Thursday, May 7, 2009

Track Meets and Summer Jobs

When my kids were little I had a million stories to tell about them... day to day adventures. Over time they started having adventures without me.. lately it seems they are trying their darnedest to keep me out of their lives.. darn kids are growing up...

Word Girl is immersed in track.. she is a shot putter and discus thrower and yet I have never gone to see her... she never even lets me know when the meets are.. I am the mom who goes to everything... I am gonna have to get mad at her about that soon...

Blond Girl... well she just finished up with the play and had the time of her life.. next up for her finals and California (poor thing)

Pita Boy is gearing up for his summer gig as a lifeguard.. He is good at this.. if he wanted to he could be a head guard but likes to just work.. my boy if nothing else is a worker.. he is happiest when doing just that

Hair Boy is working working working.. I know he wants to have a road trip this summer with his friends and I hope it works out.. He has been so good about giving up his wants to help the family...

and me.. I am not really that sad.. I raised them this way... to be independent strong creative people, unlike their mother.. who needs constant validation..


  1. it makes a parent proud when they can say that about their children...way to go mom!

    oh, you have been tagged