Friday, February 20, 2009

Jersey Boys

So blond girl, having a golden life, got to go see Jersey Girls with her High School choir. She loved it, adored it, came home thinking Frankie Valle was related to a higher power, has a new appreciation for the music of the 50's. yeah yeah yeah.. She also seems to think that everyone in Jersey was either a bank robber, a lost cause or someone famous.

Of course I attempted to correct that but she kept pointing out famous people from New Jersey and of course they were well famous.. or crooks and since she knew who they were they were well famous.

Forget the millions of hard working decent people who go day to day living in a state that has a much beauty as destruction. We of course only know what the comics tell us, the mockery made of the state and it's residents but hey I am from California so I understand the stereo types put upon state residents by the rest of the nation.

Anyway, she enjoyed the play... and is considering moving to New Jersey so she can start her career as a famous bank robber....

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  1. LOL why does that NOT surprise me. Tell her if she goes I want half *winks*