Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pita Boy Gets a Checking Account

Every day a new adventure.. Pita Boy got his income tax check back and immediatly went to open up his very first checking account. Now I am a bit worried as they also gave him a credit card.. not a debit card (well he got that too) but they gave him a credit card!! OH My they are indeed working hard to make money.

So of course when he came home we had to discuss, balancing a check book, the proper way to use a credit card.. and all of that.. and it just broke my heart.. sighs one more step towards adulthood and real life.

I may rant and rave, threaten and terrorize but that is one of my babies and watching him with a checking account, knowing it is one more step towards eventual independence.. and it makes me just a little sad.

I will of course get over it because eventually they will all be out and it will be time for me to party.. ooops I meant live a mature and responsible life without children...


  1. Ah, but one more step toward financial independence!
    Isn't that the goal here?
    Please tell me that's the goal.

  2. Time flies! We can just see them soar and help them when their wings falter