Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Girl Just Cracks Me Up

Who has the last word in your house? I can tell you, in this house it is not me, it is never me.. I know I raised them to have respect, I know I taught them that as children they needed to be aware of others around them and understand that they too had a point of view. It just didn't seem to sink in.

At least for one, I swear my oldest daughter must have the last word. ALWAYS, it doesn't even matter if she is part of the conversation. I think for the sake of the blog i am going to name her word girl, because she always has to have the last word. (and i am so stealing the name thing from liz at a mom on a spin am gonna have witty and clever names for the others as well)

Anyway today word girl and I were talking and I asked her if she really thought she would always have the last word.. it went something like this..

me: hon, do you really always have to have the last word?

word girl: well yeah.. I mean seriously

me: hon, you know you are not always right

word girl: so, I still have to say it's ok

me: well what about when I say that is it, the conversation is over?

word girl: well, still

me: what about when I am not even talking to you?

word girl: I have pertinent thing to add.. or I wouldn't add them

me: laughing now.. pertinent? sheesh

word girl: yep

me: ok, well try and stop. I know I raised you better

word girl: yeah sure.. and I guess the raising didn't take on me

me: seriously, stop

word girl: yeah yeah ok

me: now

word girl: ok

at this point I shut up..


  1. My oldest will turn 38 in two days. And she still always has to have the last word.

    And of course her memory is perfect and she is always always right.

    Now to top it off she winds up being a professor and her married name is Wright.

    Every time a new semester begins her famous statement to all her students is"Always remember I am always Wright"!

    I wish I could tell you that it changes. But, so far, it hasn't changed for me.:-)

  2. ok ok that is way to funny your right laughssssssssss shakes her head and goes to pester her somewhere else hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Are daughters are twins separated at birth. You can have 'em!

  4. Oh gosh. I have an eleven year old like this. My teen is okay, but this middle one? It drives me mad....

  5. Sadly, conversations with my four year old go exactly the same way (minus "pertinent", though her vocab is so big, for all I know, that's coming up next week) and when I complained about it to my mom she began to laugh hysterically. I mean, so hard that she was gasping for breath. Somewhere among the guffaws I'm sure I heard her say "what goes around..."
    Whatever, Ma.