Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poor Jon and Kate

yes that is sarcasm... sorry but our actions have consequnces..when we decide to put our lives on public display we can't complain when the public intervenes. There is a difference between say being an actor or singer and demanding that our children received the privacy they deserve but when they put their children on display and make money from being a family then complain cuz now you are being exploited... grow up!!

Of course poor jon and kate reminds me of a story from when my children were little...

I diligently did mom and me with each of my kids making sure they had that time with me. When Blond Girl was a baby (still in the infant seat) I attended said classes with Word Girl. Of course I dragged blond girl to classes with us. Hair Boy was in kindergarten and Pita Boy was in preschool so my time had to be very scheduled. There was this family of triplets that came to the meetings and along with mom came grandma, grandpa, uncle louie, aunt marie, etc, etc.. I swear they brought every single extended family member they could.

One day Word Girl had picked her spot she wanted to sit (no one was there as of yet) she placed her craft there and went to get the rest of her stuff.. Sure enough along came this family and MOVED my child.. she was in tears when I confronted the mother and yes I confronted her.. Her answer was well I have triplets and it is so hard... whine whine whine.. and we need to stay together... I need all the help.. I just about came apart.. Here I was alone, with an infant, an 2 yr old, a 4 year old in preschool who had to be picked up and gotten home fed and ready for his afternoon bus pick up and a 6 year old who would be coming home from school. My mornings were scheduled to the minute.. I must admit I raised my voice..

Sorry Lady, yes you have three kids but every friggin member of your family is here to help.. I have to be in three places at the exact same time, have FOUR kids and no one I repeat no one is helping me.. so granny can get off her fat ass and let my daughter have her spot..

For some reason they never came back...

giggles really I am a reasonable and patient person....


  1. And isn't Kate just so great at playing the victim?! Life is rough, get a grip whiney!

  2. I love the story about the triplets. I'm glad you let the mom have it.

    As far as Jon & Kate, they knew what they were getting into. If you're going to have a camera crew following you you need to be on your best behavior. They've already gotten the new house and cars and all that, so to renew for another season was just pure greed.

  3. Yea for you! You did the right thing. I knew a mom who had twins back in preschool days. She wanted me to cart her oldest around to school and back...because she had TWINS. Yeah, and??? Fine, I did it for awhile, and then she asks if I could drive her nephew to and from school too. What???! Now I'm driving somebody else's kid too?? Do they have TWINS? No said me. Loud and proud. I didn't even know the kid or the people. What if I was in an accident?? Yeah, no. Drew the line.

  4. Child Safety Ha! Loved it! Way to let her have it!