Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My oldest, aka Hair Boy, is a contributing writer on a blog called Wondergressive. I love to read this blog because it shows us what fantastic minds his generation has. Unique, well thought out posts about on about any subject.

I watched many of the writers grow from quirky teenagers to unusual adults and take great pride in all of their work (no, I do not claim responsibility for any of their talent). What I like best about these writers is that they stand firm in their ownselves, no conforming, just reality as they see it.

For those of you sure that the youth of today is going to destroy the world (yeah, don't worry the baby boomers already did that) fear no more! These kids show us just how much we have look forward to.

Just to share a bit of fun and to show you a small selection from this wonderful blog, here is Hair Boy's bio:

I am a 15 billion year old collection of organized atoms in the guise of a human. Thinking out side of the box has always been easy for me but that is primarily allocated to the fact that I seemed to have lost it ages ago. I swear I set it down right here next to my keys... For life of me I cannot find it. I draw knowledge from anywhere that I can. I enjoy hard work, critical thinking, and finding the bigger picture's challenge- whatever that may be. I enjoy riddles too!

See? Bright, unique and curious!