Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As If They Dont Do Enough!!

So the little darlings (Word Girl and Blond Girl) came home at the end of last year telling me that the Spanish program was going to Puerto Rico this year. It was an exciting concept and we all looked forward to teh details.

Fast forward to this year and we find out the estimated cost for 8 students. It is ridiculously astronmical! Both girls came home saying that they didnt need to go. Other things were more important and that we could take a family vacation for the amount of money that they were being charged.

This was a wonderful that they felt that way but I went to the meeting anyway. I mean would the price go down if more children were involved? Was the price set in stone or was that just the high end estimate? Turns out that the price can go down as much as 1000.00 if enough kids register. This is a wonderful turn of events. And the family vacation thing, yeah.. hasnt happened yet.. oh and the price, I can guarantee that many of their individual trips to CA to visit grandma came close in cost.

So they are going to give it a try. They are going to fundraise. They are going to work hard at their jobs (ok Word Girl is, Blond Girl is 15 and currently jobless) and they are going to see if they can do it.

With all that being said.. if anyone feels teh deep seeded need to make a donation, feel free.. my paypal button is alive and well (hey if I dont ask, I wont get). Seriously though, I appreciate just having the format to write about the beasties, to share what is going on and to work things through.