Monday, February 2, 2009

So We Watched the Game...

So we watched the game,unfortunately the boy had control of the remote. Every single commercial break he would change the channel. It took until almost the 4th quarter for me to get him to stop changing the flippin channel.

Me: quit changing the channel I was watching that

Son: mom, you don't know me (his most recent catch phrase). calm down you aren't missing the game

Me: I know I want to watch the commercials

Son: Why, they don't have anything to do with the game...

This child has lived in my house for 18 years and 51 weeks. That means he has been around for 19 superbowls and he still doesn't know that some years the commercials are the very best part??? but don't worry all, he lives


  1. he lives. . .only because of your noble generosity!!!!

  2. The boy had control of the remote was your first mistake. :)

    This made me LOL.

  3. Never relinquish the remote to a teenager!

  4. OK so i wont rub it in about who won the game

    but honestly you son is a VERY VERY luck man. thinking id have throttled him.

    yes we had a football party but it was also my sons 3rd birthday party. now the ladies wanted the commercial and the men didnt. wanna guess how many fights there were over the remote????

    SO when i had to yell CHILDREN play nice. Can you guess who i was yelling at.

    it was NOT the 20 kids that were running around haveing a birthday parade with fire hats and those chinese yoyo's as fire hoses...

    NOPE the 12 adults that were yelling about wether or not to speed through the commercials. LANGUAGE people sheesh!!! there are kids around and if my son goes up to the priest this sunday and says half of what you just said welll... Someone is going to meet their maker sooner then expected!!!

    laughs soo dont give the romote to any man let it be teenage or adult LOL
    ............... glad to hear all were well in that care introduction to mr snowback.

    see ya soon