Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Does This Work Again??

Would someone please explain how it is that me, the only person in this household that loves football, is the only one NOT going to a Super Bowl Party?

#1 Son is off at the college he is supposed to be attending watching with friends..

#2 Son... well he may stay here.. shudders

#1 daughter is off to a party at a friends house.. she hates football, has no clue who is playing or the stories behind them

#2 daughter is off on her regularly scheduled day at church and then with friends but she too will be watching the game.. rooting it on with friends...

and me, well I am either gonna be here alone or with the one I regularly want to throttle.. Even though he at least does no SOMETHING about football..


  1. As the mom of two teens I salute you! You are a brave soul! teehee! Happy Superbowl!

    p.s. first time to your blog, I'll be back! I love it!


  2. Isn't life just like that???? You'll be there with the one you want to throttle!!!

    Love it.