays superdad totally pisses me off.

As you may be aware, Hair Boy turned 21 last week (just in case you missed the blog), well his father took him downtown to the Blues Fest, this is something they do most every year as his birthday does fall close to the festival.. as a matter of fact I had to miss the fest the year he was born because... well he was born.. anyway they went to Blues Fest.. and since he was 21 they went drinking. Yes my child is now an adult, yes he is gonna drink on occasion but it is just me? Is the need to go drinking with your son just not right? Are we ever not the parent? I guess I am just mad that he did this.

Next issue, Hair Boy has a car, it has been sitting in the parking lot kinda sad and all by it's lonesome lately as it had issues. Well superdad came and together they fixed the car... He looks so good but honestly the car has been down for over a month where was superdad then. The worst part about it was the fact that Pita Boy kept looking out the window watching.. I could tell he wanted to go join them in the worst way.. but since he wasn't invited he stayed up and watched. Just thinking about it makes me wanna scream and cry at the same time. Then superdad left without even saying hi to Pita Boy...

Now Blond Girl has a birthday coming up which superdad blew off last year.. She and her father usually go to lollapalooza for her day.. this year he is gonna take Pita Boy.. she is already mad at him for blowing her off last year (which btw, he didnt even contact the kids for months after her b-day so she has a point). If I try to explain to him that his choices are ruining his relationship with his kids he will just get all huffy and pissy...

As it is Word Girl pretty much blows him off and Blond Girl is well on her way to feeling the same thing.. I mean take what you can get and dont expect anything else. I worked damn hard so they would not resent their father.. When they wanted to be angry and hate him when they were children I spent hours making sure the could accept him for who he is not who he isn't but his behaviour is ruining all my hard work. I guess I knew it would happen but I want my kids to have a healthy relationship with their father..

Guess that isn't gonna happen...

Oh yeah.. and the number one thing they do when they are with him is bash mom (ok kids need to vent but come on) idiotfaceratbastard...i mean superdad should be kissing my feet praising me to the moon and singing my accolades cuz his children are such great individuals.. and they dont hate him.. but nope he just bashes me right along with them. Will this man ever grow up?

Sorry I am a bit irked..


  1. They never grow up, that's the problem. That's why they are loser ex's.

    This weekend is Father's Day and my ex-husband's birthday. He has called me every name in the book for him missing visitation the last 2 years of this holiday because the court halted visitation due to his behavior.

    Fast forward to this year. On Sunday, SUNDAY he was calling my son and telling him that he was too sick to come out to get him Father's Day weekend. Does he have a crystal ball that he knows that he will still be sick? Noooooooo. He actually told my son that he thinks he as the Swine Flu.

    We should be so lucky!

  2. Lola,
    I agree I keep hoping that the children will mean more to him than he does but I am always disappointed. It isn't like I want a relationship with him for myself but my children deserve much better...