Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Problem With Cars

As I spoke a few weeks back, my son got a car.. He was jubilant! Excited to be on his way, to be able to provide his own transportion, life was good.

Except... on thursday the week before last he called and asked me to check with the tire place and see how much a new tire and rim was going to cost him. Seems he hit a pothole. The rim was bent and the tire was flat.. Because no one seemed to know the name of the tire place I walked over in the sleeting rain and asked my questions. Got the answers and gave him a call. Silly me, I thought he had taken care of it.

Today, word girl and I went to the mall, I needed new glasses. As she has her permit she needed the practice. No problems well except for the car she just about side swiped and scared the beejeebers out of me... BUT... then when we were just 3 miles from home we were victims to another pothole. Taking out the DONUT that we were still driving on. Poor girl handeled it like a trooper.. Pulled over on the expressway and we switched places. I drove it the rest of the way home.

Hair Boy was amazingly nice about it.. all things considered it could have been prevented and I guess he realized that..

Friday, February 27, 2009

So No School Til TUESDAY

IF I start to babble, if it looks like I have lost my mind. If you wonder what is going on just understand.. NO SCHOOL TIL TUESDAY...

Just keep an eye out, look for me.. if it gets to scary send alcohol and chocolate...

and if all goes well you won't be reading about me in the paper..

but would someone explain why they need yet another 4 1/2 days off. Lets see Winter break was less than two months ago. And since then they have had every other Monday off, snow days and various other days..

Come On!! Give us poor mom's a break because bored teenagers are worse than anything

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blond Girl and the Robin

Today was a day when word girl goes to school early and Hair Boy goes to school late. That means blond girl gets to take the bus.

Now blond girl is a dallier.. I swear she waits until the last possible moment to put on her shoes before walking out the door... We have an alarm set up that actually goes off at 7:11 that means walk out the door then.. NOT put on your shoes and coat.. not grab something to eat no LEAVE.. that will get her to the bus on time. This morning of course she didn't no she dallied.. now she has dallied before with no ramifications but today she paid..

In she comes all sad and droopy saying she missed the bus (it is now 7:35) and needs a ride. So I get myself dressed and off we go not that it is a big deal in and of itself, for a year I did this everyday sometimes twice a day but it was just irksome. We had a nice chat and that made it worthwhile I dropped her off at school and returned home.

Once I got home, I just sat in the car. I do that sometimes when I am tired or just don't want to go in. AND then it happened.. an honest to God gift from heaven. Flying right up to the window and resting on the lip right in front of the side mirror, not inches from my face, was a beautiful red breasted robin. Oh my goodness he was beautiful. Made me just smile..

So blond girl today I thank you for your need to dally it started my day out perfectly. but DO NOT make a habit of it!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Girls Went Innertubing

and they of course picked one of the coldest days of the year!!!

But it would seem they had fun. I do so love when they interact in a positive way that does not include them killing each other..

of course when I tell my family and friends, they went innertubing they all being the California water rats that they are, assume water tubing.. then they say.. well wasn't it too cold for that?

shakes her head as she laughs at the family

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Power Rangers Generation

When Hair Boy was 5, barely in kindergarten there was this TV show, it came on like gangbusters drew all the little boys in, yes it was The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A campy cartoon like show with Caricatures rather than Characters. Poorly written the acting was even worse but oh how the young boys loved it. It came on at 2:30 every day and woe was me if we were not home to watch it.

The marketing of course was brilliant and that first Christmas a power rangers action figure was a must, think cabbage patch crazy.. Of course somehow we managed to find a few figures for my sons, including the oh so desired Red Ranger.. The following Halloween, the show still going strong a Power Ranger was the most desired costume, and even the girls were starting to join in.. gotta love that pink ranger.

Every couple of years the show would evolve, characters would change and now 15 years later it is still on. Oh not every day but every Saturday morning. Ok, that is not too bad I mean it is fun in a campy sort of way and there is a certain message of good behavior, good vs. evil and leadership. But can someone please tell me when my kids (remember 20, 19, 17 and 14) are going to STOP watching it? To be fair Hair Boy is usually gone or asleep when it comes on but he has been known to stop and catch an episode..

If even one child is home I can hear the refrain from the show blasting over the airways.. One has to wonder at the insanity of these children and if I totally ruined them for life.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jersey Boys

So blond girl, having a golden life, got to go see Jersey Girls with her High School choir. She loved it, adored it, came home thinking Frankie Valle was related to a higher power, has a new appreciation for the music of the 50's. yeah yeah yeah.. She also seems to think that everyone in Jersey was either a bank robber, a lost cause or someone famous.

Of course I attempted to correct that but she kept pointing out famous people from New Jersey and of course they were well famous.. or crooks and since she knew who they were they were well famous.

Forget the millions of hard working decent people who go day to day living in a state that has a much beauty as destruction. We of course only know what the comics tell us, the mockery made of the state and it's residents but hey I am from California so I understand the stereo types put upon state residents by the rest of the nation.

Anyway, she enjoyed the play... and is considering moving to New Jersey so she can start her career as a famous bank robber....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Policies

Just a thought for all you parents of teens and preteens or soon to be parents of said group...

Facebook recently revamped their policies to say they basically owned anything you put out there and it was theirs forever. Now this caused a huge uproar and has provoked facebook to reconsider that particular statement. But I have a thought on that. While I wouldn't want facebook to lay claim to my writing as it is mine and they havent paid me, I have to consider another option. Hey don't put something out there that might embarrass you..

Seriously have you SEEN what some people put on their facebook and myspace pages? Parents, take the time to read and monitor your kids pages... I do, much to the chagrin of my children. Having read their stuff pretty regularly now I just go in and do a quick scan and I am out. This is part of my job as a parent, if I don't like what is there, who they are communicating with or what is being said they are done.. the pics, posts and or comments are GONE!!..

By doing this, they tend to not post things that I am not going to like, things I find inappropriate and that leaves little or no room for fear. So Facebook go ahead make your claim, I know for a fact that my kids while, irksome, annoying and obvious pests are not posting things in facebook or myspace that might embarass them later (they do it somewhere else i am sure as they aren't perfect....).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Don't Know Me

So someone somewhere uses that as a catch phrase.. a line Pita Boy has latched onto with ferver. When ever I am asking him to do something, complaining about his behavior, shoote even all out yelling at him. His response lately is "You don't know me".

hon, I have news for you.... if I don't know you, what the heck are you doing here under my roof, eating my food, harrasing my children (his siblings)? If as you say I don't know you get the heck out.. I mean I don't do this mom thing for the money...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Think I deserve a Medal

Personally, I think I deserve a medal. I mean it is almost 2 O'Clock on a school holiday, they are all home... and all still breathing..

To me that means I deserve a medal or at least an extra dose of chocolate. Do we give out presidents day presents? and if not we should. To all the mom's out there.. who spend their day running hither and yon, breaking up fights, making meals and snacks and then having to deliver it to them. To all the mom's out there who were SUPPOSED to have a break because the kids are in school, shoot to the ones who don't get a break cuz they are just tooooo young.. I say we find a secret place, drag out the bottle of good wine we have hidden, and dip into that supply of chocolates you had to buy yourself..

Why??? because we let them live.....

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Computer is Down

For some irksome reason beyond my control, my computer has crashed. I will be able to get to this computer occasionally but for the most part will be stuck all alone.

But fear not... the adventures of

Hair Boy
Pita Boy
Word Girl &
Blond Girl

will resume as soon as possible

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hair Boy in All His Logic

Now this morning and early afternoon I had the most amazing thing happen, I had several glorious hours all to myself. No one to pester me, yak at me, demand my attention nothing but peaceful quiet.. oh it was lovely. Of course all good things must come to an end. Hair Boy (who acquires the name for obvious reasons) came home. Now Hair Boy and I have a pretty good relationship and have no problem spending time together in silence.. ok, ok, sometimes too much silence but hey today I appreciated it. We did although have a conversation... it went something like this.

Me: Honey do you have work today?
Hair Boy: yes
Me: what time?
Hair Boy: Later
Me: Ok, (i had assumed later since he was here now)


Hair Boy: ok, i am leaving
Me: oh when will you be back?
Hair Boy: Later
Me: ok, (does that mean later like i will be back for work or this is now later and i am going to work and wont be back until after midnight as it is Friday night?)

unfortunately I didn't think to ask specifics until he had strolled out the door..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just an Irksome Thought

I know I promised I would not write about the octybaby dilemma anymore in my blogs (well I promised on my other blog) but this relates to me as a mom so I thought I could make an exception.

It seems the octymom is receiving state aid, not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself but it is insulting to those of us who can't get it. I have struggled on the cusp for years and managed to raise my kids for the most part without aid, and certainly without any state aid.. She is receiving social security assistance for having a child with ADHD.. shoot, i could have used that, pita boy at 19 is still having issues we could still use the assistance.. and yet we as do millions of others persevere.. we raise our children (that we had naturally) we clothe them, we feed them and we shelter them all to the best of our ability.

When I find out that our government is going to be paying for her, her medical bills, her food, her shelter, her very life it seems it just irks the heck out of me..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes He Is Still Just a Little Boy

I don't care if he is almost 21, I don't care if he is taller than just about anyone I know (I say 6'8, he says 6'5.. but he won't stand still long enough to measure), I don't care if he is self supportive and only lives at home to help out with the bills. The hair boy (the official name for son #1 who has hair most of us would kill for), is sometimes still just a little kid.

On Saturday he had gone out with friends, I didn't expect to hear from him unless their was some sort of emergency,when suddenly the phone rang. Word girl condenscended to answer and after finding out who it was tossed it to me.

ME: Hello

Hair Boy: MOM!!!! I got a car!!

ME: really?

Hair Boy: yeah, yeah, it's a boat and a bit older but I am gonna be able to make payments and I can have it today.

ME: That is wonderful! anything else?

Hair Boy: nope bye - hangs up....

Word Girl: so he got a car?

Me: how did you know? (she was sitting about 15 - 20 feet away)

Word Girl: I heard Him...

I seem to remember him being this excited when he won his first swim race, hit his first base hit, came home with his first A. While it is not his first car it is still fun to see that even at his age some things you still have to call your mom to let her know how excited you are.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Pita Boy Turns 19 Today

I know I must have a better picture somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it.

Who knew 19 years ago that I would have this incredibly wonderful, annoying, loving, arrogant, pain in the ass.. to call my own.

So happy B-day CorBor (oh and for the record he hates that)

Please note the fashionable winter attire, sweatshirt and shorts, I would guess it is at least 20 degrees outside if not much much colder. I am just supposed to be happy that he is not wearing flip flips..

And yes this one for future reference will be referred to as Pita Boy.. and no it is not a misspelling..

Friday, February 6, 2009

10 Things Only I Can Do Around the House

It is an amazing fact that there are things in our household that only I can do. I thought I would share a few with you all.

1. throw empty containers away (food, beverage, shampoo)

2. replace the toilet paper

3. hang up wet towels

4. put laundry away

5. do laundry

6. empty the trash.. to them the overflowing just means well i hope it makes it.

7. wash the dishes

8. pass out money (oh they all have their own just dont like to use it)

9. make phone calls, to say colleges, doctors, whatever

10. go to the post office..

Back in the day when I planned my children (and the first three were planned almost to the day they were born) I thought it would be cool to have them so close together... to have a unit.. I now often wonder what was I thinking?

Oh well, ain't life grand?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Girl Just Cracks Me Up

Who has the last word in your house? I can tell you, in this house it is not me, it is never me.. I know I raised them to have respect, I know I taught them that as children they needed to be aware of others around them and understand that they too had a point of view. It just didn't seem to sink in.

At least for one, I swear my oldest daughter must have the last word. ALWAYS, it doesn't even matter if she is part of the conversation. I think for the sake of the blog i am going to name her word girl, because she always has to have the last word. (and i am so stealing the name thing from liz at a mom on a spin am gonna have witty and clever names for the others as well)

Anyway today word girl and I were talking and I asked her if she really thought she would always have the last word.. it went something like this..

me: hon, do you really always have to have the last word?

word girl: well yeah.. I mean seriously

me: hon, you know you are not always right

word girl: so, I still have to say it's ok

me: well what about when I say that is it, the conversation is over?

word girl: well, still

me: what about when I am not even talking to you?

word girl: I have pertinent thing to add.. or I wouldn't add them

me: laughing now.. pertinent? sheesh

word girl: yep

me: ok, well try and stop. I know I raised you better

word girl: yeah sure.. and I guess the raising didn't take on me

me: seriously, stop

word girl: yeah yeah ok

me: now

word girl: ok

at this point I shut up..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First They Break You, Then They Amaze You

So, I have been pounding my head against the wall considering the ramifications of clobbering them. I mean prison isn't all that bad, right? Kidding!! Anyway, they had me struggling and frustrated to the point of unreasonable anger so of course they have to do something kind and good. Something patient and understanding.. I swear being a parent is just a mass of confusions.

I have been in a very dark place am not completely sure why, but there it is. When today we found out that the maid was coming and no way was the room ready and I was too fractured to do anything. So the pest, the bain of my existence decided to do all the work himself. Of course, no maid, she never came but the fact that today he realized that I needed to see that the kids cared and he stepped up made it almost worthwhile.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life Seems To Never Get Easier

I wanted to dedicate this blog to my kids.. this is not really about them. They have been pretty darn good this past year, actually they have been pretty darn good these past 12 years. But this last one has been the hardest.

I raised them to believe that together we can do anything, that they just have to want it enough and it can get done. The problem has been I taught them to want it and I would get it done. Over the past year I have fallen into a form of depression, my belief in myself flounders.. This has to be especially hard on them as often we survived literally on the force of my personality alone. They had it pretty darn good, trips to Europe, Scout Camps, Band Trips and just day to day stuff. When things were going good they had it excellent and when things were bad they had it good. They never had to really do much..

This past year, my force, so to speak has diminished, I just couldn't fight it anymore so they are learning, the hard way that life can be rough.. sometimes they step up and sometimes they withdraw. What I find I resent is the anger and what appears to be contempt.. They have had it way better than they should have an believe me, I didn't get help from their father.. who by the way is quick to step in and take the credit for things when they are good or gleefully point his arrogant finger when things are rough.

Lately I have suffered often thinking I have failed, that maybe I am not such a great mom. Forget the homemade costumes and cookies, days as scout leader and den leader. The hours spent teaching ccd so they could go. The programs I developed so they could participate, the hours driving to and from swim practice. The music lessons... Maybe I should have said no a heck of a lot more often.. then maybe I would feel better about the pains right now.. Oh don't get me wrong, they will all have happy fulfilled lives, they will function in society and make something of themselves but I find right this minute I resent every single one of them

Monday, February 2, 2009

So We Watched the Game...

So we watched the game,unfortunately the boy had control of the remote. Every single commercial break he would change the channel. It took until almost the 4th quarter for me to get him to stop changing the flippin channel.

Me: quit changing the channel I was watching that

Son: mom, you don't know me (his most recent catch phrase). calm down you aren't missing the game

Me: I know I want to watch the commercials

Son: Why, they don't have anything to do with the game...

This child has lived in my house for 18 years and 51 weeks. That means he has been around for 19 superbowls and he still doesn't know that some years the commercials are the very best part??? but don't worry all, he lives

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Does This Work Again??

Would someone please explain how it is that me, the only person in this household that loves football, is the only one NOT going to a Super Bowl Party?

#1 Son is off at the college he is supposed to be attending watching with friends..

#2 Son... well he may stay here.. shudders

#1 daughter is off to a party at a friends house.. she hates football, has no clue who is playing or the stories behind them

#2 daughter is off on her regularly scheduled day at church and then with friends but she too will be watching the game.. rooting it on with friends...

and me, well I am either gonna be here alone or with the one I regularly want to throttle.. Even though he at least does no SOMETHING about football..