Monday, February 16, 2009

I Think I deserve a Medal

Personally, I think I deserve a medal. I mean it is almost 2 O'Clock on a school holiday, they are all home... and all still breathing..

To me that means I deserve a medal or at least an extra dose of chocolate. Do we give out presidents day presents? and if not we should. To all the mom's out there.. who spend their day running hither and yon, breaking up fights, making meals and snacks and then having to deliver it to them. To all the mom's out there who were SUPPOSED to have a break because the kids are in school, shoot to the ones who don't get a break cuz they are just tooooo young.. I say we find a secret place, drag out the bottle of good wine we have hidden, and dip into that supply of chocolates you had to buy yourself..

Why??? because we let them live.....


  1. Ditto. And my sleeping until 2pm because I have a terrible head cold definitely helped.

  2. I'm right there with ya!!

    Is it just me or do kids have a lot more school holidays than when I was a kid? The only reason my kids survived yesterday was cuz one stayed with grandma, otherwise the fighting would have driven me insane(er) and that just wouldn't have been pretty.

  3. I agree! My school aged daughter and I got in a huge fight when she was home from school yesterday. I think I deserve some chocolate after that one!

  4. I'm with you sister!! Just tell me the time and place and I'll be there!!