Monday, January 30, 2012

It Seems So Weird

Just a few short years ago, every single moment of my day was filled with the antics of my children.. I could wax on forever about the insane and silly things that they did.. And when I wasn't talking about them I was either with them or doing something for them. Even at work, stories of them filled my working hours..

As they get older and for the most part out of my life.. I have many empty moments.. Ok, not empty that implies that there is nothing there to fill it. Oh there is, I have lots of fun stuff going on and have plans for even more.. but I do sometimes miss those days where I never had any time to myself.

Hair Boy is an amazing young man, caught up in his music and his life.. going forward with such plans.. remember those days? Poised to soar?

PITA Boy, has plans upon plans but has yet to solidify any of them.. I know he will fly once he gets out from under my too confining wing.. I don't mean to stifle but I think I do. I allow him to not soar.. there that sounds better than stifling.

Word Girl, well that one has always had a mind of her own.. as well as a plan and a way to get what she wants. I remember when she liked to cuddle but that was way back in the land before time.. Mostly I remember this amazingly strong of spirit young woman who could do it herself..

Blond Girl, she is there.. poised.. on the very brink of life.. Just a few more months and she will be off.. And yes I think she will be sticking with her first choice and going off to the University of Wyoming. She has considered all her options and just keeps circling back to Wyoming..

So very soon, it will be just me.. Scared? you bet!! But Excited as well!! It will be very hard juggling these individuals from a distance.. but I am just the mom to do it!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Mage's Daughter, A Review

The Mage's Daughter is book two of Lynn Kurland's wonder full Nine Kingdoms Series. Staying true to the trilogy format this second book is a bit darker and more desperate. Kurland sweeps her brush across this wonderful canvas and the vision her words create helps us to continue on her epic journey.

Morgan, left for dead in book one has to deal with her healing her weakened body and accepting that only does magic exist but it exists everywhere. Even in the least likely places. No one is who she thought they were least of all herself. This book is full of choices for Morgan, should she stay safe and secure in a magic sink hole, where no magic exists? Should she follow Miach? Should she remain Morgan, the shield maiden? Should she embrace her heritage and become Morghaine of Ceangail? Each cross road takes her further into danger and yet closer to becoming a truly strong mage..

Miach, having paid the ultimate price for withholding his true identity, fears for Morgan's very life and leaves his pratt of a brother, the kings wedding to chase after her. Missing her by a mere day he is forced to enter the assassins keep to find her. Every one can enter and everyone leaves... just not by the front gate. The only way to make it out the front gate is by earning his mark. Training to become a swordsman.. amazing Morgan he advances fast in the ranks. Learning how to fight without magic, a skill that unknown to him, he will need in the future.

Typical to the trilogy format, it seems that evil has a secure footing and while despair has not fallen over the land.. The situation is dire! An ancient spell is leaking into the lands and the Lothar, the ultimate evil has corrupted even that evil to do his bidding. He insidiously, weaves his magic to creep forth and search for all members that are left of Morgan's blood.

As they travel this journey they face Morgan's past.. We touch base with some of the characters from the first book and are introduced to some wonderful new ones. Morgan a girl who believed she was alone in the world is suddenly over run with protective relatives who want what is “best” for her. This takes patience and love on Morgan's part as she tries to explain that Miach is what is best. Although a mage, he is an honorable man.

Leaving us at the point where hope and doom collide we are left on the edge our seats waiting for Lynn Kurland's next installment. Fortunately Princess of the Sword is out and I can rush to read it.. 


Friday, January 27, 2012

Saturday Silly

Just goes to show you... anyone can be a good parent if they just put forth the effort...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Law and Order Chime and Conditioning

PITA Boy works a very odd schedule.. never quite sure from week to week if he will be working am or pm, early morning or late at night. Consequently, he sleeps odd hours of course he is 22 (almost 22) so he sleeps odd hours anyway..

Anyway... the other day he laid down to take a nap.. with the typical wake me at .... comment, something I refuse to do.. (back to the 22 comment).. he is also a complete jerk when I wake him.. saying not to bother him.. he knows what time it is. Of course when he oversleeps he tries to blame me.. ok, back on topic..

The other day, he lay down to take a nap.. fell into a total and complete sleep.. really deep.. then all of a sudden the Law and Order Chime went of on the tv (you know the cha cha chunk sound they do?) The kid sat straight up, bounced out of bed and was fully awake! I am so getting that sound on his alarm clock

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Word Girl's Return

Oh Joy of Joys.. Word Girl came home from California to bless us with her presence for three whole days.. sadly those days were marred.. yes fans, our days of bliss were not bliss free.. *grins*

It seems, while borrowing her computer I sorta kinda gave it a virus.. and of course it happened right before she came home so we weren't able to get it fixed BEFORE she got home.. So instead we sat around plotting out ways to tell her.. what would cause the smallest explosion.. Sadly, I ignored all our plotting and didn't tell her in public.. or in the car with a friend as witness.. NO, Silly me.. I had to tell her in private.. Oh yeah.. that was fun.. NOT

So our conversation went something like this...

Word Girl: When were you going to tell me?

Me: Hello? Isn't it obvious? I am telling you now.. I obviously waited as LONG as POSSIBLE to tell you.. *shakes head* Sheesh

Word Girl: You break everything.. I am texting Hair Boy!!

Me: *rolling eyes and mock quivering*

The next day she was ok.. and on Saturday we checked w/Best Buy to see how long it was going to take.. which btw, it was forever... which lead to another wonderful conversation...

Word Girl: I knew you would break it..

Me: *just letting her rant*

Word Girl: You break everything...

Me: Finally fed up... You know.. I have had my laptop for THREE YEARS.. and this is the first virus.. you have had yours for less than two and this is your THIRD.. I know I didn't give it the first two.. But I am pretty sure I PAID for it to be repaired..

Word Girl: *Silence*

Finally I got the last word.. doesn't happen all that often with our Word Girl

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Star of Morning, A Review

The first in book in Lynn Kurland's Nine Kingdoms series casts a delightful spell upon the reader. Kurland weaves a sensual spell as she slowly crafts her story. Introducing characters in full detail that leaves one feeling like she is standing right there with them. Her landscaping reminded me of fields and streams set to canvas with the paint of her words. In general a rich fulfillment of promise.

Morgan, the shield maiden was as unassuming as a girl could be, trained first by mercenaries, then educated in secret amongst orphaned young men and finally trained by the master of assassins. The one thing she was sure of was that magic was bad. At best the user depended too much upon it and not practicing more mundane things, like skill... At worst, it was corrupt and evil used by those who chose to destroy the kingdoms. So what's a girl to do when her mentor, her father figure asks her to deliver this one little dagger to the King of a different land? This one little dagger that glows and sings to her. That constantly pulls at her sense? This little dagger that is causing her to dream, dark dangerous dreams..

Miach, the Archmage, brother to the king, loyal to the kingdom. Miach upon realizing that the king's magic has failed him sends the king off to find the one person who can wield the Sword of Angesand. Long hanging in the king's hall. Bespelled years before by a powerful queen. Sending his pompous brother and king off to do his duty and find the person who can wield the sword is his only hope but as time passes and he has not heard from the king he sees no recourse but to follow him.

Upon meeting the brothers she things King Adhemar at best a pompous twit of a landowner full of himself and Miach, his sweet but rather hapless farmer of a brother. While finding both men attractive, well Adhemar until he awoke and opened his mouth (made me giggle) she was drawn to Miach. A man she could trust, turn to and rely on. Together along with her traveling companions, fellow mercenaries and friends, they set off to Neroche to deliver the dagger to the king.

Along the way Morgan, the girl who hates magic finds that she can remember the odd spell, that she indeed has magic within her. Which terrifies her, she wants nothing more than to be the shield maiden that she thinks she is. As they travel towards the kingdom of Neroche, darkness follows and evil stalks them. Each step closer to Neroche more dangerous than the last. And yet each step they take into darkness draws Miach and Morgan ever closer together..

A wonderful beginning to this trilogy, I am completely looking forward to reading The Mage's Daughter and Princess of the Sword the next two books in this trilogy. From what I understand Ms Kurland is going to write three complete trilogies about the Nine Kingdoms. Which given my pension for things to match makes me very happy. There are Nine Kingdoms so there should be Nine books. I know I am looking forward to reading each and every one of them.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We are in the Six Weeks

When PITA Boy was a child, he was very very very excited for Christmas almost to the point of making himself sick. I was worried that he would be disappointed when or if he didn't get what he asked for so I told him.. "If you don't get what you want don't be disappointed remember it's only six weeks until your birthday"

After saying that he took to it like well a duck to water.. now almost 20 years later it is part of our family ritual.. and he has what he calls his six weeks list.. It's pretty small, he wants a dress coat, like a pea coat and a Bible. Of course he made me giggle today...

PITA Boy: Mom, I want a coat like this *pulls out Blond Girl's red coat* only black and for men.. oh and a Bible..

Me: Ok, you would look good in a coat like that (he dresses rather well when given his preference) 

PITA Boy: I think the coat would look good w/my black gloves.. but first I want the Bible.. well maybe just the old testament stuff...

Mom: Honey you do know you get both Old and New Testaments in the Bible...

Hair Boy: *blushes and grins* Oh yeah.. forgot that.. *then he turned to me and flashed his crooked grin* you know mom, It's only six more weeks till my birthday...

Yeah he makes me smile, this pain in the .... of mine..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hair Boy Cracks me Up

I was speaking with Hair Boy today, we do that occasionally.. I must say I am infinitely blessed by having been giving this amazing young man. He is a constant joy to me and I am ever so proud of him! *grins* Service announcement over.

I was speaking with him and told him I was going through one of my purging of diet soda.. Had been soda free for a few days and I was through the caffeine withdrawals, migraines, excessive sleep and leg cramps.. (every time I go through this I think and this is a legal drug). I told him I was finally going to switch to tea.. Per Doctors orders I really am not supposed to completely give up caffeine as I am prone to massive migraines and the caffeine does have medicinal effects.. BUT I don't need to gulp soda.. which is bad for you on so many levels and DIET soda is worse..  He was pleased to hear it but then it just got silly.

Hair Boy: So you are going to give up soda?

Me: Well, I am going to TRY (heavy voice emphasis on try)

Hair Boy: don't try, do it.. don't you watch Star Wars? Yoda says....


Don't you just love generations raised with Star Wars as a cultural reference?

Monday, January 2, 2012

I made the Mistake!!

I made the mistake of showing this to my kids.. who cares that they are all almost adults, seems I am now the worst mom ever, cuz they never got a staircase like this!