Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well it happened.. my baby turned 21 today. I don't quite know how it happened. How this angel who thought his birthday was June night (but we celebrated during the day so his friends could come) turned into this amazing young man but he did. Oh he isn't perfect, he has helped my hair turn grey, but he is funny and witty and creative, unique and fun.

My son Mr. tall, dark and handsome, the musician, the friend, the comic wit.. If I could define him I would say he is loyal, caring, charismatic, bright, witty, talented, moody, broody and arrogant. The women love him and the men like him. He is the single most laid back person I have ever met. At one point a teacher said he was so calm that a pulse would be nice.. He is what he is and makes no bones about it. He doesn't have to prove to the world that he more than he is, he just doesn't care.

He has always been brite and observant one of those kids who asked the difficult questions..

Mommy where does God live?

Well He lives in our hearts...

How can He live in your heart and my heart?

I am not sure honey some things we just have to accept on faith...


Oh I get it! A piece of God lives in all of us...

He was four.. yes he is a rocket scientist... have i mentioned he is a physics major? yeppers good looking all that hair, talented and smart...

happy birthday baby


  1. happy, happy birthday to you mr. tall dark and handsome! it is amazing how fast they grow up. i have enjoyed all the photos of your son on his journey to 21hood.

  2. Congrats for surviving his first 21 years!