Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ok so the Man gets revenge!!

After yesterday's blog I will be eternally grateful that I refrained from saying anything to the teacher involved..

Blond Girl was late coming home from school today, she had an interview with him as she was applying to be either section leader (highly unlikely due to her age) or ambassador to the middle schools. She said the interview went great and she came out feeling really good about it.

One of the questions was about her academics.. she was honest and said.. knowledge good.. grades bad (my children suffer from extreme homeworkidess) anyway he said.. yes all four of you seem pretty smart and always have a book in your hands.. each of you can be counted on to carry on an interesting discussion about books..

WOW!!! can you imagine how stoked I am!! what a huge compliment!! I mean my kids are readers.. yay!!! They have found the joy in life that only reading can bring. They have discovered where one can go and what one can do all while in the pages of a book.. I am so very very pleased...

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