Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Keep Missing This - Entrecard Top Droppers

Every month I want to remember, I plan on remembering and then I get an interesting thought or 100 and blog on something else. I didn't want to do that this month, you entrecard peoples have been a delight.. I have met so many wonderful new friends with such great words of wisdom, humor and compassion. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by

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So while you are off gallivanting through the internet, visiting your daily blogs, take the time to stop and check out these lovely blogs..

Thank you all so very much


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pita Boy and Hormones

Pita Boy is what we call a late developer, it may be because of his DD's or he may have DD's cuz he is a late developer or then again it may just be because it is what it is.. Any way you put it he just does everything on his own time.

While most of his friends went through the first Hormone change in late 4th and 5th grade he went through his at the end of 6th. When most boys have that HORRID sophomore year, Pita Boy had his, late in his Junior Year and into his Senior year.. and of course the growth spurts and voice changes.. well those came even later.

We always thought he would be short at 14 he was 5'3 then mid sophomore year he finally made 5'6, his junior year he finally made 5'9 and late into his senior year he made 5'10. We were grateful because he really worried about being short. Then one night last fall he went out with his friends and realized he was taller than many of them and one was 6' wow!! how did that happen.. The total clincher though was when we went to dinner with his father and he was taller than Dad's 6'2... whoo hoo!!

What we are dealing with these days though is the empty fridge cycle. If there is food in there it is his.. or will be soon. Honestly I want to constantly throttle him.. of course yesterday we got even!!! We had ice cream and for some reason he left it alone for an entire day... guess what was gone the next day when he went to get some??? He was mightily irked but the rest of us felt like hey we won a prize or something.

It is hard dealing with teenage hormones when he is now 19, I forget that he is actually just a little less mature than others (the good news is, he will eventually grow out of it). I get angry because he has different needs than the others and sometimes I just want to throttle him. and then he does something wonderful and good and kind and I remember... this kids really is pretty darn good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poor Jon and Kate

yes that is sarcasm... sorry but our actions have consequnces..when we decide to put our lives on public display we can't complain when the public intervenes. There is a difference between say being an actor or singer and demanding that our children received the privacy they deserve but when they put their children on display and make money from being a family then complain cuz now you are being exploited... grow up!!

Of course poor jon and kate reminds me of a story from when my children were little...

I diligently did mom and me with each of my kids making sure they had that time with me. When Blond Girl was a baby (still in the infant seat) I attended said classes with Word Girl. Of course I dragged blond girl to classes with us. Hair Boy was in kindergarten and Pita Boy was in preschool so my time had to be very scheduled. There was this family of triplets that came to the meetings and along with mom came grandma, grandpa, uncle louie, aunt marie, etc, etc.. I swear they brought every single extended family member they could.

One day Word Girl had picked her spot she wanted to sit (no one was there as of yet) she placed her craft there and went to get the rest of her stuff.. Sure enough along came this family and MOVED my child.. she was in tears when I confronted the mother and yes I confronted her.. Her answer was well I have triplets and it is so hard... whine whine whine.. and we need to stay together... I need all the help.. I just about came apart.. Here I was alone, with an infant, an 2 yr old, a 4 year old in preschool who had to be picked up and gotten home fed and ready for his afternoon bus pick up and a 6 year old who would be coming home from school. My mornings were scheduled to the minute.. I must admit I raised my voice..

Sorry Lady, yes you have three kids but every friggin member of your family is here to help.. I have to be in three places at the exact same time, have FOUR kids and no one I repeat no one is helping me.. so granny can get off her fat ass and let my daughter have her spot..

For some reason they never came back...

giggles really I am a reasonable and patient person....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember What I Said Yesterday??

So if I take the teenagers out and put them on the corner with a sign.. free to a good home do you think I stand a chance???

Honestly, I praise them.. I put it in writing how fantastic they are and then they turn back into the hormonal, insane teenagers that they are..

I can only wonder what they are going to turn into tomorrow??

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life Isnt Fair but the Kids are Great!!

Life has been really really hard on my kids.. and yet they just keep stepping up.. making it, surviving it.. being just great. The oldest three have really worked hard to find a way to help pay for our situation. Each of them is willing to work and to put in what they can in order to help make ends meet.

I am blessed to have kids who almost get it.. Who almost understand that well we are broke and frankly life isnt always that easy. I say almost because I have managed somehow to make looking poor be easy..sometimes they don't get it and sometimes they resent helping out.. but most of the time even when they resent what they are doing they step up and help out.

Right this minute we are in a horrible downswing.. pretty much standing on a precipice.. now it will get better it always does but my kids God love em have all pretty much said.. when the summer hours pick up they will give more..

Sometimes a mom just has to be grateful..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Memory I Wish I Could Forget

Today is my older brother's 50th birthday. Now that is not a memory I wish to forget even though somewhat estranged from him these days.. but on this day 9 years ago I got the phone call I never wanted to get..

Shaughnessey, he is going to be alright but you need to call the hospital.

I was on a Girl Scout Camp Out and Hair Boy had been staying with a friend he had of course forgotten to take all of the emergence contact information it was sitting all pretty on out dining room table. Pita Boy was with another friend they had the info but they were out visiting friends.. Anyway.. Hair Boy and his friend were riding double on a bike without helmets where they shouldn't have been and were hit by a car. Hair Boy did a Bo Duke across the hood of the car before being tossed to the ground. The driver being of the scum of the earth backed up (so he wouldn't run over them again) and went around them. Speeding off... A man and his girlfriend on a motorcycle saw the entire thing. In the amount of time it took for the girl to get off the bike to check on the boys.. the driver had disappeared never to have been caught.

Once the police arrived Hair Boy had them contact our friends who had Pita Boy.. but it was midnight before I got the call.. to this day I have nightmares about him dying not in the accident but in those 6 hours before they caught up with me.. alone wanting his mom.. anyway, his friend had a broken femur a clean break that required surgery because it was so close to the artery, he got a plate and has recovered just fine. Hair Boy broke his tibula and fibula.. they were like two jagged puzzle pieces the doctors seriously thought pins were going to be needed. They weren't by the grace of God they were able to refit the bones.. but since it wasnt life threatening he had to sit in the emergency room until I gave permission.. well actually my friend called them and said she was me and she gave permission..

anyway I may not remember this exact date had it not been my brother's b-day so gee thanks Doug.. but I did learn it isn't impossible to hate really hate until someone threatens your child. Hair Boy is fine he wore a full leg cast for the 6 weeks, a short cast for 4 and an air cast for 2 but by winter swim season he was back in the pool like nothing had happened.. but me well it is a memory i will never forget..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ok so the Man gets revenge!!

After yesterday's blog I will be eternally grateful that I refrained from saying anything to the teacher involved..

Blond Girl was late coming home from school today, she had an interview with him as she was applying to be either section leader (highly unlikely due to her age) or ambassador to the middle schools. She said the interview went great and she came out feeling really good about it.

One of the questions was about her academics.. she was honest and said.. knowledge good.. grades bad (my children suffer from extreme homeworkidess) anyway he said.. yes all four of you seem pretty smart and always have a book in your hands.. each of you can be counted on to carry on an interesting discussion about books..

WOW!!! can you imagine how stoked I am!! what a huge compliment!! I mean my kids are readers.. yay!!! They have found the joy in life that only reading can bring. They have discovered where one can go and what one can do all while in the pages of a book.. I am so very very pleased...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rip Out My Baby's Heart... Then Ask Me to Fundraise...

Well awards nights are ever interesting.. Blond Girl as many of you know is very active in band and choir.. She enjoys both extensively. She is in swing choir and jazz band both extracurricular activities where she gives up plenty of both school and personal time. For jazz band she even learned a new instrument in order to participate..

Tonight was awards night and I wasn't able to make it but halfway through it I got a phone call from a friend.. her son and Blond Girl were the only two members of jazz band not to letter. Now you have to know these two.. they are charming, articulate and bright. saxophone boy changed from the alto to bari sax (which he HATES) for jazz band and blond girl learned the trombone. These are kids who wanted to be there.. made the sacrifice requested and yet still got left on the side like yesterdays trash..

Fortunately I have dealt with this particular teacher before I can shrug my shoulders and just give her a hug.. but my friend?? can we say ballistic?? I had to talk her down she was ready to make some anatomical suggestions as to where the bari sax could be placed.. This is the man who designed an entire song around my son in marching band... had him play his tuba for 12 measures alone while the rest of the band faced the OTHER way and yet refused to acknowledge it as a solo as it was for all the tubas in the band (of which he was the only one) and he didn't audition.. no you made him the friggin showcase but nope not a solo.. growlss that was errr 4 years ago one would think I was over it by now!! Anyway, I know arguing won't win any battles with him.. He is right.. we are wrong.. do not get me wrong the band is 500 times better now that he has stepped in.. but the kids are finding less and less joy in his presence.. how do you expect to continue such a program when the kids hate it?

Now my kids since they are all extremly musical pretty much have to participate in band I can't afford lessons and face it.. Blond Girl alone plays three instruments, officially... She loves music but what happens when she just gives up? when the teacher becomes the greatest enemy.. Hair Boy suffered many of the same problems (we won't go into the years of grief he gave this man and deserved much of the attitude he got) but musically he was and is brilliant. So now when Blond Girl comes home I get to pat her shoulder give her a hug and ask her what is more important? The joy of being in the bands she loves or not getting credit? My poor baby...

Oh yeah, and my friend, the psycho mom? she is next year's booster's VP.. I think.. if she doesn't go totally off the deep end.. I am off to send an email to see what parameters my child did not meet.. I am sure he will have sufficient grounds he isn't an ogre he just is rigid and inflexible...
sighs.. sometimes it is hard to not just rip off someone's head..

oh well if life were fair I would be living the white picket fence life...

ps... Blond girl just came home all bubbly and happy because she won the most improved in Concert Band and a $100.00 scholarship.. by the time she came home she was over her anger and ready to prove herself next year.. sheesh makes me proud..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Honor of Blog Back Thursdays..

I know we are blogging about summer vacations but I did that one on my Shaunispeaks blog today I thought I would just share a pic of Hair Boy seems He has been forgotten of late..

This was taken a couple of years ago downtown.. goodness knows what they were up to... but it looks like they were having fun..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There is a Reason We Call Her Blond Girl

As you all know I lovingly refer to my youngest daughter as Blond Girl.. even though currently she has red hair (thanks to the ever lovely Miss Clairol)... anyway I have long declared that Blond is a state of mind not a hair color..

Tonight she came home from her band concert.. in her cute little mini and a pair of black tights.. she stood there in front of the TV removing the tights... and as I watched... she bent over and tried to remove them and well toppled right over!!

Here she was just leaning over and leaning and leaning and then suddenly WHAM!! all legs and arms sprawling all over the place.. and she expects anyone to take her seriously??

Kids Do I have to Love Them?

So I start getting ready for the concert tonight... I try and look my best so as not to embarras them unduly.. Here I was showered, clothed and no shoes.. I own three pairs of shoes... one pair of flats and two pairs of heels...

Guess where the heels all were.. that is right my girls who own a kazillion pairs of shoes.. both of whom have black heels AND flats of their own grabbed mine.. oh why? cuz they like them better? well probably not.. nope cuz they could FIND them.. yes that is right I put my shoes away after use.. so guess what there they were... all ready to be worn..

I am so gonna clobber them.. cuz now I have to change.. I swear next time I am not gonna shower..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Concerts and More Concerts

The end of the year is always full of tying things up, finishing up and moving on.. closing the chapter and starting a new one..

Last night was the choir concert, this concert is always a tear jerker because it focuses on the seniors.. they have senior solo's and sing senior only songs and in one poignant song the seniors place their most treasured memory (like a volleyball or a uniform or a picture) in a trunk while they sang the song goodbye old friend.. then at the end of the concert they all have to hug and say goodbye.. of course they will all see each other the next day...

Tomorrow night is the band concert.. not quite as senior specific... but still another round of goodbyes and well wishes.. So many of them are children I have been fortunate enough to watch grow from childhood.. some as far back as pre-school and a select few.. from birth..

Next Monday awards night.. and then graduation and Memorial day parade... these kids work...they well represent their school and often with little or no acknowledgment..but that is for another day.. today is to rejoice in what they give us with their talents....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Taking the day Off

Taking the day off to spend with the Beasties...


Friday, May 8, 2009

I have been Tagged!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Track Meets and Summer Jobs

When my kids were little I had a million stories to tell about them... day to day adventures. Over time they started having adventures without me.. lately it seems they are trying their darnedest to keep me out of their lives.. darn kids are growing up...

Word Girl is immersed in track.. she is a shot putter and discus thrower and yet I have never gone to see her... she never even lets me know when the meets are.. I am the mom who goes to everything... I am gonna have to get mad at her about that soon...

Blond Girl... well she just finished up with the play and had the time of her life.. next up for her finals and California (poor thing)

Pita Boy is gearing up for his summer gig as a lifeguard.. He is good at this.. if he wanted to he could be a head guard but likes to just work.. my boy if nothing else is a worker.. he is happiest when doing just that

Hair Boy is working working working.. I know he wants to have a road trip this summer with his friends and I hope it works out.. He has been so good about giving up his wants to help the family...

and me.. I am not really that sad.. I raised them this way... to be independent strong creative people, unlike their mother.. who needs constant validation..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Watching the Dandelions Grow

Raising your children in a small town has several benefits but the biggest has to be the fact that they are instilled with a wonderful sense of who and what they are. Over the years we have moved several times and been without on various occasions but the one constant I have always been able to give them was the fact that they belonged..

When Hair Boy was hit by a car and left on the side of the road the entire community was there. Ready to help making sure I had all the support I could ever need. When Blond Girl (at 5) decided she wanted cheese crackers and threatened to wander off to get them on her own.. I had baby sitters, scout leaders and the police looking for her. When Pita Boy was in his accident, it was called in by a good friend's parents.. he was hit by the parents of his middle school gym teacher (whose son was in my cub scout troop as a child) and the policeman called to the scene was the father of a friend (sounds almost incestuous I know). And when Word girl applied to go to Marine Biology camp through Girl Scouts the Library Director wrote the recommendation.

All in all it has been a wonderful place to raise my kids.. tonight I went to see the spring musical.. now as far as I was concerned the lead was a girl I have known since birth.. her brother and Hair Boy have been best friends since the ripe old age of 6 months.. When Hair Boy and Hair Boy II were fourish riding in HBII's motorized car and were attacked by a bug it was Danielle who was maybe 2. who stepped in and saved the boys from that mean old bug...

Another of the leads was a young man who I will forever see as Brad's little blond brother (another of my cub scouts). It is great to have been able to watch these children grow up.. to see them become wonderful and witty and clever individuals.. all in all I have been fortunate to know them and to watch them grow.. so thank you all.. I am so very proud of the individuals you have become..