Friday, May 22, 2009

Remember What I Said Yesterday??

So if I take the teenagers out and put them on the corner with a sign.. free to a good home do you think I stand a chance???

Honestly, I praise them.. I put it in writing how fantastic they are and then they turn back into the hormonal, insane teenagers that they are..

I can only wonder what they are going to turn into tomorrow??


  1. It sounds like they step it up when they have to or know to--so I think they're good kids. But they are still kids and will drive you nuts sometimes. I see you are having a tough time--hang in there, pally. Give those kids a squeeze.

  2. LOL...with my 4 children who are now all adults :)
    I use to always tell myself..'this is just a stage and it will pass'
    I always was thankful that they all went through their stages one at a time:)
    They are a challenge but they too are going through a tough growing up stage in life!