Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Having Fun in the Sun, One With a Brand New License

Well blond girl made it.. was picked up by grandma and last I hear (Thursday night) she had already gotten two new pairs of shoes (a pair of flip flops and a replacement for her smelly hightops), a haircut and her eyebrows waxed! That was the first day!! Poor baby.. I am sure she is having the time of her life but am equally sure I won't hear from her for a while. Having raised incredibly independent children even when they were little they wouldn't call. They just are having too much fun and since they are with grandma I don't even get the mom i need money calls (oh darn).

Word Girl got her license this week, now this is not as big of a crises as most would think as we don't have a car but having that license was important to her. She wheedled and cajoled her father until finally she was able to get it. Now she has two jobs and a license.. Somehow I think I will see more of Blond Girl (who is in CA) over the next month than I will of Word Girl. may I repeat myself.. OH DARN!!

Pita Boy is working like crazy at the pool, getting him out from under my hair. He already has two saves under his belt and received the coveted mini tube... something you get for a good save (like there is a bad one)

Hair Boy is off being an adult.. He too had license issues, he needed to renew as he is now 21 and his had expired. The nut rode his bike to the DMV.. wouldnt be too bad except he went to the one about 30 min away by car.. needless to say it was a day trip. Seems the DMV had all sorts of misinformation on him, like his birthday was Sept. 9 instead of June, he no longer looked like his pic (well yeah he was 17 last time) as he had cut his hair and didnt have the curly locks.. guess no one ever does that.. sheesh I am lucky if my hair is the same COLOR each time I go..

So all is well in the land of teenagers.. man oh man I do love summer...

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  1. Haha when the littlest diva went to my mom's for a summer I barely heard from her- maybe a teen thing.

    You would think with all the kids running off in different directions doing their own things you'd have oodles of free time but somehow it never quite works out like that.