Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pita Boy and Hormones

Pita Boy is what we call a late developer, it may be because of his DD's or he may have DD's cuz he is a late developer or then again it may just be because it is what it is.. Any way you put it he just does everything on his own time.

While most of his friends went through the first Hormone change in late 4th and 5th grade he went through his at the end of 6th. When most boys have that HORRID sophomore year, Pita Boy had his, late in his Junior Year and into his Senior year.. and of course the growth spurts and voice changes.. well those came even later.

We always thought he would be short at 14 he was 5'3 then mid sophomore year he finally made 5'6, his junior year he finally made 5'9 and late into his senior year he made 5'10. We were grateful because he really worried about being short. Then one night last fall he went out with his friends and realized he was taller than many of them and one was 6' wow!! how did that happen.. The total clincher though was when we went to dinner with his father and he was taller than Dad's 6'2... whoo hoo!!

What we are dealing with these days though is the empty fridge cycle. If there is food in there it is his.. or will be soon. Honestly I want to constantly throttle him.. of course yesterday we got even!!! We had ice cream and for some reason he left it alone for an entire day... guess what was gone the next day when he went to get some??? He was mightily irked but the rest of us felt like hey we won a prize or something.

It is hard dealing with teenage hormones when he is now 19, I forget that he is actually just a little less mature than others (the good news is, he will eventually grow out of it). I get angry because he has different needs than the others and sometimes I just want to throttle him. and then he does something wonderful and good and kind and I remember... this kids really is pretty darn good.


  1. I'm feeling the pain of that :eating everything in sight" teenager. My son is 13 1/2 and 5'11" already. I feel like he has been on a eating frenzy forever. The hard part for me finding things that are somewhat healthy and him not eating just junk. My husband and I look at each other and just shake our heads at the thought of what is to come. Can it really keep going?

  2. My son is 14 and he is 5' 11.5". (Can't forget the 1/2 inch, he won't let me.) The other day we had a 1/4 of a very large Costco pork loin left over. I'm talking the left over slab of roast was a good 5 inches thick, enough for another meal. I wanted to make asian port salad, but as it turned out, my son ate the WHOLE thing for after school snack. He'll also sometimes eat 4 peanut butter sandwiches for snack. Ice cream is never safe in our house because he either gets up in the middle of the night (after we've gone to sleep) or eats it for breakfast before we get up. If you don't get ice cream the day it's bought, forget about it.

  3. I have two daughters ages 20 and 17 and they are also eating machines. The 20-year-old has calmed some since last year, but they are still eaters. Luckily, it's changed to healthier foods with the older while the younger is still in "junk food" stage.

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog! I don't feel so alone with my crazy kids! :) Thanks!