Monday, February 9, 2009

Sometimes He Is Still Just a Little Boy

I don't care if he is almost 21, I don't care if he is taller than just about anyone I know (I say 6'8, he says 6'5.. but he won't stand still long enough to measure), I don't care if he is self supportive and only lives at home to help out with the bills. The hair boy (the official name for son #1 who has hair most of us would kill for), is sometimes still just a little kid.

On Saturday he had gone out with friends, I didn't expect to hear from him unless their was some sort of emergency,when suddenly the phone rang. Word girl condenscended to answer and after finding out who it was tossed it to me.

ME: Hello

Hair Boy: MOM!!!! I got a car!!

ME: really?

Hair Boy: yeah, yeah, it's a boat and a bit older but I am gonna be able to make payments and I can have it today.

ME: That is wonderful! anything else?

Hair Boy: nope bye - hangs up....

Word Girl: so he got a car?

Me: how did you know? (she was sitting about 15 - 20 feet away)

Word Girl: I heard Him...

I seem to remember him being this excited when he won his first swim race, hit his first base hit, came home with his first A. While it is not his first car it is still fun to see that even at his age some things you still have to call your mom to let her know how excited you are.


  1. Laughs which makes it proof positive that being a MOMMY never stops, it just stretches a bit.

  2. Wooow Hooo. A car is very cool, and I'm so impressed that he called you. We're Moms FORever for the boys, aren't we?

  3. It is great when they still remember you, isn't it???

  4. Awwww! I love it! Deep inside they'll always have just a touch of Mama's boy in 'em.

  5. My youngest, just 21, does the same... good and bad. Hubby says I'm his best friend. LOL Makes it all worth it

  6. awww cool he got a car and yes motherhood never end. as a side note your pita son well what can i say except Happy Birthday and doesnt time just fly by?

  7. I'm feelin' the same feeling as you... Nobody wants to hear the sappy Mom reminiscing about the baby food days and first skinned knee. I understand NOW why my mother felt the need to go on and on about when I was a baby, it's very hard watching them drive out of the driveway in their own car.
    Thanks for making me feel better :)