Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes the Schools Get it Right

Last night Blond Girl came home and although exhausted proceded to tell about her day. She had a field trip and had gone to see a stage rendition of.. "Of Mice and Men". She was telling me about how it had made her cry and what it was about (like I haven't read it) but she was very excited.

Suddenly Word Girl and Pita Boy popped in and began a lively, interesting, informed debate. Oh it was wonderful.. Yes they were disagreeing they were arguing but it was about a classic piece of literature. Each had an informed opinion and had the facts to back it up. Oh I was so very proud.

Halfway through the debate I realized that our school system must be doing something right.. For all three of them to have been able to make such remarks and comments it meant they had not only read the book, seen either the movie or play but they had also discussed it in class. And thankfully it was on one of the two Steinbeck books I actually enjoyed..

I chose to stay out of this discussion even though all three gave me plenty of opportunity to join in and none of them would have been upset had I done so. But this was their time, the stretching of their minds.. A far cry from gossip girls and Family Man...


  1. Here in Connecticut, all the towns are having budget meetings where we argue about how much should be spent on school.

    It is great to hear a story of schools getting it right.