Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watching Hair Boy at Work

Hair Boy has what has to be considered one of the coolest jobs... now part of it I don't get. He drives the Zamboni machine at the local ice rinks.. For some reason this gets an interesting reaction. Almost everyone says oh cool... I had to think abou this. I mean he drives around in circles for 10 minutes of every hour. What is it about the Zamboni that so fascinates us?

Could it be the constant renewal? The way just a simple pass over the ice makes things smooth again? Do we feel something inside? Does something click? I don't know but the reaction is the same everyone loves the idea of the Zamboni driver. That isn't what I got to see him do though. The other part of his job now that is a treat to watch.

Hair Boy is the Mascot for a local hockey team, what I guess we could term a farm team (does hockey have farm teams?). This child of mine has always gotten on well with children. He has a pied piper personality and the little ones adore him... well here he is all dressed up like a giant dog and children flocking around him. It was fun to watch him take the time for high fives and hugs and the occasional picture. It was great to see that he instinctively knew which child needed what attention. This child of mine will someday be a great parent. He will also be a good teacher which is his goal.

I enjoy the occasional glimpses a parent gets to see into their children, seeing what they could become... oh yeah and the hockey game was ok as well.

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