Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blond Girl and the Robin

Today was a day when word girl goes to school early and Hair Boy goes to school late. That means blond girl gets to take the bus.

Now blond girl is a dallier.. I swear she waits until the last possible moment to put on her shoes before walking out the door... We have an alarm set up that actually goes off at 7:11 that means walk out the door then.. NOT put on your shoes and coat.. not grab something to eat no LEAVE.. that will get her to the bus on time. This morning of course she didn't no she dallied.. now she has dallied before with no ramifications but today she paid..

In she comes all sad and droopy saying she missed the bus (it is now 7:35) and needs a ride. So I get myself dressed and off we go not that it is a big deal in and of itself, for a year I did this everyday sometimes twice a day but it was just irksome. We had a nice chat and that made it worthwhile I dropped her off at school and returned home.

Once I got home, I just sat in the car. I do that sometimes when I am tired or just don't want to go in. AND then it happened.. an honest to God gift from heaven. Flying right up to the window and resting on the lip right in front of the side mirror, not inches from my face, was a beautiful red breasted robin. Oh my goodness he was beautiful. Made me just smile..

So blond girl today I thank you for your need to dally it started my day out perfectly. but DO NOT make a habit of it!!

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  1. Oh, how nice! It's like a sign or something--like perhaps, Spring might come some day....Gees, I hope Mr. Red Breast is onto something.