Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Policies

Just a thought for all you parents of teens and preteens or soon to be parents of said group...

Facebook recently revamped their policies to say they basically owned anything you put out there and it was theirs forever. Now this caused a huge uproar and has provoked facebook to reconsider that particular statement. But I have a thought on that. While I wouldn't want facebook to lay claim to my writing as it is mine and they havent paid me, I have to consider another option. Hey don't put something out there that might embarrass you..

Seriously have you SEEN what some people put on their facebook and myspace pages? Parents, take the time to read and monitor your kids pages... I do, much to the chagrin of my children. Having read their stuff pretty regularly now I just go in and do a quick scan and I am out. This is part of my job as a parent, if I don't like what is there, who they are communicating with or what is being said they are done.. the pics, posts and or comments are GONE!!..

By doing this, they tend to not post things that I am not going to like, things I find inappropriate and that leaves little or no room for fear. So Facebook go ahead make your claim, I know for a fact that my kids while, irksome, annoying and obvious pests are not posting things in facebook or myspace that might embarass them later (they do it somewhere else i am sure as they aren't perfect....).


  1. that's the things I don't understand with some people who joined social networking,they hated the idea if the site claimed they owned everything you post there, but what i'm saying is, YOU,or US as a member still have control what we want to post or not.I mean, FB didn't even force us to join or to post our family member's ugliest picture,I mena, come on, get on with your life people! stop the non-sense protest! and I admire you for monitoring your kid's social life thru FB,I think as a parents, it's a great idea bec most of the teen put their plans on the site to let all the friends know.

  2. I'm convinced my girls are "two-facebooked". One page they show me and another they use for their friends.

    Could happen. . .

  3. Great post. I found out my oldest niece was doing drugs via her myspace.

    Kids have no idea that everything they put on those profiles are owned by those websites and can hurt them. Employers are looking kids up now, and deciding on who to hire that way.

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  5. @lizpin - I know that some of my daughter's friends do this so their parents won't see what they are doing. I monitor my daughter's computer usage pretty closely (she still doesn't know I can access her history and other things easily!) but I know some of her friends use different names.

    If your kids have a online life at all (and the majority of them do whether you are aware of it or not) you need to have discussions with them from time to time - not just once. Show them news clippings of things that have really happened. It makes them realize that they are not immune. Keep at it. Sooner or later it sinks in!