Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Memory I Wish I Could Forget

Today is my older brother's 50th birthday. Now that is not a memory I wish to forget even though somewhat estranged from him these days.. but on this day 9 years ago I got the phone call I never wanted to get..

Shaughnessey, he is going to be alright but you need to call the hospital.

I was on a Girl Scout Camp Out and Hair Boy had been staying with a friend he had of course forgotten to take all of the emergence contact information it was sitting all pretty on out dining room table. Pita Boy was with another friend they had the info but they were out visiting friends.. Anyway.. Hair Boy and his friend were riding double on a bike without helmets where they shouldn't have been and were hit by a car. Hair Boy did a Bo Duke across the hood of the car before being tossed to the ground. The driver being of the scum of the earth backed up (so he wouldn't run over them again) and went around them. Speeding off... A man and his girlfriend on a motorcycle saw the entire thing. In the amount of time it took for the girl to get off the bike to check on the boys.. the driver had disappeared never to have been caught.

Once the police arrived Hair Boy had them contact our friends who had Pita Boy.. but it was midnight before I got the call.. to this day I have nightmares about him dying not in the accident but in those 6 hours before they caught up with me.. alone wanting his mom.. anyway, his friend had a broken femur a clean break that required surgery because it was so close to the artery, he got a plate and has recovered just fine. Hair Boy broke his tibula and fibula.. they were like two jagged puzzle pieces the doctors seriously thought pins were going to be needed. They weren't by the grace of God they were able to refit the bones.. but since it wasnt life threatening he had to sit in the emergency room until I gave permission.. well actually my friend called them and said she was me and she gave permission..

anyway I may not remember this exact date had it not been my brother's b-day so gee thanks Doug.. but I did learn it isn't impossible to hate really hate until someone threatens your child. Hair Boy is fine he wore a full leg cast for the 6 weeks, a short cast for 4 and an air cast for 2 but by winter swim season he was back in the pool like nothing had happened.. but me well it is a memory i will never forget..

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