Friday, October 7, 2011

Word Girl on a Quest for Australia

Word Girl has wanted to go to Australia since she was in the 6th grade. Ok, maybe before that but in the 6th grade she was nominated by someone to be an athletic ambassador for people to people. Since she was a swimmer Australia was the best program and oh how she wanted to go.. I tried, I really tried but I just couldn't fund it. So every year when she got her letter I would watch her eyes light up, then slowly dim as she realized it just wasn't gonna happen. She never blamed me and she really did understand that it was a privilege not an promise. It didn't help that every child I knew that went on this program improved their times immensely, changed their perspective about swimming and how they trained.

Now, she has that opportunity again.. Not as a people to people rep.. but as a student. Finally, she is seeing the fruition of her dream. She is oh so very close to studying abroad in Australia... I am so excited for her. Yes, we still need funds and I know it will take time and effort on her part to come up with them. Her student grants and loans will apply so that is cool but she will need airfare and information funds.. They have programs where she goes to see the country on the weekends when not studying.. and seriously? why go all the way to Australia if you are just going to study and never see what is around you?

She will do it!! I know she will... and I am so proud of her because she just pushes on... dreaming big!! but better yet.. working to fulfill the dream!

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