Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TurnBack Tuesday

All of my pictures have been lost due to some really stupid things I have done.. yes that's right unless someone saved it to FB or has it on file elsewhere.. all I have are current pictures of my kids... A recent call to the family for some baby pictures of Blond Girl got me these... 

Isn't she just too cute? 

  yeah.. she certainly has something on her mind.. or in her diaper.. *grins* I am liking my arms in the background though.. I want those arms again..

I love Hospital baby pics.. you can't fancy em up..
 Blond Girl's first Easter.. I have had problems getting her into a hat since..
 What a ragamuffin...
 Not that you can tell but she really was a happy baby
This is my fav.. too bad it is out of focus

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I have so very much to be thankful for.. Truly I have been blessed.. I know life is hard.. that I have made some really bad choices but in the end.. I got these four amazing individuals.. 

 I try to get OUT of pictures cuz I hate the way I look... and the sad part is I take good pictures.. you know you either look better in pictures or worse.. well I look better.. anyway.. I tried.. I really tried but they wanted their entire family in it.. and Word Girl even made it a Christmas card.. It's great to be loved in spite of my flaws.. 

Hair Boy hosted Thanksgiving at his house and the kids worked together to make the dinner. Fortunately for me... the ex did all the Thanksgiving meals in our home so my boys have been taught that yes, it is the Man's job to cook Thanksgiving dinner.. *grins* who am I to correct them?

We had a lovely day together in between cooking we played LotR Trivial Pursuit.. I didn't win... I KNOW... can you believe that? PITA BOY won.. the rat..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting Excited!

I know it is hard to believe but I am getting really excited to see my girl! Word Girl is coming home tomorrow! There were many many times when I counted the days before I saw the door hitting her backside on the way out.. She tested me, drove me insane and often made me want to throttle her. Fortunately, while away at college she is realizing how good she had it!

 Things she has learned so far

  1. She had a family who loved her UNCONDITIONALLY.. not something many people have...
  2. She doesn't KNOW everything 
  3. Mom isn't always wrong and *gasp* sometimes she knows what she is talking about
  4. Money really doesn't grow on trees
  5. You have to make choices, sometimes hard ones
  6. Sometimes just hearing mom's voice makes it better
  7. Little sister really wasn't all that bad
  8. While you can't go home again.. it sure is nice to visit occasionally
  9. Having one parent who will cut off her right arm to see you happy is better than having two disinterested ones
  10. Life really is good.....
Ok, so I made the list up.. but she is changing her attitude towards her family, well the women in her family... she always had a good relationship with her brothers..  and her Grandma.. and her Aunts.. ok she is chaning her attitude towards her sister and I.. and yes I would miss this bundle of joy even if she wasn't.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Note From Word Girl

Heard from Word Girl last night...

She has had a busy few days.. went to register for next semester classes and every single class that was suggested to her by her adviser was full. What are the odds of that.. every single class? Now she needs to fumble around and see what she can do to get the right classes to work for her major.. oh what a joy that will be!

She is working towards studying abroad for her fall semester. Of course she plans on studying in Australia so the fall Semester starts in July.. so she will be home for about a month before she is off again. The entire program sounds so exciting! It doesn't matter which school she ends up attending the orientation begins on the great barrier reef. How cool is that? She is looking at schools in Sydney, Melbourne and Tazmania.. I am thinking she is leaning towards the Univ of Tazmania because for a while she was trying to convince me to let her attend Univ of Tazmania as her initial school.. sheesh I would never see her then!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Heard!!

Blond Girl just got a nice white, fat envelope from the Univ of MT.. As I have been informed.. MT has an Astronomy program and Cowboys too!! Decision time begins!!

Go Grizzlies

Just Cuz

Hair Boy and Pita Boy..

The Beasties.. almost two years ago.. *sigh* where does time go?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guess She is Gonna Be Studying Astronomy and Cowboys!

Blond Girl got her letter today.. that one she has been dreaming of for a couple of years.. that one that says yep.. you are worth something, you did good and we want you!. That's right she received her acceptance letter to the University of Wyoming.. She is quite understandably excited. You have to laugh at those tricky schools though.. remember when the big fat package was the one that meant you got in? Well now you get that same little letter sized envelope that you get when you don't get in.. She had a moment's doubt.. but once she opened it!! YAY


Monday, November 7, 2011

A Conversation with Blond Girl

Earlier while I was working, I overheard a blurp on tv about an upcoming  news section, on techno tots.. without thinking I responded, oh come on admit it you talk to the tv too...

 News: "They walk, the read and now today's toddlers are technology savvy" 

Me: "of course they are"

Blond Girl: "What?"

Me: "Techno Tots"

Blond Girl: "What?"

Me: "On the news.. techno tots"

Blond Girl: "What?"

Me: "on the news.. They walk, the read and now today's toddlers are technology savvy"

Blond Girl: "Of Course they are.."

Now why didn't I think of that..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Didn't Do It!!

Oh my gosh this was so funny.. Pita boy was crashed out this morning and I was taking care of some business.. Trying to handle various personnel and personality issues..

I was going through my emails and noticed that someone had done something I had specifically asked her not to. I was livid and in my angriest tone, said oh my gosh I am gonna kill her..

Pita Boy popped up from a sound sleep and said... "I didn't do it" then fell back asleep. I just started laughing.. talked about being programed.. my poor kid is so used to hearing that tone of voice from me, even in his sleep he was taking the time to deny it..