Friday, February 27, 2009

So No School Til TUESDAY

IF I start to babble, if it looks like I have lost my mind. If you wonder what is going on just understand.. NO SCHOOL TIL TUESDAY...

Just keep an eye out, look for me.. if it gets to scary send alcohol and chocolate...

and if all goes well you won't be reading about me in the paper..

but would someone explain why they need yet another 4 1/2 days off. Lets see Winter break was less than two months ago. And since then they have had every other Monday off, snow days and various other days..

Come On!! Give us poor mom's a break because bored teenagers are worse than anything


  1. This is precisely why they don't raise the driving age to 18 or 21--at least you can give them the car keys and send them to the mall. Look on the bright side---they sleep half the day away anyway!

  2. I feel your pain! But thankfully for some reason my daughter's therapeutic school does not follow her home school schedule so I will only have 1 child on Monday. Woo hoo!

    I'm just so thankful we're not in Chicago anymore because in addition to extending every flippin holiday, they also had 1/2 days every time you turned around.

  3. Schools give kids WAY too many breaks. I don't remember having nearly as many when I was young. I feel for ya!