Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hair Boy Sings the Blues

Last Summer was an exciting one for Hair Boy.. He has always been extremely talented and played an abundance of musical instruments but somewhere along the way he stopped. Well stopped all his orchestrational instruments. It made me sad because he was a rather gifted tubist. Over the past couple of years he had started teaching himself the guitar.. Musician that he is, he of course mastered it.. Well at least I think so but I am sure he has far to go before he become a "great" guitarist but hey I'm his mom.. I get to be biased. 
He gave me a call one day last summer and said, hey mom.. my band is gonna be doing a show in Chicago (didn't know he was in a band) and do you want to come? Now there was a DUH question if ever I heard one. It was all very exciting being the mother of a member of the band! I had a great time and of course took many pictures.. For some reason he seems to think there were actually other members in the band.. I don't know where he got that idea, as they aren't in any of my pictures.. 

   Along with the band, he released a solo CD, I know wow!! and was a guest on a radio station. Now that was great fun since it was also broadcast on over the net and I was able to listen to it. As long as any friends or family that I could catch up with. 

  I hope he continues in this vein, he is so very talented.. and face it.. he already has the hair!!

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