Monday, May 18, 2009

Rip Out My Baby's Heart... Then Ask Me to Fundraise...

Well awards nights are ever interesting.. Blond Girl as many of you know is very active in band and choir.. She enjoys both extensively. She is in swing choir and jazz band both extracurricular activities where she gives up plenty of both school and personal time. For jazz band she even learned a new instrument in order to participate..

Tonight was awards night and I wasn't able to make it but halfway through it I got a phone call from a friend.. her son and Blond Girl were the only two members of jazz band not to letter. Now you have to know these two.. they are charming, articulate and bright. saxophone boy changed from the alto to bari sax (which he HATES) for jazz band and blond girl learned the trombone. These are kids who wanted to be there.. made the sacrifice requested and yet still got left on the side like yesterdays trash..

Fortunately I have dealt with this particular teacher before I can shrug my shoulders and just give her a hug.. but my friend?? can we say ballistic?? I had to talk her down she was ready to make some anatomical suggestions as to where the bari sax could be placed.. This is the man who designed an entire song around my son in marching band... had him play his tuba for 12 measures alone while the rest of the band faced the OTHER way and yet refused to acknowledge it as a solo as it was for all the tubas in the band (of which he was the only one) and he didn't audition.. no you made him the friggin showcase but nope not a solo.. growlss that was errr 4 years ago one would think I was over it by now!! Anyway, I know arguing won't win any battles with him.. He is right.. we are wrong.. do not get me wrong the band is 500 times better now that he has stepped in.. but the kids are finding less and less joy in his presence.. how do you expect to continue such a program when the kids hate it?

Now my kids since they are all extremly musical pretty much have to participate in band I can't afford lessons and face it.. Blond Girl alone plays three instruments, officially... She loves music but what happens when she just gives up? when the teacher becomes the greatest enemy.. Hair Boy suffered many of the same problems (we won't go into the years of grief he gave this man and deserved much of the attitude he got) but musically he was and is brilliant. So now when Blond Girl comes home I get to pat her shoulder give her a hug and ask her what is more important? The joy of being in the bands she loves or not getting credit? My poor baby...

Oh yeah, and my friend, the psycho mom? she is next year's booster's VP.. I think.. if she doesn't go totally off the deep end.. I am off to send an email to see what parameters my child did not meet.. I am sure he will have sufficient grounds he isn't an ogre he just is rigid and inflexible...
sighs.. sometimes it is hard to not just rip off someone's head..

oh well if life were fair I would be living the white picket fence life...

ps... Blond girl just came home all bubbly and happy because she won the most improved in Concert Band and a $100.00 scholarship.. by the time she came home she was over her anger and ready to prove herself next year.. sheesh makes me proud..


  1. Congrats to Blond Girl! You show him!
    I had no idea you could letter in band. But I can see why - sounds like the politics are very similar to sports.

  2. Ugh. Sometimes I just don't get some of these teachers. We had a bad band experience in middle school when my son was not allowed in jazz band. In 7th grade he made the jazz band and I organized a recording of a DVD of their songs--they were really good. So, I paid for all the DVD's, made covers and inserts to pass out to kids and to sell as a fundraiser. Next year---surprise! Col didn't "qualify" for jazz band. Funny how all of the kids were from the other school (where the jazz band teacher taught private lessons to the kids) and none of our kids made it. I nearly ripped the leader's head off and spit in his neck hole. I was crying I was so mad. After a phone call to the Superintendent, my son was suddenly back on the jazz band. I have never forgiven that band leader.

  3. I miss band so much!!! Just remember the end is in site. They are doing great. This is band is not so political its just the over zealous band director. He is a good person....he has gotten better over the past 6 yrs.