Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teenage Angst

I seriously hate teenage drama.. Remember? There is nothing worse and I mean NOTHING worse than being a teenage girl. There is just too much angst..

Oh don't get me wrong, the boys had their issues but they were dealt with.. I never had to see them.. but the girls.. yeah totally different story.

Word Girl had a couple of years of stab you in the back fun filled friends.. Well basically one, she would build up a group of friends and this little girl would come along, weasel her way in and then suddenly word girl was odd man out.. it was devastating.. She handled it eventually, me not so much. I freely admit that I will never allow this girl in my sphere again.. Not in my car, Not in my home, preferably not in my site. After the second cataclysmic melt down that she caused.. I put my foot down. Of course Word Girl got past it and "forgave" her. Yeah... like that is gonna happen.. she hurt my baby.

For Blond Girl, it's different.. I seriously never saw it coming.. even when she had a huge disagreement with her best friend.. I chalked it down to growing pains.. I mean seriously, we grow apart, especially in High School. Sadly it has.. her heart is breaking.. and I wanna just scream... It's worse this time, I became friends with the parents.. Now me, I am all for sweeping the battles of my children under the rug and not bringing it into my grown up relationships... but I don't know if others feel the same. And would I have felt that way if I were friends with Word Girls, Nemisis' mother? I doubt it.. Of course I may have been able to see it from her perspective... nah, my baby got seriously hurt..

So my dilema... How do I go on? I am thinking of sticking to the "I don't get involved with my children's battles" Standby and hope that works.. I really don't want to quibble about things that in the end really won't change the world.. Blond Girl has to tread this treacherous path all on her own. She will do fine, I am sure she will loose some friends and gain new ones.. Really, it's only a few short months until graduation.. and most of these friends will be nothing more than a "friend" on facebook...

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