Friday, December 13, 2013

Looking to Make A Donation?

It's that time of the year when our hearts are full and we want to do something for our fellow man. Sometimes we are running around so much we don't know where to even look to make a great donation. Sure, I always drop my change in the Santa bucket but there has to be more.

 My oldest daughter attends Western Illinois University and she is part of an amazing fundraising project.

 "Dear Friends,

I hope you will consider supporting my participation in WIU Dance Marathon. All contributions will benefit and be divided among the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis Children's Hospital and SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center. Any contribution will help, and all donations are tax deductible.

I am on WIU's first E-Board as the Finance Chair, this money we raise doesn't just help the families financially but it helps lift some stress from these families and gives the kids a comfortable environment to be in, this event and organization is very dear to my heart, any amount will help me get to my goal by Feb 1st.

 Donating online is safe and easy! To make an online donation please click the "Support Me!" button on this page. Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! For The Kids!"

You can link to her fundraising page HERE.. this donation will go directly into a fund sponsored by WIU, not into my daughter's hands.. So if you are looking for a way to share your good fortune, give a thought to this noble cause..


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Children Continue to Amaze Me (and make me tear up just a bit)

I have been going through some issues and have been writing through them on three of my blogs.. ShauniSpeaks (about my struggles) Shauni's Faith (about my day to day walk with God) and Shauni's Dreams That Come (My Poetry) Sometimes I have a theme on all three blogs and sometimes I can't believe they were written by the same person.. And if I am confused, I can imagine what my reader friends think.. 

BUT I always add a little blurb on Facebook to share with my friends and family. Today.. I got this response from PITA Boy

PITA BOY: Mom why don't you write a book, about everything that has happen in our family...and does Walmart cash checks on Sunday
about an hour ago · Like

Me: I did write a book about when we were homeless.. never did anything with it.. and yes just go to Customer Service
37 minutes ago · Like

PITA BOY: Don't just write about when we were just homeless, write about it all. When you were young all the way to now talk bout how you raised us and everything we went through not just the homelessness...and thank you I will go when I get my check on Sunday

I particularly like how he offered me his support and encouragement while asking me a question and how it didn't detract from the conversation at all.. ADD much? LOL but seriously, that's how we roll!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PITA Boy Meets His Niece

What most of you don't know is I have a rather spectacular stepson. Since the ex and I split when he was 17 I don't usually claim him. I mean his mother did a wonderful job raising him so I don't really get any of the
Aaron and His beautiful family
credit. He does claim my mother though.. Of course he does, she was grandma to him when he was just a little boy. Even went on his first plane trip, by himself, when he was 7 to spend time with her... 

He is all grown up now, 33 and starting a family of his own. He lives in Texas and someone tries to see him whenever he is up this way. This time it was PITA Boy, probably because he was the only one who actually still lives in the area.. 

Anyway, PITA Boy got to meet his beautiful niece for the first time!!

So there you have it!! The first meeting of Uncle PITA Boy and Baby Beautiful.. They seem to have hit it off!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Great Picture of Blond Girl

Now, she is away at college, learning all sorts of new stuff.. I promise.. But she is also making friends and doing things like going camping..

One of her friends shot this picture and I think it is just AWESOME..

Seriously a great shot!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My oldest, aka Hair Boy, is a contributing writer on a blog called Wondergressive. I love to read this blog because it shows us what fantastic minds his generation has. Unique, well thought out posts about on about any subject.

I watched many of the writers grow from quirky teenagers to unusual adults and take great pride in all of their work (no, I do not claim responsibility for any of their talent). What I like best about these writers is that they stand firm in their ownselves, no conforming, just reality as they see it.

For those of you sure that the youth of today is going to destroy the world (yeah, don't worry the baby boomers already did that) fear no more! These kids show us just how much we have look forward to.

Just to share a bit of fun and to show you a small selection from this wonderful blog, here is Hair Boy's bio:

I am a 15 billion year old collection of organized atoms in the guise of a human. Thinking out side of the box has always been easy for me but that is primarily allocated to the fact that I seemed to have lost it ages ago. I swear I set it down right here next to my keys... For life of me I cannot find it. I draw knowledge from anywhere that I can. I enjoy hard work, critical thinking, and finding the bigger picture's challenge- whatever that may be. I enjoy riddles too!

See? Bright, unique and curious!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Blond Girl

Wasn't she the cutest thing? I know I am a day late but I had to write this anyway.. Nineteen years ago yesterday my world changed Ok.. it changed in the fall when I realized I was pregnant with my fourth child.. My totally unplanned fourth child.

I was finished.. the bottles were out of the house, my baby was out of diapers.. life was good.. and then life changed! I had many people share their opinions on what I should do.. how I should react and even if I should even have this child.. *rolls eyes* seriously there were those who thought my life would be better without another child, if not better then easier. 

It might have been but no way could I have ever have made that choice! Blond Girl was a stubborn determined child straight from conception.. I knew she would be big so they decided to induce labor.. this child over 10lbs turned at the last minute and we weren't able to induce (For the record big babies don't usually turn). Then we realized that she was going to be really big so the doctor said on a Friday.. we will just do a C-section on Monday.. yeah right.. this child was coming on her own terms.. That's right Saturday morning comes along and I am in serious labor..  Of course I still had the C-section.. just got to enjoy the labor pains that went along with it..

This child was my absolute easiest.. she knew what she wanted.. but had no problem going with the flow. Choices were easy with her because she enjoys life.. She was a beautiful child inside and out and over a lifetime she has only grown in her beauty. 

She is studying at the University of Wyoming now and it's hard to believe that those years are all gone.. Of course she may no longer be a baby but she will always be MY baby.. 

Love ya sweetie..


** Oh yeah she is my only actual teen left.. and I only have 364 more days before I won't have any teenagers! My children will all be twenty somethings!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watching the Dandelions Grow

It's been an amazing journey but the time has come to admit that my children are all adults.. No longer is it my job to sit out in the rain on cold spring evenings to watch a painful baseball game.. No longer am I supposed to sit hour after hour watching swim meets.. No more choir or band concerts, no more spring musicals.. not more guiding their hands.. Now I get to be mom.. Not the mom they seem to want (because I am on my own journey) but the mom they have and yes, the mom they love. 

What I do want to say right now is thank you.. There are a handful of people who were there for my children.. Who parented them when I was struggling.. who offered a shoulder to cry on or an example of what a parent could be. Oh I don't think I was a bad mom.. I have healthy happy creative young adults as children.. and all are functioning well in society.. They will go as far as their dreams and drive can take them. But...

My first couple of people I want to thank are the Smirats.. We met this family when Hair Boy was 6months old. They too had a son the same age and these two were destined to become the best of friends. They were such great friends with such creative wits that the Highs School actually created a policy about keeping best friends out of the same class as much as possible. That's what you get when you have two young men who can finish each other's thoughts.. pretty scary when the rest of us can't. But this isn't about them. This is about their parents. Marwan is an amazing man who offered my son a father figure. Who took him golfing, who spoke Arabic to him (not enough darn it). Who was showed him what a father was supposed to be. Charlotte was even more of an influence. This amazing woman was there for my son in a million different ways. She loved him as much as her own children, she made sure he was happy and she understood his broody moodiness.. and loved him anyway. I can not even begin to imagine what Hair Boy's life would have been like had they not been a part of it.

The next family is the Tymecs.. What The Smirats were to Hair Boy the Tymecs were to PITA Boy and then some. When we first found ourselves living in a hotel, the Tymecs took PITA Boy in. Gave him his own space and showed him what family could be. In short they loved him. When Hair Boy was in his accident and I could not be located (I was on a girls scout trip) Judy stepped in and pretended to be me, making sure she had all the information and was ready to give permission for medical procedures.. but they found me first and she didn't have to. She and Steve moved on a few years ago.. but PITA Boy is trying to find his way as an adult.. and low and behold these amazing people have stepped up once again and are offering him a chance to get his feet set.. A Chance to become something... 

Then there are the Garcias.. Word Girl met Diana in the 6th grade (ok, I met Diana while they were in the 6th grade).. but these two soon became constant companions.. Her family, an immigrant Hispanic family took Word Girl in like a second daughter. When they found out that she was taking spanish they asked if it was ok if they spoke spanish to her.. HECK YEAH.. it  is partially because of them that Word Girl now has a minor in Spanish!! When we moved into a hotel AGAIN.. they opened their home to her and made her a very real part of their family.

And Finally.. There are the Kerns.. A Mother and daughter duo who changed our lives.. The girls met in kindergarden and became good friends.. SO good that when I went to California for Christmas (sort of.. I left in the afternoon) the Kerns took in Blond Girl.. I dropped my 5 year old daughter off at their house on Christmas day!! WOW.. over the years the two connected through Scouts but in Middle School they were together again.. their friendship growing.. At the end of 8th grade, when we were headed back to the hotel.. The Kern woman took in Word Girl and never really gave her back. They bought her clothes, paid for school trips, gave her lunches or money for lunches (and this was after she moved back home) They became family to all of us. Never forgetting us at Christmas or on Birthdays.. ALL OF US..

You can not buy the kind of support these people gave me.. This wasn't the family that I was born with.. this was the family that my children created.. I was so amazing blessed to have these people stand at my side to watch my dandelions grow!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hair Boy No More

So Hair Boy has always gone up and down with his hair. Face it he went to college and sent me the pictures of him shaving his head. He has this gorgeous head of hair that women envy but I know it's can be a pain for him. It's so thick and curly (poor baby) he can't get a comb through it. His last solution was to grow dred locks... Now he has chosen a time honored way to take care of those lovely locks.. He shaved his head.. not bald this time just short..

he went from this

To This in 6 short months

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I have the Most Amazing Daughters

I woke up today to two posts on facebook that made me cry!! Both of my girls shared a happy father's day post.. to me!! As a single mom who willingly sacrificed everything to make sure they would be happy and well adjusted. That they would live rich and fulfilled lives for them to make such an acknowledgement made my heart sing!!

From Word Girl: Happy Father's Day mom, you did a good job thanks for takin on two jobs.

From Blond Girl: Happy Father's Day Mom. Your kids are awesome, so you must have done a good job.

And they say parents are never rewarded!  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hair Boy Turns 25!

It's hard to believe that 25 years ago today( my entire world changed... This ugly baby that looked more like ET than his father or me came into the world.. Yeah I know what a horrid thing for a mother to say.. But it's the truth, he was ugly.. Really.. ok.. back to the story..

My heart grew ten sizes that day plus infinity and beyond.. who knew this ET baby would become the source of so much joy and pride? Ok, so every other person to have ever had a child but still.

My child of wonder and music.. always with a unique question and an interesting way of viewing the world. At three he asked me..

Hair Boy: Mommy where does God live?

Me: He lives inside of us

Hair Boy: How can he live inside of everyone?

Me: He is God honey, you have to take things on faith....


Hair Boy: Oh I get it, A Piece of God lives in everyone..


at 15 with his best friend and I

Me: I assumed that ....

Best Friend: You know what happens when you assume don't you?

Hair Boy: Yeah, it killed the cat


Hair Boy and PITA Boy
Always on the fringes creating his own world.. watching, considering then off to do his thing.. Never a leader nor a follower just hearing his own drum!

My musician, my logical, silly, smart, funny, off kilter, unique son.. an amazing brother and a wonderful friend.. But best of all... My gift from God

Love ya sweetie and happy quarter of a century.. Unlike my mom, I am not going to give you diamonds to celebrate the day..

Hair Boy and PITA Boy
Hair Boy and Word Girlan amazing brother  
Hair Boy and Word Girl
Hair Boy and Blond Girl
Hair Boy and Blond Girl


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters.. This has to be the single most unique bond in your life. More so than Fathers and Sons.. This of course being said by a Mother and Daughter.. *grins*

The dynamics of a female/female relationship can be loving, argumentative  supportive, critical, encouraging, discouraging and powerful.. most of them at the same time. It is the epidamy of the love/hate relationship. Most of us seriously NEVER want to be like our mothers (no matter how good of a job they did raising us) but as soon as we grow up, it's our Mother's voice coming out of our mouths.

What we learn from our mothers...


  1. We learn that we can do anything we want
  2. We learn that we are the power in the home
  3. We learn that our brains have to be used on a regular basis
  4. We learn that our Grandma is perfect
  5. We learn that there will always be someone there who loves you unconditionally
  6. We learn how to stack the dishes, fold the towels, fold the laundry a specific way
  7. We learn life lessons through daily exposure (my mother taught us fractions through cooking)

  1. We learn that not only can we do anything we want, most of the time we will have to do everything
  2. We learn that sometimes it's easier to control others than to work with them
  3. We learn that sometimes we have to hide our intelligence to make sure others feel secure
  4. We learn that sometimes we can control those we love with guilt..
  5. We learn that constructive criticism is still criticism
  6. We learn that sometimes it's easier to give in and avoid a fight rather than following our dreams    

Mothers aren't perfect.. and each relationship is different.. Not just the ones we have with other mothers and daughters but those we have in our own households.. 

My mother and sister have a great relationship, they can spend time together, do things together.. My sister goes home every summer and my mom visits her frequently.. me not so much.. Our relationship is just as good, just as strong.. but it works best when we only talk when she calls me (usually every couple of months because she realizes we haven't spoken recently) I know that sounds horrid.. but it's not.. because of this we have a strong bond, can have pleasant conversations and I can usually hang up politely... *grins* 

My daughters and I both have unique relationships as well.. 
  • Word Girl and I bicker, fight and struggle for control.. oh this didn't start when she went away to college, nope I think she was TWO.. honestly, this girl may be a snuggler and a sweetie but she needs to be in charge.. *rolls eyes* and we frequently but heads about this. There are times when she tries roll reversal.. my personal favorite was when she was in HS and looked at me and said "You know, Mom, I don't like your tone" Seriously? Still makes me laugh.. Believe me I responded appropriately and she never made that comment again.. 
  • Blond Girl and I have a more soothing relationship. She doesn't have that need for control, probably because she spent her life growing up around Word Girl and myself.. But honestly she and I have spent time together, outings, we read similar books, we discuss things and most often we don't but heads.. does this make my relationship better? Stronger? nah.. it just is what it is.. 
I adore both of my girls and am so incredibly proud of them.. I can not wait to see what kind of mothers they turn out to be.. I have an idea but I could be way off base.

I know I am so very proud of my mother and the woman she is.. I know because of her I
  1. Love to Read
  2. Love the beach
  3. Have a curious mind
  4. Believe that I can be anything I want (as long as it's her idea and she approves *grins)
  5. Believe That no one and I mean no one is better than anyone else
  6. Am tolerant 
  7. Am the woman I am right now...
Watching other mothers and daughters sometimes we yearn for what they have.. DON'T.. I suggest you look beyond the surface and see if you want the negatives that go along with that "perfect" relationship.. Because believe me they are there and yes, they can be some doozies.. 

I have been thinking of my absolutely PERFECT daughters and this came to mind.. I hope you all are as blessed with your daughters (yes and mothers) as I am with mine


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thinking of Blond Girl

Saw this on Yahoo today.. made me think of my girl!!  


Monday, May 6, 2013

It Happened Today

That day every parent dreams of/Dreads.. My last child moved out. Yep PITA Boy has gone and started his new life. Now both of my sons had a harder time leaving than my girls..

Hair Boy went to college sure but when it was time to leave he stayed a bit just to make sure I would be ok. I finally had to tell him to go live his own life..

Word Girl went to college, I always thought she would come back but she never did. I think since she left 3 1/2 years ago she has been home maybe 30 days.

Blond Girl left knowing she was in essence moving out. Even if she was just going off to college. I have plans to move on myself. But my girl left last fall ready for her next adventure.

I had always said when she left so would I so PITA Boy knew it was time to start looking. He had plans to leave last fall but has actually stayed home to help me out. But now it's time.. Time for this unique young man to find his own way. His first step is to move to Macomb, where Word Girl goes to school. He will be getting a job and taking some classes. He is considering either law enforcement or paramedic. He of course holds on his back burner that dream of becoming a director. That will happen or it won't I just know I will always nourish his dreams.

I am excited for him!! I really am but it's harder than I thought watching the last one leave. I just have such big dreams for my kids (all of which include them having wonderful and exciting lives with the choices they make). I raised them to leave now they are all gone and I am befuddled.

This blog will be taking a major overhaul.. After all I am no longer Juggling anything, let alone teens.. I mean I only have one teen, wow! And she's an adult living her own life.

I did it all!! I raised four fabulous individuals who are off living their own adventures.. Now I get to start mine!!


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Been Brought to My Attention

I was speaking with PITA Boy the other day and he pointed out that I seriously needed to change the name of this blog. After all, I no longer have four teenagers.. Nope I have three twenty somethings and one teenager.. 

Of course Blond Girl has pointed out that I seriously needed to consider changing the names for my children. After all calling her blond girl is rather demeaning after all these years.. After all she didn't do anything to earn that name. I beg to differ but I didn't bother explaining. 

So, I am trying to find new names.. For the blog and for the individuals discussed.. 

Any Suggestions?

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Mother Can Brag, Right?

My oldest daughter "Word Girl" Has spent her life in what she saw as the shadows. I saw this amazing girl who quietly led. Ok, not so quietly as she is named Word Girl for a reason but.. While others strove for the limelight my girl would go about her business and others would follow. When in the 6th grade she found herself odd girl out, she met new people and formed a group of friends that others envied. Never one to shut anyone out she made sure no one was excluded. When a "mean girl" yep we all know they exist, crashed the party and somehow she found herself on the outside looking in on her own group of friends.. she cried a bit but started over and slowly built a new group of friends.. eventually her real friends realized what a mistake they made and my girl, being who she was forgave them and accepted them all back as the true friend she is.. When this same girl crashed again, she too was accepted and forgiven. Of course when she broke my girls heart a second time, I made sure everyone knew. Word Girl might forgive her but she was never welcome in my presence again. Not in my house, my car or any group I was involved in. Sorry, I am not as nice as my girl.

She never considered herself a leader. Both Blond Girl and PITA Boy had band with her in HS and both would comment on how everyone respected her. How even though she didn't have a "title" she was the one who ran the band.. what Word Girl suggested is usually what happened. 

Of course my girl never knew that she lead. She saw herself as just a girl.. who wanted to make sure everyone was included and no one was bullied or picked upon. She defended kids who she felt needed it, up to and including those who were bullied by teachers.. she didn't accept that anyone had the "right" to pick on another. This of course often got her into trouble. 

She was never that sweet little barbie girl.. she always voiced her opinion and in her world..there was good and there was bad, there was right and there was wrong, there was black and there was right... this caused her problems as early as preschool activities.. because in her mind NO ONE was exempt.. Rules were rules.

As a kinder-gardener when her father and I split up.. she over heard the principal telling her teacher how allowances had to be made for this child who was acting up because the parents were divorced.. My girl looked up at the two of them and said.. "my parents split up and my mom would kick my butt if I acted like that.." Since neither the teacher nor principle knew of my split they were astounded. But in a way my girl said it all.. There are reasons but no excuses.. everyone should be expected to behave by the rules.

I say this because she amazes me.. 

With a note saying I couldn't share yet.. believe me this was the hardest thing I have ever done since I was so very, very proud of her!! But I kept my mouth shut.. She told me I could finally share it since she was awarded this award.. 

For those of you who don't have PDF.. I posted the basics below.. I Left out he Reference Letters AND I couldn't get the pictures from the PDF file.. 

“Slow and steady wins the race“

Carlene Verstraete Outstanding Service Award
IRHA 2013

“Slow and steady  wins the race“

“Frankie is truly a leader who works hard at everything she does. She puts aside her individual needs to always help  and assist others. She is 
what I call the producer behind the production of a success.“ 
-Cedricka Carver, Assistant Complex Director

“Frankie is a true example of a student leader. She inspires so many people to strive for their dreams regardless of how big they are. She is an inspiration to everyone that she comes in contact with.“
-Levi Campbell, NCC/ICC Inter-Hall Council

2010-2011 Freshman Year

Camp Leatherneck Attendee

Frankie started off her college career in a progressive way by attending Camp Leatherneck. This is a three day leadership retreat for incoming freshman who were looking to get involved on campus. That was exactly Frankie’s goal. Before the school year even officially commenced Frankie had the opportunity to interact with upperclassmen student leaders as well as 100 other incoming freshmen that had the same exact goal as her.  Even at Camp Leatherneck other student leaders and administrators began to see the leadership potential in Frankie, she was a shy girl who had tons of potential although she didn’t always see it in herself. 

Hall Government

Like any good student, Frankie got her start in hall government her freshman year. One ordinary Monday her RA stopped by her door and invited her to hall government and Frankie make the decision to attend the meeting and life hasn’t been the same since. Every Monday Frankie showed up and was always there to help and participate. The Executive Board knew they could always count on her face as a consistent support for the hall government as well as a knowledgeable voting member at any of the Legislation that came to the hall. Once again it was very apparent that Frankie was going to go on to big and amazing things.

Inter-Hall Council -Late Nights Chair

Also her freshman year Frankie decided to join in our Inter-Hall council; with that she was appointed the Late-Nights committee chair. The Late-Nights committee is a very important committee within Inter-Hall council because it does late night programming for students who want alternative ways to have fun outside of drinking and going out on our campus. It was a big deal that Frankie was the committee chair only as a freshman but nobody disputed it. The potential that Frankie showed even back at camp was now starting to blossom. With the help of her committee and two advisors Frankie 
successfully hosted numerous large-scale programming efforts for alternative nights out. These programs include, but are not limited to; Club Wetzel, Graffiti Dance Party, Insomniac Olympics, LateNight Bowling, and so many more.

“Ever since I have met Frankie, she has had the urge to get involved. She is involved in so many things on campus I can''''' not even count them all. Most people forget to recognize all of the work Frankie does at our school because she is not in a “higher up“ position. However, Frankie goes above and beyond in her duties and expectations on her committees because she is always willing to help other members, including the chair, with their tasks for the week. Frankie is thoroughly deserving of this award.“ 
-Katelyn Kott, Big Pink Volleyball Volunteer ChairGLACURH–bids -delegate (presented SALT)

It seems as if attending Hall Gov and being a part of InterHall Council would be enough for any normal leader’s plate, but Frankie was not a normal leader. Because she was such a quiet influence on campus she was able to 
juggle so much more than the average student.  So it comes as no surprise that she was also available to help out in our conference world as well. Frankie was selected to be a part of GLACURH delegation for the year 2010. 
On the delegation Frankie Immediately began about helping to create bids and spirit items. She was a part of the SALT Award presentation at the conference and she also excitedly attended many conference programs.  
Frankie was more than thrilled to bring the things that she learned at the regional conference back to campus. 

IRHA  -bids  -delegate/presenter

Because of Frankie’s dedicated, yet, subtle nature it came as no surprise that she was selected to attend the IRHA conference. Throughout the conference and conference prep, Frankie vigorously participated in the delegation as well as, helping to create and present bids at the conference. It is at IRHA 
that Frankie realized her love for not only residence halls, but student leadership within the residence halls and IRHA as well. Frankie 
showed the perfect example of true IRHA luv and she learned that love at the IRHA 2011 conference.

Top ten ways to start off with a bang your freshman year! 

Stuff the bus
Make a difference day ( sorted out Christmas lights for Wesley 
Homecoming participant for Tanner Hall
NACURH Delegate/Volunteer
Summer Assistant
Zoology Club 
Students Today Leaders Forever
Volunteer week ( flew kites with kids, Bingo at Wesley Village)
Participated in Take Back the Night
St. Baldrick’s Participant

“Frankie is the type of person who puts others needs before her own, she is the prime example of a leader. Frankie has shown outstanding service not only to our school but across the United States as a volunteer with the non profit organization Students Today Leaders Forever.... Frankie is a Leader Forever.“
     -Juan Guerrero, Regional Core STLFIHC Vice President

Her sophomore year Frankie decided to let her love show even more by joining the Inter-hall Council Executive Board as Vice President. As vice president she was in charge of all of the committees that functioned under Inter-hall Council. She held weekly one on ones with committee chairs and she gave them guidance on how to lead the committee and have effective programming. Frankie was especially useful because she was previously a committee chair and she knew exactly what they were going through. Under her reign as VP Frankie was able to accomplish so much with the committees including creating a brand-new committee and as well as restructuring already functioning committees.


As you might imagine Frankie’s commitment did not stop there. Frankie also attended the IRHA conference for her sophomore year. As a part of the delegation Frankie helped us write numerous bids and was a key success to so many of our bids winning at the state level. Frankie is always the type of  person that will assist in recognizing others and often times she goes over looked  and unrecognized herself because of the type of phenomenal leader she is.


Even though she couldn’t attend GLACURH 2011, Frankie helped us create bids and prepared the delegation for the conference. Frankie decided that she would not attend the conference and sacrificed her spot to an incoming student who hadn’t had the chance to attend GLACURH. This act was very 
commendable of Frankie and is all the more reason that she deserves an award such as this one. Her dedication did not go unrecognized though because Frankie was then selected to be a part of the NACURH 2012 delegation.


Frankie also realized her passion extended way past residence life and expanded to student leadership in general. She continued being a member of Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF) for the second year in a row, which is the alternative spring break trip that WIU participates in every year. Frankie was a very active member as she attended multiple tours including being guides for the Elgin High School and Denver K.I.P.P. schools as well as, 
attending the college tour. 

2011-2012 Sophomore Year 2012-2013 Junior Year

My Words Matter Committee

Frankie has always been the type of student that was more about getting things done. That is why it was perfectly in her character to be a part of a small group that initiated a program on campus entitled “My Words Matter.”  Within this program, a few Graduate students got together and recruited a few Undergraduates, Frankie being one of them, and hosted a Campus Wide 
program that urged students to be more aware of how words could be offensive or hurtful to certain groups of people. 

Second year, twice as big impact! 

Other things Frankie participated in this year was… 

Zoology Club
Homecoming Secretary
Stuff the Bus
Traveled to Mizzou to cheer on WIU Football
Bayliss and Henninger Hall Mud Volleyball 
Thompson Hall’s Big Pink Volleyball participant
LWG Hall Westerns Got Talent participant
Camp Leatherneck Leader
St. Baldrick’s participant
Desk Assistant
Summer Assistant

Inter-Hall Council- 

As a Junior, Frankie could have decided to take a break from all her student leadership activities but she chose not to. This year Frankie is still going strong as a part of Inter-Hall Council. She is a member of the Late-Nights Committee,  and she always offers her guidance and knowledge to the group whenever solicited. She attends IHC every Wednesday even though she is not required to do so.

IRHA Conference Staff

Frankie has a ridiculous amount of IRHA luv! So it should come as no surprise that she is a member of the IRHA 2013 conference staff. As the PR and 
Technology Chair, the team depends greatly on Frankie to maintain the website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. She is the pinnacle success 
to a lot of what we do with the conference group. Camp Leatherneck Leader
For the last two years, Frankie has been selected to be a Camp Leatherneck Leader. This is one of the most sought after leadership positions on campus 
and Frankie was fortunate enough to receive it because of her humble spirit and dedication to student leadership. Now as a Leatherneck Leader, 
she has the ability to provide opportunities to incoming freshmen the same opportunities she 

Third year and She’s still going strong was provided. 

STLF Bus Core
Stuff the bus
Chi omega
Variety Show Participant
Bid Captain
Desk assistant –captain
Fundraising team for Conservation Trip to Peru

“Frankie does a wonderful job as the Desk Captain in Higgins. She is very friendly to all of the students and employees, but more importantly, she does a great job of completing tasks or implementing processes on her own, with little to no direction. She is an awesome leader and rarely asks for attention in the spotlight. Similarly, I supervised her over the summer when she was a Summer Assistant, and she provided a wealth of experience and knowledge to her fellow SAs, helping them work through issues. Frankie is very competent and knowledgeable, and she truly cares about others.“
      - Joe Nixon, Higgins Hall Complex Directo

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

I seriously have to change the name of this blog! Today PITA Boy is 23.. TWENTY THREE!! How did that happen. Seems just yesterday that he was driving me nuts.. wait it was..

While this child has always been the one most likely to drive me insane, he is also the child who has always had the best heart! The one who will stand for friend and family (grumbling and complaining all the time). The one you can rely on to get the job done.

To this day there are times I will just watch him while he sleeps (probably cuz I wanna clobber him while he is awake). This child of mine is an awesome man! I am so very privileged to have been able to share his life this far! I Can Not Wait to see what he will do with the rest of it!

Happy Birthday!! My son! May you have plenty more!!

Love MOM

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving Out

PITA Boy is my last child standing.. all the others have left the nest. While the girls are really only off to college, I am sure I will see them less and less. Both are planning spring break trips and extended summer  trips. That's ok, it's how life should be. Hair Boy left the nest a few years ago and PITA boy has been making sounds for a while.. But lately the sounds have been getting louder. 

The other day he asked me if I was going to be ok once he left. Hair Boy went through the same issues when he left. I get it, really I do, they are strong men who care about me but seriously, I did manage to raise four kids on my own. Sure, I had the occasional (or frequent) helping hand but day in and day out I raised them. Now with them leaving they seem to think I won't be able to function without them. If it wasn't so sweet I might be offended. 

It will be odd, not having to care for others day to day but that just means the adventure is beginning!! I am so excited for him and yes for me


Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Wonderful Thing

One of the most wonderful things a parent ever achieves is having a conversation with their child that shows their growth, maturity and yes independence.

I was speaking with Blond Girl today and felt such pride, such joy in her. I was astounded at her wisdom, her voice. She is turning into a fantastic young woman.

I shared with her something I wrote on shaunispeaks and she articulated in a non judgmental way that said, I see your point but I don't agree.. It was beautifully done. Then as our conversation continued and she saw my response to what others said and how I was choosing to handle it, she complimented me. Still not ever agreeing with me, just never condemning. If she can take that gift into the  world with her she will have an amazing life!

I found myself listening to her opinion and advice while I was able to offer her some as well. A true conversation with another woman.. yeah made me tear up a bit. I am so very proud of her

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Glance into HairBoy's Mind

Yes all that wonderful hair is real and yes he has dreads.. The poor boy has so much hair he can't comb it.. it's a case of if you can't beat it join it! But beneath that head full of hair he has a wonderful fluid mind..

He and his friends have a website called Wondergressive, thoughts from the perspective of the 20 something generation. If you want to really know what they are thinking, what bothers them and yes how their minds work, check out this site! 

If you are interested in what Hairboy has to say, here is the direct link to his posts! I know all of you parents all already know this but watching your child become, is just such an amazing thing!