Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Boy on a Temper Tantrum

Sure enough spend a few minutes with his father and he turns into a jerk. Lately I have been talking to him about moving out and getting his own place getting on with his life and just getting out. I know he has been a doll he has helped out immensly he steps up whenever the need arises but it is time to move on.

Well after time with his father he has decided that he has the right to criticize and insult the way I do things. He is under the impression that it is ok to throw fits and rant and rave. Wrong!! I am still the parent, I am still the one who makes sure he has whatever he needs. I am the one who filled out his fafsfa, I am the one who does his taxes... I am the one who makes the phone calls to pave the way to make things easier.. in short I am the one who takes care and nurtures him. And frankly I am the one who makes sure he has a roof over his head. It may not be much, it may not be the best but it is there.

I am just tired of the attitude coming off of the men in my life. One insults my parenting after he maybe shows up 10 times a year (he lives 20 minutes away), one insults my parenting as he has yet to do one grown up thing for himself and one is just a pain in my rear...

Ok, the rant on the boys is over.. tomorrow the girls (giggles not really...)


  1. I hate to hear this about your son.

    I have a 2 year old and I hope that when he gets older he respects me!

  2. My son is the same way after he comes home from seeing his dad. We call it "butt-head syndrome". He usually gets sent to his room shortly after coming home because of his mouthing off.

    It's soooo wrong because Anastasia and I are the ones footing the bill for all of his stuff because his dad is such a loser. But we get spit on (figuratively) because his dad takes him out to dinner all the time all weekend when he's there and we can't afford to go out to eat once a month even. (If he'd pay me what he owes me we could be a little crazy and have dinner out once in awhile.)

  3. Shannon

    I think my comment was a bit unfair, in general my son treats me pretty darn good. It is just when he is frustrated and his father is there egging him on. In his heart he knows the truth..


    You wild child, wanting to whoop it up with dinner out once a month. What can you be thinking? In general I tell them to enjoy his grand gestures because that is all they will get from him but his latest little series of rants is ticking me off.

  4. I'm sorry that they cop an attitude after being with their dad. I would hope that they know who really loves and cares for them, but sometimes absent parents can blind them. Don't worry about ranting, everyone needs to blow off steam.

    Have you "cursed" your children yet? I did when my girls were still little. It was the "I hope someday you have a daughter that acts just like you!" When I talked to my mom about some of my daughters' antics, she just laughed! :P (her curse worked!)